The Necessity of Rodent Control in Today’s Time

Your home might look extremely clean and sanitized but still, there can be rodents in your house. Seeing rat droppings on the floor can make you anxious. You might instantly run to the stores to pick rat poisons and try to get rid of them.

But it isn’t that easy. That is why hiring professionals can ease out your problem and their tested methods will yield results right away.

Are rodents annoying?

Rats and other rodents have extreme surface issues. They are also very unsanitary. That is why you need to take immediate actions to prevent them from entering your place. Here are some other reasons to consider rodent control as they can adversely affect you and your family’s health.

Rats normally consume food that comprises about 10-15% of their body weight. They also need feeding about 15-25 times a day. Living up to the age of two, they might be able to consume about 10 pounds of food.

And they are known to ruin more food than they consume, which is the most disgusting part of rodent infestation. The black rats specifically can eat almost anything they get access to.

The rats sharpen their teeth by gnawing on the electrical insulation. They can gnaw through absolutely any type of insulation which increases the risk for fire or electrical outages. And to the nightmare of most homeowners, these outages are going to cost you thousands of dollars to get fixed.

The Necessity of Rodent Control
The Necessity of Rodent Control

The rats also like to gnaw their way through the thermal insulation. As a result of this, the thermal insulation is exposed to high risk. They will be functioning inefficiently during the summer and winter months and would let the internal heat escape freely. This will not only make your house uncomfortable but will also increase your energy bills.

Rats might defecate anywhere around your house. They also urinate, which attracts even more rats.

The rats damage the roofs by chewing on the eaves. This creates holes all around on the roof.

Rats are known to carry diseases and bacteria which infect humans and animals massively. In extreme cases, these might get serious and can lead to deaths.

Rodent infestation is a serious problem that needs expert and immediate solutions. You can’t leave it unattended. So to keep your house safe from any sort of infestation, call the rodent control Portland team right away.

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