What are the Best Tourist Destinations to Visit in Japan

Japan is a well-known tourist destination, and with so much to see and do, it is little wonder that many people end up here.

Technology is one of the key industries in the country, and therefore there are plenty of new brands in Japan selling innovation and high-tech gadgets.

It also has a fascinating history and heritage and plenty of unique places to visit.


Tokyo is a myriad of light and colour. It’s a bustling city and yet different from any other you will have been to in other countries.

The Akihabara district is packed full of electronics at stunning prices that you will love to cram in your luggage.

There are so many fantastic gadget stores is anyone into tech will be in Nerdvana. We are not just talking about small shops; Yodobashi is an eight-story multi-room experience packed from floor to ceiling with electronics.

The Japanese love LED lighting: the whole store is garish and illuminated. If you are sensitive to light, you may want to consider sunglasses for the shopping trip.


It was once the capital city and still retains its reputation as being the most beautiful part of Japan. That is a very modern urban sprawl, but there are also some amazing rich cultural heritage sites that you want to experience.

Over 2000 temples and shrines are located in Kyoto, and the cobbled winding alleyways will lead you to traditional tea houses and Japanese architecture that you can spend hours just staring at.

Many people consider Kyoto to be the cultural and spiritual capital of the country. While you are there, there are some excellent world-class restaurants, bars, and Cafes for you to experience the best of local cuisine.

Don’t forget to check out the cherry blossom trees, which Kyoto is famous for.


Heading back to another bright and noisy metropolis Osaka is a lively city known for music and art. It also features some amazing eateries, and there is a vast array of street food stores where you can sample to your heart’s content.

It’s not a pretty place to visit, but it’s more about the neon lights. However, there is a redeeming feature as a river meanders through twists and turns at the center of the city.

It is the most densely populated city and the capital of Japan. It is an expensive city to live in, but indeed a once-in-a-lifetime place to say you have visited if you’re going to be in Japan anyway.

Mount Fuji

A definite must-see if you are traveling to Japan, it is iconic and symbolic. The highest mountain in the country, it is stunningly beautiful.

There is plenty for the outdoorsy type of tourist to do, including hiking or kayaking. If you’re feeling less energetic, let the boat take the strain and cruise one of the scenic lakes.

You can camp in the area, and in certain places barbecuing is allowed. If you hope to see the snowcapped mountains, then you should be heading there in winter, with January and February both known to be the most transparent view you will get off the top of the mountain.

Yokohama Casino 

Although most land-based casinos have been illegal in Japan for many years, a recent change in legislation meant that tourist centers could set up entertainment for visitors in the form of casinos.

It is open to both visitors and locals alike and is a riot of noise and colour. By far and away, the most popular game with locals is pachinko, and you will find row upon row of brightly coloured machines and lines of people staring fixedly at the screen.

The game is something that is only really seen within Japan and has a lot of fun. Players can exchange winnings for tokens or prizes but not actual cash.

A lot of local gambling takes place on offshore online accounts, with the VeraJohn brand being one of the most popular.