What Are Some Good Resources to Learn Web3

What Are Some Good Resources to Learn Web3?

Web 3.0 is the most anticipated technological revolution for the future. Imagine an internet that could communicate with you and understand your queries like a human being.

Virtual assistants are only the beginning, and web3 envisions a world where physical and virtual environments could bridge seamlessly to offering advanced functionalities to internet users.

The $27.5 billion web3 market has invoked the curiosity of many people to learn web3 and find favorable prospects for career development.

The increasing prominence of decentralized applications, play-to-earn gaming, utility NFTs and metaverse showcase promising roads for the future of web3.

Let us find out some of the most effective learning resources for learning web3 in the following post. 

Reliable Training Resources for Learning Web3

The continuously growing capital investments in web3 technologies have created the foundations for the long-term advancement of web3. In the first quarter of 2021, web3 companies had obtained $647 million in capital investments.

The staggering growth of web3 also reflects the diversity of areas included in web3. Therefore, a certified web3 expert is an essential role for any organization invested in blockchain and web3 transformation.

How could you prepare for such roles? Let us take a look at some essential resources included in the web3 career path on 101 Blockchains which can help you develop web3 expertise. 

NFT Fundamentals Course

The first answer for ‘How to learn web3?’ emphasizes choosing learning resources about individual components of web3.

The NFT Fundamentals course gives you a detailed understanding of NFTs and their relation with the Ethereum blockchain.

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Learners can also understand the scope and goals of NFTs alongside the best practices for developing and trading NFTs.

Introduction to DeFi Course

The next important step in your web3 training journey must focus on another crucial element of web3, i.e. DeFi.

With the Introduction to DeFi course, you can build the skills for explaining DeFi to clients, colleagues and business executives.

The DeFi fundamentals course helps you learn about the existing DeFi ecosystem and non-trading career opportunities.

Metaverse Fundamentals Course

Another vital technology for web3 is the metaverse. You can become a certified web3 professional by developing fluency in basic concepts of the metaverse. The Metaverse Fundamentals course helps you understand how the metaverse works and its different applications.

The Complete Ethereum Technology Course

Ethereum blockchain is the preferred network for decentralized application development, thereby signifying its role in web3.

The Complete Ethereum Technology course is one of the practical web3 courses which help you learn how Ethereum works.

In addition, the training course also offers insights on best practices for deploying smart contracts and token creation.

Polygon Fundamental Course

Polygon is a layer 2 scaling solution that has emerged as a vital player in the web3 landscape recently. You can use the Polygon Fundamentals course to learn more about the Polygon project and use cases.

The course covers important topics such as Polygon architecture and transactions workflow alongside the basics of Polygon development. 

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Tokenization Fundamentals Course

The list of resources to learn web3 on 101 Blockchains also includes the Tokenization Fundamentals course.

It offers comprehensive insights into blockchain and tokenization fundamentals, as well as the impact of tokenization on alternative finance.

The course also deals with regulatory aspects of tokenization alongside the selection of assets for tokenization.

DeFi Intermediate Level Course

Aspiring web3 professionals must also seek advanced web3 training for expertise in technology stack for web3 applications.

The DeFi intermediate level course offers a deep dive into the technical foundations of DeFi, such as layer 1 networks.

On top of it, the course covers the details of technical infrastructure for different DeFi use cases, such as decentralized exchanges.  

Certified Web3 Professional Certification 

The Certified Web3 Professional credential is a trusted resource for solidifying your reputation as a web3 expert. CW3P certification offers a comprehensive understanding of web3 basics alongside benefits, risks and challenges with web3.

At the same time, CW3P-certified candidates could also prove their expertise in managing different web3 technology use cases. 

Bottom Line

The different web3 courses on 101 Blockchains offer effective tools for building your knowledge and skills in web3.

You must familiarize yourself with individual components of web3, such as NFTs, DeFi and metaverse. In addition, you should also obtain skills in the technologies used for web3, such as Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.

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Furthermore, learning about the DeFi technology stack and certifying your skills with a web3 credential can strengthen your web3 career prospects.