Best Place to Surf in SriLanka – Weligama Beach

If you’re considering a visit to one of Asia’s most beautiful islands, Sri Lanka, you probably want to want to get some familiarity with Sri Lanka’s History. After all, nothing helps you appreciate the native culture and society of the countries you visit more than knowing their history.

Weligama is a famous surf town on the southern end of the emerald island of Sri Lanka. And while there are many great attractions across the rest of the country, there are several things worth experiencing during your stay in Weligama itself, recommended the surf and yoga camp The Surfer Sri Lanka as a long-time resident of this beautiful coastal area.

If you’ve never surfed before (or your skills are a little rusty), the long sandy beach in Weligama is a safe, relaxing place to catch your first waves. The beach itself is almost two kilometers long and the waves break in nice and easy pattern-great conditions for an easygoing surfing session. Surfing Sri Lanka’s best waves is a favorite activity of many tourists coming to visit us, especially during Weligama’s peak surf months between October and April.

Weligama is not just famous for surfing but for beautiful temples, Stilt fishing, small tea plantation, whale watching, and turtle conservation are a few of them.

One more exciting thing to do in Weligama is Snorkeling

One more beach-related attraction on our list is snorkeling on Jungle Beach in Weligama. Jungle Beach is an optimal snorkeling spot because it doesn’t require a boat trip or a guide to reach gorgeous views and a variety of sea life. Just bring your snorkeling gear and swim out about 30 feet from the shore to snorkel around the reef. You may encounter marine life like sea turtles, crabs, and many schools of colorful fish. The beach is located in close proximity to a few top surf spots in the area, so you can always plan this activity binding to your usual surf routine.

Also, no tourism list is complete without a guide to the local food. Sri Lanka has a number of local dishes that tourists may enjoy, and the best place to explore the cuisine is in the town center. Take advantage of street food vendors to get a taste of authentic Weligama cooking.

So if you planning to visit Weligama you will never be bored even if you are not a surfer, there are many things to do.

If we talk about the surrounding Weligama area, there are many beautiful beaches that you can reach within 10 min such as Mirissa beach which is one of the most beautiful beaches in the World. We wouldn’t recommend surfing there if you are a first-time surfer, since the surf spot in Mirissa beach is only for intermediate and advanced surfers! So if you are a first-timer or beginner surfer we strongly recommend going to Weligama beach. We can recommend one of the best leading surf camps in Weligama as The Surfer Sri Lanka for your first time surfing in Weligama Sri Lanka.


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