Slip into The New Era of Style with Pajama Sets for Women by Sleeper

Fashion nowadays is so fluctuating that it’s hard to keep track of all the trends and new-ins in this field. However, if we talk about style, we are talking about something more stable, something that can change but won’t be gone entirely in a few seasons. That is why you should be looking for brands that will give you a pass both in fashion and style.

If you think it’s a hard task – think again. Nowadays, modern brands strive to make clothes that will not only look astonishing but also be long-lasting in terms of the highly critical vogue scene. Some turn to the production of multifunctional basics, such as plain t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and pants, others – turn to all-time classic designs. That’s part of the reason why chic pajamas gained such a great rep over the last few years. 

One of the brands that started to spread the word about the necessity of casually-looking pajamas in women’s wardrobes was Sleeper. This Ukrainian brand started producing magnificent pajama sets for women way back in 2014. Their vintage-inspired suits became popular all over the world. People were specifically drawn by the fact that these pajamas could be worn everywhere: to an office, for a brunch break, and even to a fancy party.

Moreover, by introducing this kind of wear into the fashion world, Sleeper also brought up the question of comfort. No wonder people liked the products, as they are not only well made and unique but their design also provides a sense of relaxation no matter where you go in them. If you just take a quick look at some of the most prominent pieces, you will know what we are talking about here.

The Beauty of Practical Chic Pajamas

Elegance, comfort, chic, and style – all of these are combined in pajama sets for women by Sleeper. Their versatility allows you to wear them at home as well as to work, parties, clubs, and practically anywhere you want to go. All of the sets are hand-sewn and made with the use of the most high-quality materials. That’s why they can be said to bring the next level of comfort into your day-to-day life. Besides, they are also divided into different collections:

  • the Party capsule, for example, offers different interesting festive looks, that nonetheless will still fit into your casual style;
  • the Summer Market collection is represented by a variety of linen designs, which include some new lounge pajamas sets.

There are also some other collections, like the Bridal capsule, which, in its very beginning, too included a festive pajama suit that would be perfect for brides, as well as for bridesmaids. And also the Vacation Styles section that too has many different suits options both with pants and shorts.

Slip into The New Era of Style with Pajama Sets for Women by Sleeper

However, before we proceed with the evaluation of the Sleeper’s assortment, it’s necessary to look into the design that started it all – the brand’s iconic feathers pajamas set. The party pajamas look is what brought Sleeper into the modern fashion world. This vintage-inspired suit has stolen the hearts of many women, and even some high-end celebrities enjoyed such a fresh style look.

The set gained so much popularity, that Sleeper decided to add another twist to the outfit. They redesigned the set with an addition of an extra pair of feathery cuffs on the button-up pajama shirt. And, as Sleeper is all about practicality in their clothes, they also made them detachable. This way the top could be dressed up or down depending on the mood of the customer.

Different Materials – Different Styles

When it comes to ensuring variety, Sleeper doesn’t stop just with the diverse designs. The brand also uses different materials too. The Sleeper feather pajamas set, for example, is made from high-quality soft viscose, which ensures the extra level of comfort of this outfit. And the brand’s Weekend chic sets are designed with the help of recycled polyester, which not only makes them comfortable and stretchy but also brings them to the eco-friendly level. 

Slip into The New Era of Style with Pajama Sets for Women by Sleeper

However, besides these, the brand also uses some natural fabrics and more specifically linen. This especially applies to Sleeper’s Summer Market and Vacation Styles collections, as all of the designs included in those are intended to be worn during the hot seasons.

And what can be more suitable for a warm spring or a hot summer day than a linen short set for women presented here These sets are not only admirable because of the material. Other than that, they also are distinguished by bright colors and amazing new designs, such as an Atlanta lounge suit, for example. So, if you were looking for something new for this summer, maybe you should check these options too.

Why Should you add Some Elegant Pajamas to Your Wardrobe?

With such a fast-changing fashion it is truly hard to stay up to trend. However, some clothes can be considered the basics of a great outfit. And something like a linen short set for women or a chic pajama suit seems to fit into this category perfectly. Such clothes can help to bring your look to a whole new level.

You can combine the trousers with feathery cuffs, for example, with a sweater, a t-shirt, or a hoodie and you got yourself a sophisticated everyday outfit. And if you want to emphasize the elegance but still not overdo it, you can pair the pants up with a white shirt or a blouse.

The same can be done with any of the shirt tops from Sleeper sets. You can combine them with shorts, pants, trousers, skirts, and jeans. No matter how you choose to do it, it will turn out to look fresh, unique, and, what’s more important, it will be comfortable.

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