Proviron vs Primobolan
Proviron vs Primobolan

Are you willing to start steroids for your bodybuilding? Have you heard about two steroids safe for bodybuilding that are Proviron and Primobolan? But you don’t know which one you should choose to get better outcomes? If yes, then don’t worry; the article is about Proviron vs Primobolan. You can pick the one that is appropriate according to your training level.

Let’s discuss both of them individually so you can have an idea about their properties.

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Proviron vs Primobolan [Which One You Should Choose?]

Proviron is one of the suitable steroids for those who want to lose weight. It acts as a thermogenic fat burner. It means it enhances the natural process that is known as thermogenesis which produces heat in the body. 

This increases the core temperature of the body, and it results in extra heat. Thus, the metabolism of the body increases. Simply put, there are many benefits of Proviron.

What Does Proviron Do? 

Proviron is an artificial male hormone that is used in the treatment of prostate cancer in males and breast cancer in women. It lowers estrogen levels and allows testosterone to bind with the receptors needed for complete recovery.

If you are suffering from one of the conditions mentioned above, Proviron could aid you. Proviron was initially used as a treatment for estrogen deficiency in the 1950s. 

Laser therapy has been employed as a means to treat an array of illnesses, such as asthma and allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. Proviron has also been used in treating HIV/AIDS and cancer. 

Proviron works by blocking an enzyme known as 3-arachidonoylglycerol (3-AG), which naturally causes inflammation and pain.

Proviron may also increase the chances for women to become pregnant by allowing sperm into their bodies with greater ease. But proviron shouldn’t be used during pregnancy, and treatment must be discussed with a physician before beginning.

Proper Proviron Dosage

The start dose of Proviron, i.e., 50 mg/day, is the recommended dose for the performance enhancement benefits. Female athletes who wish to try Proviron should start with 25 mg/day to see improvements.

If you’ve had impressive results, such as an increase in libido, mood, and blood flow) the increase in Proviron dosage isn’t the best option. You may take a dose of 75 mg each day if you don’t feel any better, but don’t go overboard.

100mg of Proviron per day is only for those who are recreational or taking TRT.

Proviron dosage: beginner, intermediate, and advanced


If you’re planning to go through Proviron in the beginning, a dose of 25mg per dose, taken twice to three times a day, can be used as a starting dose. 

Although higher doses may not be risky, starting with a small dose is highly advised. So you’ll be able to assess how your body responds when exposed to different chemicals.


For experienced users of the Proviron cycle, the daily dosage between 50 and 150 mg is enough to decrease estrogen-related side effects like water retention.


Although Proviron is considered to be safe for up to 250 mg daily, more than 150 mg daily provides additional benefits and can increase the risk of adverse negative side effects. So much high doses are only for the most experienced and competitive users of the Proviron cycle.

The Recommended Dosages of Proviron for Women: How Much is Safe?

The dosage recommended for Proviron for women is based on the individual’s goals and health. In general, women are advised to use a lesser amount of Proviron than men since they are more susceptible to androgenic side effects from this drug. 

Women should consume 25-50 mg in two equal doses daily for optimal results but individual needs may necessitate higher or lower doses depending on individual circumstances.

It’s important to know that excessive use of Proviron may increase the risk of adverse effects, such as the process of virilization. 

The process of virilization causes male traits in women, including the growth of facial hair, a more pronounced voice, and an enlargement of the clitoris. Women who suffer from these adverse effects must discontinue using Proviron immediately and talk to their physician.

To limit the chance of adverse side reactions, women should start with a smaller dose of Proviron and then gradually increase the dosage according to need. 

Keep a sharp eye out for signs of virilization or any adverse side effects, and be alert for them. They should also talk to their doctor should they have any concerns.

It is also important to remember that Proviron is not recommended for prolonged durations. Women who take Proviron for prolonged periods could suffer from liver issues or other serious health issues.

Proviron Cycle

A Proviron cycle is an ideal way to kick off the fitness journey. It is important to cycle Proviron since it may hinder the body’s ability to create testosterone by itself. 

When you’re taking it to stop aromatization, you should take slightly longer periods that last between 10 and 12 weeks. But there are some rules you should follow, especially if you’re taking a Proviron cycle for the first time.

  1. Choose the best substances to use with the Proviron cycle. There are numerous substances you can use when using Proviron, and you must pick the right one for your needs and stage.
  2. Be sure to follow the directions with care. Do not alter or use more or less than is prescribed – doing so could be harmful and may not give the desired results.
  3.  Follow the dosage guidelines. Proviron is a drug with dangerous side effects, so it is recommended to follow the instructions when you are taking it. Beginning by taking small doses throughout the day, gradually increase them once your body adjusts to them.
  4.  Be patient. There won’t be immediate results. If you remain in that direction, you can see the outcomes. Be aware that Proviron is a potent medication and should be handled with care.

Cycle 1

1.40mg per day
2.40mg per day
3.60mg per day
4.60mg per day
5.60mg per day

Cycle 2

150mg Each Day
250mg ED
350mg ED
450mg ED
550mg ED
650mg ED
750mg ED
850mg ED

Proviron Benefits 

There are myriad and numerous Proviron benefits, and athletes and bodybuilders are using it for various reasons.

#1-Improves Testosterone Levels 

The usage of Proviron effectively is a result of an improvement in our body’s creation of Testosterone. This is because Proviron’s principal substance, Mesterolone, has a high affinity to SHBG. 

By increasing the available testosterone in your body and decreasing the effects of SHBG, you can build more muscles. Additionally, mesterolone may help in preventing the receptivity of estrogen receptors. This prevents the hormone from binding muscles in our body.

#2-Great For Cutting

Many bodybuilders are aware that the toughest aspect of any preparation for a contest is cutting.

At this stage of training, the goal is to shed as much fat as possible while maintaining lean mass in their muscles.

Proviron is a very effective steroid since it stimulates the development of lean muscle mass and allows the body to sustain the muscles the body already has.

This is all happening as your metabolism is speeded to help burn body fat, and you’re in an energy deficit.

#3-Improvements in Fat Loss

Thermogenic fat burners boost the natural process called thermogenesis, which generates heat in the body. When you are taking Proviron, it is a bit like increasing the thermostat. The effects aren’t too drastic. 

But the resultant rise in the body’s temperature causes it to lose energy in the form of heat. This can increase metabolism, which allows you to shed extra body fat.

Proviron Side Effects

Changes in testosterone levels: 

Proviron may reduce the body’s natural testosterone production and can cause various symptoms that include a decrease in sex drive, Erectile dysfunction, decreased sex drive, and mood swings. It’s crucial to use Proviron with the guidance of your medical physician and to track the levels of testosterone regularly.

Cardiovascular risks: 

Proviron may cause an elevation in cholesterol levels and blood pressure, which increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Patients who have pre-existing heart problems must be cautious when taking Proviron as well as under supervision by an expert medical doctor.

Androgenic side effects: 

Proviron can trigger androgenic side effects like hair loss, acne as well as the growth of hair on your body in women. These adverse effects are usually minor and are easily managed by proper hygiene and treatment.


Proviron contains anti-estrogenic properties, which may help prevent water retention as well as reduce the chance of developing Gynecomastia (male breast tissue expansion). However, it is likely to experience gynecomastia taking Proviron, especially if it is used in conjunction with other estrogenic or steroid drugs.

When should I take Proviron?

The best time to take Proviron will differ based on your goals for bodybuilding and your schedule. In general, it is recommended to take Proviron approximately 2 hours before your exercise to reap the maximum gains in muscle mass.

Proviron can be a boost in testosterone which is employed in bodybuilding to boost strength and muscle mass. Proviron should only be used when there is sufficient time left in the cycle as it may have an adverse effect on testicular function.

 The advantages of bodybuilding Proviron include the increase in muscle size and strength, and bone density. It also improves the quality of bones and boosts sexual libido.


Proviron vs Primobolan [Which One You Should Choose?]

Primobolan is an oral or injectable anabolic steroid that most bodybuilders use to increase muscle mass, enhance physical performance and prevent the wastage of muscles. Thus, the overall effect is to keep a person energetic and get positive outcomes regarding bodybuilding training.

Moreover, this steroid is long-acting and mild in action, having low androgenic properties. Thus, these steroids are ideal for women. Men who are in the initial stages of bodybuilding training can also use this steroid safely. Furthermore, the steroid is safe and does not cause liver toxicity.

What Does Primobolan Do?

Primobolan is an anabolic androgenic synthetic anabolic androgenic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It’s also known by the name Methenolone which is accessible in oral and injectable forms. Primobolan is a mild steroid that’s effects on our bodies aren’t as powerful as the other anabolic steroids.

Primobolan’s mechanism for action Primobolan is that it binds the androgen receptors in the body. Androgen receptors are located in diverse organs in the body, which includes muscles. 

When Primobolan is able to bind with these receptors, it may boost protein synthesis, which will help increase and keep muscle mass. 

Sporting and bodybuilders frequently use Primobolan to increase their strength and muscle mass. People looking to enhance their body shape or lose weight without knowing its effect on overall health also use it. Furthermore, Primobolan can help to boost metabolism, which could cause a reduction in weight loss.

Certain studies have shown that Primobolan is converted into estrogen. However, the studies were conducted on a very small scale. Primobolan is among the most potent steroids to lose weight and increase the growth of muscles. 

Primobolan dosage

Primobolan is a low anabolic as well as androgenic level. But its high dose and long-term use can cause numerous negative unwanted side effects. Be sure to stay away from the use of it. 

Women and men are able to use Primobolan depending on their personal level of experience. Primobolan is used for bulk and cutting cycles. Users may also combine the drug with steroids for anabolics for greater outcomes.

→ Primobolan Oral Dosage For Men

Beginner Users: 100 mg per day.

Intermediate Users: 150 mg per day.

Advance Users: 200 mg per day.

→ Primobolan Depot Dosage For Men

Beginner Users: 400 mg per week.

Intermediate Users: 700 mg per week.

Advance Users: 1000 mg per week.

→ Primobolan Oral Dosage For Women

Beginner Users: 25 mg per day.

Intermediate Users: 50 mg per day.

Advanced Users: 75 mg per day.

→ Primobolan Depot Dosage For Women

Beginner Users: 50 mg per week.

Intermediate Users: 75 mg per week.

Advance Users: 100 mg per week.

Primobolan cycle

Primo cycles tend to be light. Most often, Primo is run alongside testosterone for a period of around 12 weeks. A lot of people prefer to run primo for longer intervals to get the maximum out of the mild steroids.

The high costs and low Primo availability make it difficult to decide the amount and length to take. Most of the time, anyone who is planning to cycle might decide to simply run higher testosterone or deca instead of shelling out the cost of Primo.

Then there’s the issue of Primo being only available in the dosage of 100 mg/ml. This means that for a substantial cycle, the user will require about 4-5ml per week and to see an increase in benefits enough to justify the investment. The cost for a 12-week cycle to PS500 up to PS800.

As with anything related to performance-enhancing drugs, not everything works for everyone. It is crucial that you pay close attention to what works for your body and find solutions that suit it.

Beginner Primo Cycle

Weeks 1 – 12

  • Monday 1 x 100mg Primobolan / 1 x 200mg Testosterone
  • Thursday 1 x 100mg Primobolan / 1 x 200mg Testosterone
  • AI (Aromatise inhibitor)
  • Weeks 12 – 14 PCT

More Experienced Primo Cycle

Weeks 1 – 12

  • Monday 1 x 150mg Primobolan / 1 x 250mg Testosterone
  • Thursday 1 x 150mg Primobolan / 1 x 250mg Testosterone
  • AI (Aromatise inhibitor)
  • Weeks 12 – 14 PCT

Advanced Primo Cycle

Weeks 1 – 12

  • Monday 1 x 250mg Primobolan / 1 x 400mg Testosterone
  • Thursday 1 x 250mg Primobolan / 1 x 400mg Testosterone
  • AI (Aromatise inhibitor)
  • Weeks 12 – 14 PCT

Primobolan Benefits 

Primobolan steroids are available in two forms: Primobolan Acetate and Primobolan Enanthate. Both can be effective in achieving your goals for bodybuilding.

Primobolan Steroid is made from DHT and is not an aromatase-based drug, which means it doesn’t convert into estrogen. This makes it a potent steroid that helps to lose body fat while also preserving lean muscle development. Primobolan steroids can help you build a strong and lean body without constipation and water retention.

These are some of the top Primobolan benefits you can benefit by taking part in this Primobolan cycle:

#1: Add Lean Muscle Mass

Primobolan is a powerful cutting steroid compound. It is a powerful ingredient to build lean muscle in a cutting. Primobolan improves the retention of nitrogen in muscles and helps create an anabolic atmosphere in your body. 

Alongside a balanced diet and workout routine, Primobolan helps you to increase your mass of lean muscle and lower body fats during cutting cycles. But, you cannot increase muscle mass using the Primobolan cycle as you can with many anabolic steroids. The intention to preserve muscle mass-cutting cycles makes Primobolan an ideal cutting agent.

#2: Effective Fat Burner

Primobolan Steroid is the most efficient steroid for fat-burning accessible in the marketplace. It has the best capacity to increase the user’s metabolic rate, as well as to promote the rapid burning of fat.

It is essential to do ample cardio, exercise properly, and have proper nutrition and diet throughout this Primobolan cycle. It will provide the desired outcomes in the shortest time. It assists users in gaining a strong and lean body.

Be aware that eating unhealthy foods and working out won’t help you get the desired outcomes. An intelligent intake of Primobolan Steroids, along with regular, intense exercise and a diet plan, will yield incredible results.

#3: Improve the Immune System

Many people believe that anabolic steroids can be harmful to their health or generally have negative opinions about using steroids. However, this isn’t true. Proper use of anabolic steroids offers remarkable results and better appearance, and better well-being. 

An improved immune system protects sufferers of various ailments and ailments. Therefore, the proper usage of Primobolan steroids can help people improve their immune systems and improve overall health. A healthy immune system will give you more endurance and will help you be healthy and less prone to illness.

#4: Maintain Muscle Mass Growth

Primobolan steroids are not effective in increasing muscles like other anabolic steroids. However, it is extremely effective when cutting. It delivers outstanding results by building muscles that are lean in a diet that is low in calories.

Primobolan steroids stop catabolism in users and aid in maintaining your gains in muscle mass.

#5: Gain Lean And Hard Physique

Primobolan steroids possess a unique capacity to keep lean muscle mass without constipation or water retention. They don’t trigger any serious negative side effects similar to other anabolic steroids. 

Additionally, it can reduce body fat while maintaining the mass of your lean muscles. It produces amazing results and aids you in achieving a muscular and strong body with a balanced diet and workout.

Primobolan Side Effects

Like any other drug, there will be adverse negative effects, as with all drugs, and Primobolan steroids are no exception. While it’s one of the least harmful steroids currently available, Primobolan side effects are still feasible. The misuse of steroids could have some nifty consequences for heart health. as well as estrogenic and androgenic.

Thus, when taking Primobolan steroids, it is crucial to know the potential dangers, even though not all will suffer Primobolan adverse effects.

Estrogenic side effects

For a lot of first-time users as well as those susceptible to adverse negative side effects, this is the place Primobolan is attractive. Methenolone enanthate isn’t and won’t have any estrogenic adverse effects.

If used in combination with another compound, additional side effects must be monitored. If you use it alone, there should be no need for concern regarding water retention or gynecomastia.

Cardiovascular side effects

Primobolan may affect cholesterol levels by decreasing the HDL levels, which is also called good cholesterol, and also by increasing the LDL amounts (bad cholesterol).

In time, this may lead to an increase in the thickness of the wall of the artery and increased levels of fat in the bloodstream. If unchecked, it can result in heart attacks or strokes.

Androgenic Side Effects Of Primo

Methenolone Enanthate is actually an anabolic steroid. However, it is able to cause androgenic adverse effects. Certain users may be prone to oily skin and breakouts on shoulders and back and also a deepening of the voice as well as the increase in growing body hair.

If you are suffering from male pattern baldness, it is likely Primobolan can increase the rate at which you’re losing hair.

Which one is better? (Proviron vs Primobolan)

Now you have read the properties of both steroids. It is clear that Primobolan is for those who are underweight and need steroids at their initial stages of training. It is long-lasting and available in both oral and injectable dosage forms. 

Moreover, it is ideal for women and men who have just started their bodybuilding training. So, if you are a beginner and looking to shape your body by gaining some positive weight, then do start Primobolan.

Proviron is the reverse of Primobolan. It is a fat-burning agent. For those who are obese but have an interest in bodybuilding training then for them, this steroid is a good option. 

Also, these help in maintaining body shape by building muscle mass. Thus, Proviron is a good option for people with extra body fats and at a high training level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Proviron safe to use for PCT? 

Yes, Proviron is safe to use for PCT. A large number of people take post-cycle treatment (PCT) that includes Proviron to help in restoring the body’s testosterone levels.

This is often more efficient than using the testosterone replacement drug HCG since it doesn’t hinder the body’s own testosterone production rather it keeps estrogen levels in control. Also, there are no adverse consequences.

Does Primobolan affect the liver?

No, Primobolan is not to be a direct influence on the liver. But it is crucial to keep in mind that high dosage cycles or long cycles can increase liver markers above normal levels.

Final Verdict

Now are you clear about Proviron vs Primobolan and which one is better? For bodybuilding enthusiasts who are willing to be successful bodybuilders, the use of supplements and the right dose of steroids is essential. 

In this way, one can do a workout smoothly; both steroids gain muscle mass and help in maintaining the weight of the body.

So, if you are willing to perform best in the tournament or want to start training like a pro, then use one of these that you think is appropriate according to your weight and requirement. 

Start taking now and get positive results with your steroid doses and with your training sessions.