Take your recipes to the next level: 5 Ways to prepare truffle duck

Dishes made with truffles are known for their rich aroma and flavor. Despite its scarcity, truffles are valued for their health benefits and unique culinary properties

Truffle and duck is a fantastic combination that takes the already delicious flavor of truffles to the next level. This is why we have provided you with a few great ways to prepare your truffle duck. 

5 Amazing recipes for preparing truffle duck 

These are 5 great ways to prepare your truffle duck for a delicious result:

1. Roasted duck with truffle

Wash your duck and place it in a bowl. Next, rub salt, sugar, and allspice into the duck. Then, pour boiling water over the duck, remove it from the bowl, and let it dry.

Mix water, vinegar, and maltose in a pan to make a glaze. Boil the mixture and set it aside, apply the glaze to the duck and marinate in the fridge for 24 hours.

Roast the duck in a preheated oven for 15 minutes. Lower the heat afterwards, and let it cook for another hour. Cover the duck with foil and let it rest for 20 minutes.

Collect the juice from the duck and cut it into desired pieces, add the collected juice to stir-fried onions, garlic, truffle, and yellow bean paste. Add pepper and salt, then boil with chicken stock to get your truffle duck sauce. Once ready, spread the sauce around the duck pieces and serve.

2. Duck breasts with black truffles

For this recipe, you will need chicken wings. Sauté your chicken wings in hot oil with carrots and celery.

Add beef and chicken broth and boil for an hour with low heat. Strain out the broth afterwards and set aside. Scrub and peel your truffle using a truffle shaver.

Cut off fat from the duck breast, then arrange the broth, duck, truffle peel together, cover all, and chill a day ahead.

Sprinkle salt and pepper on the duck and bake until golden brown. Collect juice as it bakes and go on to melt butter and saute with shallots.

Add broth and duck juices, boil to a small quantity, then strain into a saucepan. Add salt, pepper and melted butter, then serve sauce with roasted duck in sliced pieces.

3. Whole duck with truffle mushrooms

Start by ensuring your oven is preheated, then go ahead to season your washed duck.

Put garlic in the duck cavity and place in a roasting tray pan with celery, carrot, and rosemary. Sprinkle it with salt, pepper and oil, then place in the oven to roast. Put oil in another pan with chopped onions, and place on low heat for sauce.

Add allspice and nutmeg with drops of water as it cooks. Add chicken stock and whisk in butter and sugar after setting the heat off. 25 minutes before you bring out your duck, add your truffle mushrooms and pour your duck juice over them.

Sprinkle truffle oil on them and leave to cook a bit more. Slice your roasted duck after it cooks, and serve with your sauce.

4. Truffle duck with vanilla

This is another recipe that requires you to preheat your oven. After that, cut and scrape out the seed from your vanilla bean.

Mix the scraped seed with truffle oil and vegetable oil. Then, use a brush to rub vanilla and truffle paste all over your washed and dried-out duck. Season it with salt and pepper.

Later, roast it in your oven for an hour and 30 minutes. Remember to collect the juice, and after roasting properly, carve your duck into desired pieces.

Mix the juice you collected with flour and sage to make a sauce. Serve your roast duck with your sauce, and enjoy.

5. Truffle duck with cherry sauce

Add cherry, honey, and vinegar to hot oil in a pan. After allowing it to cook for a while, add a bit of red wine, your chicken stock, salt and pepper, then leave to boil. Give it about thirty minutes, then sieve to leave only the sauce in the pan. Leave to boil a bit more.

Season your washed duck with salt and pepper. Place in a non-stick pan and allow to brown, turning both sides before putting it to roast in an oven.

In a separate pan, boil milk and water together. Add truffle polenta and season with salt and pepper while stirring continuously. Take off the heat once it thickens.

Once your duck is well cooked, cut it into desired pieces. Layer your dish with the truffle polenta at the base, your slices of duck in between, and your cherry sauce sprinkled at the top. Serve and enjoy.


These recipes are for you if you have been sticking to just one truffle duck recipe. As you can see, there are various ways to enjoy your truffle duck. It’s time to step up your game in the kitchen and enjoy!