Take a look at the Dominus Hitbox now, before it’s too late! The hitboxes in Rocket League are divided into six different body types.  Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, as well as its own set of statistics and related cars.  In Rocket League credits series, we will dissect each hitbox, examine their characteristics, and discuss the vehicles that are available for them.  It is time to look at the Dominus Hitbox Rocket League Items time around.  It’s time to jump right in. . .


Hitting boxes in Rocket League are an interesting phenomenon to observe. . . . Before the Anniversary Update, also known as Patch v1. 35, each vehicle had its own set of characteristics.  Psyonix made the decision to introduce six specific hitboxes into Rocket League in order to better balance the game.  All new cars were required to fit into one of these hitboxes.  We’ve already looked at the Octane Hitbox, and with Season 3 featuring the Tyranno, it’s time to take a look at the Dominus Hitbox as well!

  • Dimensions of the Dominus Hitbox in Rocket LeagueThe length is 1279268000 characters
  • The width is 832799500 inches
  • Height: 313000000 centimeters

What is the significance of dimensions? When cheap Rocket League credits comes to height, the Dominus is a tad underdeveloped.  While lacking in height, Rocket League credits for sale compensates for Rocket League Items PS5 by being extremely long.  Because the Dominus Hitbox is so long, Rocket League Items For Sale has greater reach and is therefore better suited for defense, as Rocket League Items Xbox Series is more capable of making last-second goal saves.  Oh, and it’s great for action movies, especially fast-paced ones.  Take pleasure in it!

  • Handling, height, and inclination are all important factors in Dominus’s hitbox
  • Handling the Dominus Hitbox in Rocket League
  • 2336 is the industry standard
  • Increase: 2035

When Rocket League Prices comes to the handling of the Dominus Hitbox, you will find that Rocket League Items Epic PC behaves in a manner that is similar to that of the Octane Hitbox when you are not boosting.  Although its handling is not noticeably improved when boosted,  does so in a subtle way.  Therefore, the Dominus’s turning radius is slightly smaller when boosted, making it more maneuverable in tight spaces and for quick turns.

Rocket League is a video game developed by Electronic Arts.  Ground Height Ground Height: 45. 152540 Dominus Hitbox: Ground Height Ground Height: 45. 152540


Rocket League is a video game developed by Electronic Arts.   Dominus Hitbox: Inclination Inclination: -0. 97° Dominus Hitbox: Inclination Inclination: -0. 97°

In Rocket League, the Dominus is a very useful vehicle because of the combination of its height, inclination, and handling characteristics.  It is particularly well suited for quick saves, as its length provides a little more reach than a shorter hitbox such as the Octane.  The Dominus Hitbox is primarily appealing because of its length, which is similar to that of the Octane in terms of handling.  Having said that, the Dominus Hitbox does include the Tyranno, which is definitely a plus!

Also, keep in mind that these numbers may not be completely accurate, and that they may change as a result of future patches and updates.

What a fantastic experience! Once again, that is an extensive list! In addition to being a fairly versatile hitbox, the Dominus Hitbox has recently become more popular than ever before! Due to the large number of vehicles available, as well as their length and handling, you will find that the Dominus Hitbox will be of great use to you! Now that everything has been said and done, it’s time for me to go eat some pizza, play some Rocket League, and just relax a little.  Once more, thank you very much.  Yes, I’m looking forward to it.  Thank you very much.


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