Why Is Downloading Movies Better Than Streaming? 

We are living in a digital world. 

Here, we have found some digital solutions for almost every problem. Whether it is remote working or entertainment from home, we do not need to leave the house, when we have an active internet connection. 

We do not visit the theatre anymore, as we have Pirate Bay for downloading free movies, and have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ for streaming television shows and movies online. Let’s have some basic understanding about downloading and streaming.  

What Is Downloading?

We all know what downloading is, when you download any media and save it on your device, like tablet, smartphone, or computer. 

Here, you are actually taking a digital content piece “down” from the world wide web or a particular website to reside on your particular device. Once you have downloaded the file, you can play it or access it whenever and wherever you want. 

What Is Streaming? 

Streaming is a particular way of watching or accessing any content piece, without downloading it from the internet. It is indeed a fast way to access internet content. For streaming you need to have active internet connection throughout the duration. 

Why Is ‘Downloading Movies’ Better Than ‘Streaming’?

But, the modern age has modern confusions. The confusion between downloading movies and streaming has started long ago. Still a huge percentage of viewers prefer to download movies rather than streaming them on online platforms. 

There are several reasons for that. Here they are.

Reason 1: More Accessibility

As we all know, online streaming always requires an active internet connection. It means, you need to be at a place where you have proper internet connection and wi-fi or mobile signals. 

At the same time, when you have already downloaded a movie, you can be at the peak of Everest while enjoying the chilly winds. 

Reason 2: Eco Friendly

The Internet has changed our lives in several aspects. However, it also has several side effects as well. The signals of fastest networks are harming our mother nature along with the lives of several other creatures. 

As per scientists and experts downloading is much more eco-friendly than streaming movies online. It not only consumes more data but also harms our earth. So, it is always wiser to download your favorite movie and watch it instead of streaming it online. 

Reason 3: Accessible Any Time

As we have mentioned in the earlier section that once you have downloaded the movie you want to watch you do not need to rely on an internet connection. As long as you have the device where you have downloaded the movie you can watch it anytime. 

It means, if there is an internet breakdown, or those peak hours of the day, when your internet service provider is limiting the data usage, you can watch the movies at any point of time. 

Reason 4: Ownership

When you have downloaded any piece of content from the world wide web, you hold an ownership of the content. 

Just imagine, suddenly the streaming platform you use removes your favorite movie, or the movie you wanted to watch has been removed from their platform. Now, you will not be able to stream that content piece anymore. 

That is why downloading movies is the best, as you do not worry about what the streaming platform is going to do with any content pieces. 

Reason 5: Uninterrupted Experience 

We all hate those dotted circles while we are watching any movie or web series. No one likes buffering. In case you have any internet or connection issue, you might encounter this problem while streaming any movies online. 

Another perks of watching a downloaded movie- no buffering. 

As you do not require any internet connection and the movie has already been stored in your device, there is no way you will have any interruption while watching a movie, until and unless your mom asks you to go to the supermarket to bring some bread. 

‘Downloading Movies’ Better Than ‘Streaming!’

So, you see, downloading movies has a lot more perks than streaming movies online. Although we are living in the age of the internet, where we can not spend a single day without having an internet connection. 

Still, a major part of the world population prefers to watch movies after downloading it rather than streaming it online. 

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