Newspapers are all important these days. And, they have the power to control a state. And, so there is a huge competition among the newspapers as well. All of them try to become different with their unique selling points. “dot-drawing” style is something that is being used by some newspapers in this case. In this article, we will discuss Which Newspaper Features Distinctive Portraits Called “dot-drawings” Instead of Actual Photos? and why they particularly use them.

Which Newspaper Features Distinctive Portraits Called “dot-drawings” Instead of Actual Photos?

Before going into our main discussion on dot drawings newspaper, we have to understand what is this dot drawing style. And how it is unique. Then we will be able to move our discussion to the upper level.

What is dot-drawings style?

If you have idea about drawing or painting then you have surely heard of Pointillism. Pointillism is the real dot-drawings style. In this style, the artists draw a full image with millions of dots. Just like the pixels of a screen. This is a very difficult and very creative style to attract people. The artist has to art it in such a way that, the viewer will see a blended image whereas it is actually many dots.

dot-drawings style

The practice of pointillism or dot-drawings style is highly inspired by blending colour pigments on a palette. This drawing style is also known as Hedcut. Each and every lines, shapes and curves are divided into many dots. Then those close adjacent dots represent it as a line, shape or curve.

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Which Newspaper Features Distinctive Portraits Called “dot-drawings” Instead of Actual Photos?

This style is mainly used by the Wall Street Journal. They are one of the most famous and old newspapers right now. It started its journey on 1979. So, while deciding about the pictures on this newspaper they wanted a different look. And, then Kevin Sprouls, who was a freelance artist came up with the idea of dot-drawings style. As this design goes very well with the aesthetic look of the Wall Street Journal, they readily accepted it.

From then the Wall Street Journal is the brand ambassador for this sort of images. So, Which Newspaper Features Distinctive Portraits Called “dot-drawings” Instead of Actual Photos? this question has one simple answer and it is: the Wall Street Journal. But as a matter of fact, sometimes some other newspapers tried this as well. Not regularly. May be in 1-2 editions. And not all the images. So, they cannot be chosen as the answer to this question.

The Wall Street Journal has a very classical feel in it and this Distinctive Portraits Called “dot-drawings” has added some depth into this feel. This is the reason this style is so much sustainably used in this newspaper and has become a trademark for them as well.

This sort of art takes huge time to be perfectly done. A peace of art takes almost 4-5 hours or more to be done appropriately. So, the WSJ team takes the best for this work. And, moreover, this work is very much precise. Artists who work in this hedge style, are very creative. They give an ordinary picture an aesthetic look. Just like hermit crab essay it gets some artistic value out of nowhere.

Fascinating Fact about “dot-drawings” and the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is one of the most famous English Newspapers which has a global reader base. They have multi-language option and they publish they editions according to region. These features have prepared a special spot for them in this arena.

It was very easy to start their journey with pointillism or hedcut. The Wall Street Journal started using hedcut style or dot-drawings as it looked different yet elegant. But the fantastic thing here is that they are using this consistently for such a long time. It was really difficult as these drawings are very time-consuming. But despite all barriers they continued using them.

Please check out how they draw this images in the following video:

How WSJ Stipple Drawing Are Made

The target of this article was to answer the question: Which Newspaper Features Distinctive Portraits Called “dot-drawings” Instead of Actual Photos? But we think that some related discussions are necessary.

In the later part of 2019 the Wall Street Journal team has started their hunt to find any way by which they can make this process little bit less time consuming. And, thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence) they are now continuing a research on a machine learning protocol which will be able to create dot-drawings from original.

The machine learning protocol that they are aiming to use will use neural networking and recreate original image but in dot-drawing format. For this many real time data inputs are necessary. But more than that what is necessary is a huge database which will support the neural network to properly perform this drawing procedure.

The main idea behind all these is that WSJ team wants to give it a try if the machine can do something which will be less time-consuming and tiring. But they do not want to compromise on their quality as well. The thing is, it looks simple. But, not in real. It is not about placing thousands of dots as you wish. It requires an artistic flair.

A very critical thing for machine learning is to draw hairstyles properly. It is easy for the machine to draw bald people but that is not a practical scenario. Another critical part is drawing the eyes. As shapes of eyes vary highly from man to woman. So, it is taking a huge time and a lot of trial and errors to make the mechanism more and more precise.

As, hedcuts have become a trademark for the Wall Street Journal, they are taking this machine learning procedure very seriously. They feature distinctive portraits called “dot-drawings” instead of actual photos as they iconic design. We all hope that soon they will be able to find out an automated way which will be very suitable for them.