67 Unblocked Games

67 Unblocked Games | 5 Enjoyable Games To Try

67 Unblocked Games is one of the best websites to play amazing competitive games, including 1v1 LOL browser-based ones. So many games are available on the platform to enjoy and get entertained with.

However, too many playable games make it confusing to choose. It’s always best to start with ones that let you experience excitement and amusement.

Therefore, this page focuses on the five most enjoyable games you can try playing on 67 Unblocked Games. So without any more words, let’s dive into the content, but before, here’s a short summary of 67 Unblocked Games:

What Is 67 Unblocked Games?

Nowadays, there are a lot of platforms available on the Internet that lets you access thousands of enjoyable games, restricted in some areas. The authority makes it challenging for people to play certain games, placing a restriction on them.

Anyways, platforms like 67 Unblocked Games make it easier for you to access these games. Moreover, you get the fun without installing any of the games.

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The browser-based feature lets you enjoy all the games on your preferable browser. Therefore, low-consuming RAM usage, No requirement for Hard Disk, Less CPU Usage, Browser-Friendliness, and so much more allows you to enjoy your free time playing some fantastic games.

Is It Legal?

Although some similar sites are illegal to access, it may not be accurate to label this platform illegal. However, the platform lets you play games that may be restricted in your location.

But still, whether It’s legal or not depends on how you access and use the site. Therefore, the platform can be viewed legally and unrestricted in your location. Moreover, sometimes it feels incredible to access restricted games.

How Many Games Are Accessible?

According to April 8, 2023, as many as 147 browser-based games are available on this site. However, when you are accessing the platform, the countable numbers could differ slightly from the result mentioned here. Anyways, over a hundred games are plenty to make your boring times fun and satisfying.

Is It Secured?

Fortunately, the website is in HTTPS. An SSL protocol is activated to prevent hackers from intercepting and grabbing sensitive data. Therefore, you can easily play the games without thinking about getting castigated by a hacker unless you use any other unprotected application /software.

What Are The Installation Process?

The games playable on the site are io games. Meaning you can play all the games directly on the browser. You are not required to download and install any game from this site on your mobile or desktop.

It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the latest games without purchasing anything, hidden costs, or anything. Everything is free and comes with all the features to turn boredom into gaming time.

Amazing 67 Unblocked Games to Play

Among Us

Among Us is one of the 2020’s most popular games. The game is developed by a famous game developer company, “InnerSloth,” primarily known for making multiplayer online games. It brings a new experience to those who love playing multiplayer social deduction games.

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Among Us Game
Among Us Game


In the game, you are given the role of being a crewmate or imposter on a spaceship. If assigned as a crewmate, you must complete the given task and identify the imposter by voting before the imposter kills other crewmates. You must catch the imposter and win the game.

Meanwhile, if you’re playing as an imposter, you must kill the crewmate without getting caught. Pretty awesome right? If you want to enjoy such a game and experience something new, it could be the best game to play in boring times. The game comes with limited features and instant play mode.

Temple Run 2

Even though the game was released almost 10 years back, Temple Run 2 still has many players playing it. The game is still enjoyed by a lot of gamers.

If you have a boring time and want to try something classic and simple yet addictive games, consider trying Temple Run 2 on 67 Unblocked Games.

Temple Run 2 Game
Temple Run 2 Game


The game focuses on running on an endless route, pursued by a monster ready to kill you.

Like any other endless-running game, Temple Run 2 lets you experience thrilling moments as you run into the temple, saving your life. One wrong turn, and it’s a game end to your journey.


Vex 5, the latest edition of the Vex series, is one of the best simple yet addictive games that will surely grab your attention. The game is set in the action and adventure category.

You must overcome dangerous obstacles to complete missions and reach safe points. These types of games are sure to bring joy and fun when looking for a way to spend your free time.

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Unblocked Games World Vex 5
VEX 5 Game


The game focus on letting you stick around walls, jumping, swimming, and avoiding circular saws that can instantly end your game. You won’t find the games on Play Store or Apple Store.

Therefore, it’s also a great pick if you want to live stream a game that has yet to be played by a lot. You will find the latest and oldest Vex editions, such as Vex 4 and Vex 7, on 67 Unblocked Games. You are free to play whichever grabs your attention.

Drive Mad

The game may be challenging to some gamers, but it’s still worth trying. Drive Mad is a Car game where you have to reach your destination by driving a car and overcoming some challenging obstacles.

The game will surely help you to enjoy your tedious hours. Moreover, kids will surely love to play this game.

Drive Mad Game
Drive Mad Game


Similar to any other car game, this game follows a simple pattern. However, in this game, you must drive a car and reach your destination.

On each level, you encounter new and difficult obstacles that make the game challenging and sometimes annoying. Overall, it’s a game worth trying if you’re new to 67 Unlocked Games and want to try something decent.

Space Thing

I bet you haven’t tried this fantastic space shooting game yet. Well, basically, it’s a space-themed shooting game where you have to go into space and fight to establish your dominance. The game sure brings a vibe of those enjoyable 90s retro shooting games. 

However, it is slightly different, with some extra features, including unlocking many character skins. Besides, whenever you complete a mission, you face the next challenge that is more difficult than the previous one.

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67 Unblocked Games | 5 Enjoyable Games To Try
Space Thing Game


You are sent to outer space, where you have to prove your dominance with a high-tech gun provided to you. You must destroy your enemy’s futuristic and evolved base and shift to other locations only to bring annihilation.


Overall, 67 Unblocked Games has many games on its list, including some decent ones that are time-killing. Although it has some too annoying and hard-controlling games, you can still ignore them and go for the ones with effortless control.

Moreover, there are some straightforward yet addictive games to enjoy, including retro games that will surely overwhelm your boredom. Therefore, it is worth giving 67 Unblocked Games a try.