Little Alchemy How to Make Stone- Discovering Your Imagination

Getting failed to make stone by little alchemy with endless effort? Here we are briefing you on some of the easiest steps of Little Alchemy: How to Make Stone.

Little Alchemy is a philosophy-based branch of science that tries to turn fundamental elements into other components. This basic game is tiny yet delightful that’s hard to put down.  If you can discover interesting things with a little alchemy, you can make your own world.

One of the most incredibly addictive making parts is stone. But it’s sometimes confusing which elements we have to mix to make a complete stone, right? 

So, to guide you, this article will demonstrate the steps of making your own stone by playing a little alchemy and answer any questions you might have.

 Let’s explore!

Three methods to make Stone in Little Alchemy


Mix air and lava, and you will get a complete stone.

Coupling Of ElementsOutcome
Earth + FireLava
Air + LavaStone

Following Steps

Step 1: Begin by opening the alchemy board.

Step- 2: Select the Earth from the elements menu, and then move the Earth onto the game board before moving on to the next step.

Step-3: After then, select Fire from the list of elements that are available. The earth that you already put on the board should be dropped when you have completed step 2.

Step-4: You will get LAVA. You have reached the point where you are proficient at the game, and you are now prepared to go to the fourth step.

Step-5: After that, select air from the list of items in the menu. Play the game by dragging air onto the playing board.

Step-6: After that, select the LAVA option from the panel of elements, and then drop it onto the air that you have already placed on the board.

Step-7: You will get a stone

Methods to make Stone in Little Alchemy
Methods to make Stone in Little Alchemy


Mix earth and pressure, and you will get a complete stone.

Coupling of elementsOutcome
Air + AirOrEarth+ EarthPressure
Earth + PressureStone

Following Steps

Step 1: Open the alchemy board to start.

Step 2: Choose air from the list of elements. Then, move air to the game board and move on to the next step.

Step-3: Next, again, choose air from the list of elements that are shown. When you’re done with step 2, you should drop the air on the new dragged air that you already put on the board.

Step-4: You will get pressure on the board

Step 5: Next, choose Earth from the menu’s list of options. Drag this on the board.

Step-6:  Choose the pressure element from the list of elements and drop it on top of the earth that you already had on the board.

Step 7: You’ll get a stone


Mix solid and earth combine, and you will get a complete stone

Coupling of elementsOutcome
Solid + EarthStone

Following Steps

Step 1: Open the alchemy board to start.

Step 2: Choose a solid from the list of elements. Then, move solid to the game board and move on to the next step.

Step-3: Next, choose earth from the list of elements that are shown. Drag it on the board.

Step-4: Put the solid on the earth.

Step 5: You’ll get a stone.

Can I Make Any Other Materials Using Stone On Little Alchemy?

In Little Alchemy, you will get a great chance to use stone’s power to create even more one-of-a-kind things. So, you shouldn’t be concerned, buddy! We have a long way to go! 

If you can use stone as a primary element on your alchemy board and mix various secondary elements, you will discover more interesting items.

Let’s explore the following processes of discovering various items by stone on a little alchemy board- 

ResultPrimary elements & secondary elementsCombination
AxeStone & WoodStone + Wood
FossilStone & CorpseStone + Corpse
BrickStone & clayStone + clay
ChimneyStone & smoke.Stone + smoke.
MeteoroidStone & space.Stone + space.
WheelStone & motion.Stone + motion.
ToolStone & humanStone + human
MineralStone & organic matterStone + organic matter
MoonStone & skyStone + sky
MetalStone & fireStone + fire
LandStone & EarthStone + earth
LizardStone & animalStone + animal
StatueStone & hammerStone + hammer
WallStone & stoneStone + stone
SandStone & airStone + air
SandstoneStone & sandStone + sand
SnowballStone & snowStone + snow
SphinxStone & lionStone + lion
MossStone & plantStone + plant
OilStone & sunflowerStone + sunflower
OreStone & hammerStone + hammer
PebbleStone & smallStone + small
Philosopher’s StoneStone & immortalityStone + immortality
PyramidStone & desertStone + desert
GravestoneStone & graveStone + grave
HammerStone & toolStone + tool
HillStone & boulderStone + boulder
JuiceStone & fruitStone + fruit
GraniteStone & pressureStone + pressure
CoalStone & peatStone + peat
ExcaliburStone & swordStone + sword
BladeStone & MetalStone + metal
BoulderStone & rockStone + rock
FlourStone & wheatStone + wheat
GargoyleStone & monsterStone + monster
FossilStone & dinosaurStone + dinosaur
CastleStone & knightStone + knight
ClayStone & liquidStone + liquid

How Do I Make Things in Little Alchemy?

One of the most fun games you’ll ever play is Little Alchemy, where you can create your own imaging world. So, we are going to describe all the details of the procedure for making funny stuff on a little alchemy board.

Step-1:  Dragging Elements from the Tools bar

Drag the fundamental components into the display. Earth, air, fire, and water are your four fundamental elements when the game first launches. To experiment with them, drag them onto the screen from the right sidebar.

Step-2: Combining Primary Components

Mix the fundamental components. You may easily combine items by dragging and dropping them from the toolbar to the right onto an object on the screen. You may find the option to mix and match items in the right-hand sidebar when you make a new one. With these four ingredients, you can create a wide variety of goods.


  • Lava: Mix fire with earth.
  • Energy: Make a mixture of fire and air.
  • Water and fire make steam.
  • Dust:  mix soil with air.
  • Mud: Mix soil with water.
  • Rain: Mix water and air.
  • Sea: Mix water with water
  • Pressure: Mix two water or two air

Step-3: Combining Secondary Components with Primary Elements

The primary components should be combined with secondary components. The following is a list of the items that can be created by mixing some of the additional items with the four fundamental component parts.


  • Sun: Mix sky with fire.
  • Moon: Mix sky with stone.
  • Mountain: Mix earth with earthquake.
  • Explosion: Mix gunpowder with a fire.
  • Garden: Mix plant with plant.
  • Brick: Mix fire with mud.
  • Obsidian: Mix water with lava.
  • Earthquake: Mix earth with energy.
  • Grass: Mix plants with earth.
  • Dew: Mix grass with water.
  • Sand: Mix stone with air.
  • Steam: Mix energy with water.
  • Plant: Mix earth with rain.
  • Cloud: Mix steam with air.
  • Sky: Mix cloud with air.
  • Geyser: Mix earth with steam.
  • Stone: Mix lava with air.
  • Glass: Mix sand with fire.
  • Pond: Mix the garden with water.
  • Volcano: Mix lava with earth
  • Gunpowder: Mix dust with fire.

Step-4: Mixing Two Identical Elements 

You will be able to begin combining two of the same things in order to build more complex items once you have created a sufficient number of items. The following is a list of items that can be created by combining two individuals of the same item.


  • Flood: Combine two rains together.
  • Desert: Combine two sands.
  • Ocean: Combine two seas.
  • Wall: Combine two bricks.
  • House: Combine two walls.
  • City: Combine two villages.
  • Village: Combine two houses.
  • Mountain range: Combine two mountains.

Step-5: Mix Two Additional Components to Explore More

In order to create additional items, combine two secondary goods, the following is a list of items that can be created by mixing the secondary items that are created from the four fundamental elements.


  • Swamp: Combine plant with mud.
  • Eclipse: Combine sun and moon.
  • Eruption: Combine volcano with energy.
  • Hourglass: Combine sand with glass.
  • Atomic Bomb: Combine energy with an explosion.
  • Time: Combine sand with glass.
  • Ash: Combine volcano with energy.

Step-6: Keep Combining Items

In the game, there are more than 500 different combinations. There are some things that cannot be mixed, but you ought to continue trying to discover what you can come up with. You will eventually be able to seek out how to create animals, people, and even extraterrestrial beings.


Q. Which Element Is the Most Challenging To Create Using Minimal Alchemy? 

-When playing Little Alchemy, creating space is among the most difficult elements to do. It stands for the infinite space outside of Earth’s atmosphere, which contains all of the stars, planets, galaxies, and other heavenly entities. To grasp the vastness and variety of the cosmos, one must grasp the concept of space.

Q. Can I get any alternative option to make the same elements on Little Alchemy?

Yes, of course! It is not certain that you have to follow only one step to make any component. It is a matter of joy that it has vast varieties. You will get various alternative options to make your desirable items.

For your convenience, here we depict some alternative options to make the same element:

Desired componentAlternative steps

Metal + wheel
bicycle + bicycle
wheel + bicycle
wheel + motorcycle
cart + combustion engine
motorcycle + motorcycle
wagon + combustion engine
Steel + Wheel
Motorcycle + machine

Q. In Little Alchemy, How Do You Go About Creating the Internet?

Making the internet! seems interesting right? By following the steps, you can make your own internet on a little alchemy board. 

Step-1: Begin with the fundamental elements.

Step-2: To produce rain, blend air and water in a mixture.

Step-3: To generate energy, join air and fire in a mixture.

Step-4: In order to generate electricity, combine energies with the ground.

Step-5: Finally, the Internet was created by combining the power of electricity and the computer.


Are you still looking at how to make stone by little alchemy? I hope your answer is NO! Playing Little alchemy how to make stone is one of the most enjoyable games you can ever play. 

It is like finding your imagination. As you find cool stuff, you can put it on your own board. In addition, making stone using a little alchemy is one of the most entertaining ways to discover it. You can create your own world by discovering interesting items like the internet, sea, guns, fossils, clay, sun, moon, garden, sand, rain, and so on.

The playing door to an entirely new universe of opportunities has been unlocked! Do not stop learning new things and making wonderful things; the world needs more of your creativity. Get ready for an exciting journey!