Unblocked Games 6969 । Top 150 Games You Can Play!

Have you ever heard of Unblocked Games 6969? It is one of the best platforms to play 100% unblocked games without restrictions. Playing unblocked games is always fun and a free way to spend your idle time in schools, offices, and universities.

Besides, you will discover hundreds and thousands of web games that are fully unblocked and browser-based. You don’t need a 6GB or 8GB RAM mobile device or PC to play these games. You can smoothly play all the unblocked games even on your 4GB device. Everything becomes part of your enjoyment with a stable Internet connection.

This page will provide further details about Unblocked 6969, including a list of the 150 best games you can try playing on the platform.

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Unblocked Games 6969

Unblocked Games 6969 is a free platform for web games. Here, hundreds of .io games are directly accessible in your selected browser. You can enjoy all the games on a browser or Android and ios devices. When comparing this platform with its competitors, such as Unblocked Games 66, Unblocked Games WTF, Unblocked Games 67, etc., it stands out in many ways.o

Unblocked Games 6969 offers a variety of games that are not commonly found on other platforms. On top of that, playing games on this platform is more accessible with a stable connection compared to other similar platforms. Furthermore, players encounter fewer disruptive ads while enjoying their favorite games.

Is Unblocked 6969 safe?

Yes! Unblocked Games 6969 is a safe platform with a valid SSL certificate activated, enabling it to run in the HTTPS protocol. Therefore, hackers will find it impossible to steal your privacy through the platform while you’re enjoying your favorite game on your browser.

How Many Games Are There in Unblocked Games 6969?

As of our count in April 2023, more than 500 web games are available on the platform. However, we can’t 100% declare this information reliable as the platform is continuously updating its server and adding more and more games to its list.

150+ Games To Play on Unblocked Games 6969

  1. 1 On-1 Football
  2. 1 On-1 Soccer
  3. 10 More Bullets
  4. 12 Minibattles
  5. 13 Days in Hell
  6. 18 Wheeler
  7. 1917 Warfare
  8. 2048
  9. 2048 Cupcakes
  10. 2048 Multiplayer
  11. 2048 Physics
  12. 2048 Shoot
  13. 4 Wheels Madness
  14. 4th and Goal 2020
  15. 4th and Goal 2021
  16. 8 Ball Pool
  17. A Small World Cup
  18. Achilles
  19. Adjust in the Wall
  20. Adventure Drivers
  21. Agar.io
  22. AgarioLite unblocked
  23. Age of War
  24. Ahoy Survival
  25. Alchemy
  26. Alien Hominid
  27. Among Us
  28. Among Us 2
  29. Among Us Online
  30. Any Crate Stacks
  31. Apple Shooter
  32. Aquapark.io
  33. Archery.io
  34. Armed Forces io
  35. Armour Clash
  36. Audiogame.io
  37. Avalanche
  38. Awesome Tanks
  39. Awesome Tanks 2
  40. Axis Football League
  41. Backflip Maniac
  42. Bacon May Die
  43. Bad Ice Cream
  44. Bad Ice Cream 2
  45. Baldi Basics
  46. Baldi’s Basics
  47. Ball Blast
  48. Ball Mayhem
  49. Banana Bread demo
  50. Banana Kong
  51. Bank robbery
  52. Bankin Bacon
  53. Barry Has a Secret
  54. Bartender The Right Mix
  55. Basket Random
  56. Basket Shooter
  57. Basket Slam Dunk 2
  58. Basketball 2D
  59. Basketball Legends
  60. Basketball Legends 2022
  61. Basketball Physics
  62. Basketball Stars
  63. Basketball.io
  64. Battleship War
  65. Bazooka and Monster
  66. Bejeweled
  67. Betrayal.io
  68. Big NEON Tower vs Tiny Square
  69. Big Tower Tiny Square
  70. Biters.io
  71. BitLife Simulator
  72. Bizarre Custom Night
  73. Black Knight
  74. Blob Opera
  75. Block City Wars
  76. Blockpost
  77. Blocky Gun Paintball
  78. Blocky Highway
  79. Blocky Snakes
  80. Bloxorz
  81. Bob the Robber
  82. Bomberman
  83. Bonk io
  84. Bottle Flip
  85. Bottle Flip 3D
  86. Bounce Masters
  87. Bouncing Bunny
  88. Bouncy Dudes io
  89. Bouncy Rush
  90. Bounzy
  91. Bowmasters
  92. Bowman
  93. Bowman 2
  94. Bowling King
  95. Boxel Rebound
  96. Boxhead 2Play Rooms
  97. Boxing Champions
  98. Boxing Random
  99. Boxing Stars
  100. Brawl Stars
  101. Brawl Stars Project Laser
  102. Breakfast Time
  103. Bubble Shooter
  104. Bubble Shooter 3
  105. Bubble Shooter Pro
  106. Bubble Tanks 3
  107. Builder
  108. Build and Crush
  109. Bullet Fury
  110. Bullet Master
  111. Bullet Party 2
  112. Call of Ops 2
  113. Candy Crushing
  114. Candy Fusion
  115. Cannon Ball
  116. Cannon Basketball 2
  117. Car Drawing
  118. Car Eats Car Evil Cats
  119. Car Eats Car: Evil Cars
  120. Drive A Cat
  121. Drive Ahead 1-2 players
  122. Draw The Bridge
  123. Hunter Assassin
  124. Minecraft Case Simulator
  125. Money movers 2
  126. Money Movers
  127. Money Movers 3
  128. Pac-Xon Deluxe
  129. Racing Cars
  130. Rearrange this: Slope Unblocked
  131. Retrowave Unblocked
  132. Retrowave Unblocked
  133. Retro Bowl
  134. Run 3
  135. Run 3 Unblocked
  136. Slope
  137. Snail Bob 7
  138. Snail Bob 8
  139. Stick War Infinity Duel
  140. Stickman Archer 2
  141. Stickman Imposter
  142. Wheely 7 Detective
  143. Zombie Derby
  144. Zombie Derby 2
  145. Gangster Life
  146. Gangsters
  147. Get On Top
  148. Into Space
  149. Into Space 2
  150. Iron Snout
  151. Vex 3
  152. VEX 4
  153. VEX 5
  154. Vex 6
  155. Hungry Shark

Top 20 Games To Play On Unblocked Games 6969

While hundreds and thousands of unblocked games exist on various platforms to play in schools, universities, and offices, we have added the top 20 best browser-based games you can play in unblocked games 6969.

01. Among Us

Have you ever played Unblocked Games 6969 Among Us on your mobile device? If so, you know how fun this game is. It was one of the most trending games of 2020 when many YouTube and Twitch streamers started streaming it. 

Thanks to them, we learned about this fantastic space game. In this game, you and your space mates are set on a space journey; however, things become thrilling when one of you is tasked with killing all the members of the spaceship.

Among Us Online is a version of the traditional Among Us game with essential features to make your life fun. Here you can have a quick “among us” match and complete your task to kill all the spacecraft members without getting caught and eliminated.

02. Among Us 2

Unblocked Games 6969 Among Us 2 is another version of the Among Us game that follows the same gameplay but has a unique style and graphics. It has more eye-catching graphics, making it look better than the traditional game. 

In this game, you are tasked with killing the number of mobs you see on the display without getting caught. You must avoid the eyes of others and kill each character to reach higher levels.

03. 1v1 Lol

Unblocked Games 6969 1v1.LOL is a popular web game inspired by the world-popular game Fortnite. While it may be a copy, playing this game can give you vibes and experiences similar to Fortnite. 

In 1v1.lol, you get to play as a goofy-looking character and use different types of weapons and skills that will help you eliminate your enemy. Furthermore, you can invite your friends and family to play this game.

04. Vex 5

Unblocked Games 6969 Vesx 5 is the latest edition of the classic Vex series. The Vex games are one of the most challenging games because you must overcome different challenges and obstacles to reach higher levels. 

In the latest Vex 5, things get even more challenging as you must overcome these challenges to get your ticket to more checkpoints. The game is fun and gory with drops of blood, even though you play with a stick-like character.

05. Hungry Shark

Playing the role of a shark, you must eat everything that comes your way except for those bombs that will reduce your blood, eventually ending your game. Overall, Unblocked Games 6969 Hungry Shark is a fun game where you eat humans, fish, boats, helicopters, and even planes. Everything that comes your way becomes your food.

Ultimately, the game is all fun and exciting as long you get to eat everything that comes your way. You can even stream a fantastic game on Twitch, Facebook, and Youtube and gain many new fans.

06. Basketball Stars

Unblocked Games 6969 Basketball Stars is a game where you can enjoy a fun basketball match. In this game, you get three mods to play:

  1. 1 Player
  2. 2 Player
  3. Quick Match.

All the mods let you enter the basketball world, where you can compete with other players or computer players who will give you a tough fight.

However, the game has cartoonish character graphics and a simple design that lets you access the game with a simple click. The games have limited options; most will direct you to a basketball match. Therefore, you don’t need to learn about navigation as everything is easy and accessible.

07. Bonk.io

If you love physics, you will love the unblocked games 6969 bonk.io. It is a game where you must use the law of physics to defeat your opponent head-to-head in a multiple rounds competition. 

Interestingly, in Bonk.io, you’ll have to play a competition of multiple rounds, which is more than 90+ rounds with different structures and game rules. However, you can only beat your opponent by throwing them out of the arena with the help of physics. 

Wait! The game is challenging as you get to control a ball that can only move left-right and up for jumping. The more rounds you reach, the more difficult it gets to defeat your opponent. Therefore, you can try dirty tricks like luring your opponent towards you and slightly jumping at the right moment so they can not keep up with the velocity and fall.

08. Cookie Clicker

Boring and nothing enjoyable yet addictive, Unblocked games 6969 Cookie Clicker is a game where you must set your business of buying/selling cookies. However, in this game, every second counts as you get your cookies with what you purchase different skills to boost your cookie-making processes. 

Ultimately, cookie clicker unblocked games 6969 is an addictive browser-based game. However, the answer remains no when deciding whether it’s top-notch! It’s a simple game, but with the design and options of purchasing new attributes to boot the baking process, it is worth trying in your boring time.

09. Retro Bowl Football

Are you a fan of American Football (e,g. High School Football)? If you do, you will like unblocked games 6969 Retro Bowl Football. It is one of the best games with retro graphics that lets you play a fantastic football match. 

However, this fun football unblocked games 6969 becomes more challenging as you learn about the controls. It has one of the most difficult controlling systems that make your matches much more challenging than an actual football match.

If you ever want something fun like a sports game to enjoy in your dull hours, retro bowl football unblocked games 6969 could be the best choice you can go with.

10. Bitlife Simulator

Unblocked games 6969 Bitlife is a popular game developed by Candywriter, LLC; the game is available for multiple devices, including iPhones and Android. In this game, you can enjoy a virtual world where you can make choices that change your character’s direction.

In this game, you see how life changes with different decisions in different aspects (e.g., education, career, relationships, and more.). From being born to death, every choice matters in this game. However, it’s a game with simple graphics and a basic system. 

Overlooking the game’s graphics and how it is viewable, you will love the game’s concept as you play it continuously. It’s a fantastic browser-based game that will make your boring time fun.

11. Smash Karts

Want to smash some karts? Smash Karts unblocked game 6969 is a fantastic game where you must eliminate your opponents by simply smashing them with the unique weapons and abilities you acquire from mystery boxes. It is a fun and addictive game that will make your moment enjoyable. 

The graphics of unblocked games 6969 smash karts are very decent and eye-soothing. You will love how the design of every part of the game. However, the game becomes too hard as you will find difficulty when controlling your kart. 

It’s better to practice the game and learn about the tips and tricks to have more smashes on the leaderboard than your friends.

12. Drift Hunters

Unblocked Game 6969 drift hunters is a challenging racing game where you can drift as much as you want while racing your car. It’s a popular racing game with a touch of old GTA-looking graphics. 

However, what makes this challenging and fun is how difficult it is to control your car in the game. You must gain more experience in the game by practicing continuously if you want an excellent Drift score.

Besides, there are different maps to discover as you drive and drift. Everything related to this game is enjoyable and addictive. Therefore, you can enjoy playing this game while taking a break from your studies or work.

13. Happy Wheels

Unblocked games 6969 happy wheels is a popular jumping game with a touch of gore. In this game, you must jump and move forward while keeping your body intake. The game is filled with bloodshed, and you must avoid places that will make you lose a limb or two.

However, keep in mind it is not recommended for kids below 13. Overall, you will enjoy this game during your tedious hours; therefore, it can be a fantastic browser-based game to bookmark on your browser.

14. Paper Plane

We all tried flying paper planes once in our childhood. The concept of this game takes us back to our old days when we used to make and fly paper planes as high as possible. This perfect game lets us play with paper planes in a new way.

In unblocked games 6969 paper plane, we get to play with paper planed and must throw it as high as possible to set a record. It is a simple yet addictive game that will surely give you the fun you miss in your tedious times.

15. Iron Snout

Iron Snout is a perfect example of a gore and action-type game with a creative concept. In this game, you must play the character of a pig and fight those hungry creatures equipped with weapons (butcher). You must fight using different fighting skills and survive till the end, as they will come out of nowhere and take a piece of your meat.

Overall, Iron Snout unblocked games 6969 is an addictive game that will give you all the fun you need in your free time. Besides, you will play this game multiple times to enjoy a bloodshed fight against carnival animals.

16. Krunker.io

Do you enjoy playing first-person multiplayer games? Krunker.io unblocked games 6969 is among the best shooting games where you can play with other online players in a fun and challenging match.

The graphics of this game will remind you of Minecraft but with better builds and smooth visuals. Besides, the game gives you access to some really cool and unique weapons.

Nevertheless, Krunker.io is an excellent first-person shooter and multiplayer game that will help you turn your boredom into fun.

17. Eggy Car

Eggy Car is a simple driving game where you have to drive a giant egg. However, the game becomes complex and challenging with the roads that await your arrival. You must move the truck on the undulating roads and keep the egg from falling off the car.

Ultimately, eggy car unblocked games 6969 is a fun game with simple graphics and a unique driving concept.

18. Fun Football

Fun Football is an easy-to-play soccer game available for Android and ios devices. However, fun football unblocked games 6969 is more fun as you can also play this on your pc or laptop. The game lets you have a quick soccer match with your friends.

The graphics of this game is elementary, with straightforward gameplay. There is no need for any guidelines to play this game. Overall, it is a simple yet fun browser-based game to play in schools and offices during tiresome hours.

19. Friday Night Funkin

This is a popular rhythm-based music game in which you get to play a character called Boyfriend and must win the heart of his Girlfriend by battling music battles against various opponents.

The game’s graphics focus on retro-visuals with a unique gaming style that lets you understand more about rhythm with original music. The control of Friday night Funkin unblocked games 6969 is simple: you must follow the music rhythms with the correct arrow keys.

20. Angry Birds

One of the most popular modern-era games, Angry Birds, needs no introduction. It was one of the most trended and played games that made its name when smartphones became more affordable and widespread. Over time, with the emergence of newer games, Angry Birds gradually slipped down the ranks.

However, it is still an enjoyable game that reduces all the boredom and makes your moment fun.


Ultimately, Unblocked Games 6969 is a popular site where you will find 100% unblocked games and play them anywhere you desire. These games are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy web games.

Overall, it’s a fantastic unblocked platform for everyone from students to teachers and staff; everyone can access and enjoy these games on devices such as iPhones, iPads, mobile devices, PCs, etc. So long as you are connected to a stable and secure internet connection, you can access the platform and play your favorite games as much as you want.


Here are some frequently asked questions related to Unblocked Games 6969:

Can You Play Unblocked Games 6969 In School?

Yes! Just like any other unblocked platform, you can enjoy all the games available on Unblocked Games 6969 at your desired location, including school.

Can I Play Unblocked Games 6969 1v1 Lol?

Yes! 1v1.lol is a popular game on Unblocked Games 6969. It’s a .io game you can directly play in your desired browser without any trouble or problems.

Is Unblocked Games 6969 Illegal?

No! Unblocked games 6969 ez is not an illegal website. It has thousands of users accessing its games every day. Therefore, you can enjoy playing your favorite games on Unblocked Games 6969.

Can I Enjoy Shell Shockers Unblocked Games 6969?

Yes! Shell Shockers is a popular .io unblocked game available on Unblocked Games 6969. You will have free access to this game wherever you want. Besides, you will not require any VPN connection to play these games on your preferred browser.