The Rising Popularity Of Cosmetology As A Profession

The Rising Popularity Of Cosmetology As A Profession

Recently, multiple beauty-related content creators like make-up artists, skin care influencers, hair stylists, and nail artists have been garnering fame on social media. With platforms like Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and others, these content creators have shown their talents and skills in cosmetics. As a result, many people, specifically viewers have had their interests piqued and are now curious about what it could be like to be a beauty artist themselves.

The demand for stylists is also increasing, as well as the beauty trends and beauty products. Multiple beauty trends like soap brows, bleached brows, fake freckles, bold lipstick, and drunk blush, to name a few have been popularized on social media platforms. The production of beauty products like lip glosses, eyeliners, mascara, cleansers, facial oils, and multiple others has been increasing throughout the years.

This is a very great outcome as not only does this allow people to try a new hobby or source of entertainment, but it also allows them to find a new, creative and fun way to express themselves through their make-up, hair, and nail designs. There’s also been growth in the number of people that are considering this field to be their profession.

If you happen to be one of those people, then this article will contain the essentials you have to know in securing a job in the beauty industry.

Defining Cosmetology

Before going any further, let us first define cosmetology. Cosmetology refers to the professional practice of performing cosmetic treatments on the skin, hair, and nails. Some jobs under cosmetology are:

  • Make-up Artists

These artists work with make-up and sometimes prosthetics in beautifying facial or body aesthetics. They are usually hired for events like putting make-up on brides, debutantes, models, actresses, performers, and more.

Make-up Artists
  • Hairstylists / Barbers

Hairstylists and barbers are the people who cut, arrange, design, and style people’s hair as a profession. The main difference between these two terms is that barbers are typically trained to work with shorter hair, usually for men, while hairstylists work more with longer hair, usually for women.

  • Nail Technicians

These artists are also called manicurists or pedicurists. They are people who cut, shape, style, design, and provide other treatments to nails professionally. 

Nail Technicians

Those are just a few jobs under cosmetology. If you can’t find which one is perfect for you, you can go ahead and check and research other jobs belonging to this field.


Once you choose which job you think you prefer best, you can’t just directly start your own salon. Just like with any other job, it is crucial to have an educational background and a degree in cosmetology. Although there are several cosmetologists, especially make-up artists that are self-taught, having an educational experience in this field will give you an advantage in successfully getting hired.

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If you are unsure about which schools you can enroll in to study cosmetology, browsing the internet would be advisable. You should first narrow it down to your current or preferred location so the results will be the best match for you. In the US alone, there are multiple cosmetology schools in certain places. There is even a cosmetology school in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and other locations. So don’t worry, you will surely be able to find the cosmetology school meant for you. 

Finding a Job

If you are someone who is already done with your education, has graduated with a cosmetology degree, and is ready to look for a job, you can search about which salons are hiring in your selected location and apply once you find the salon you want to work for best.

There are a lot of salons in every city in every country, so you will for sure be able to find one that is hiring. Your degree will also put you at a much higher advantage as it shows that you have academic achievements and experiences when it comes to this field. Applying for a job in cosmetology, depending on which job you choose, differs in some ways but still shares similarities.

Building a portfolio, creating a resume, and attending job interviews are some of the parts of applying for a job that you need to look out for. Make sure to prepare for these as they are very essential in finding not only cosmetology jobs but other jobs as well.

Once you’ve got these factors set, then you are a stage nearer to being a cosmetologist! Good luck!

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