Permanent Injuries You Can Get From A Dog Bite

An animal bite can result in severe injuries, especially if the animal is a dog. A dog bite can be extremely painful and a traumatic experience for the victim as well. It can leave them with lasting injuries and mental health impacts. Some injuries even become infected and lead to severe complications.

If you have been the victim of a dog bite injury, you can file a claim against its owner and receive compensation for your damages. Dog bite injuries are severe, and you should not have to bear the expensive medical care costs on your own. Reach out to a Houston personal injury attorney to initiate the claims process.

Permanent injuries you can get from a dog bite


When a person gets bit by a dog, they must immediately visit the doctor and treat the wound. Leaving the injuries unattended can result in worsening the conditions due to infections. Bacterial infections from dog bites are common as a dog’s mouth contains various bacteria. Some symptoms of a dog bite infection are:

  • Trouble moving the injured part of the body
  • Redness, especially in streaks
  • Swelling around the wound
  • Pain lasting longer than 24 hours
  • Drainage, such as pus

Nerve damage

Dogs can have very powerful jaws and teeth. The strength of a dog bite depends on the breed, as different breeds have different strengths. However, the average Houston dog bite can result in a deep wound. Some studies have found that a dog can have a bite strength of 552 pounds, which is only slightly less than a lion.

Therefore, nerve damages from dog bites are quite common. If you get nerve damage from a dog bite, it can result in the following complications.

  • Inability to continue your work.
  • Physical pain and paralysis.
  • Inability to carry out simple tasks and household chores.


A dog bite can leave permanent scars on your face and body. A dog bite on the face can cause facial disfigurement, leading to various physical and psychological issues. The victim may require therapy to manage the depression or other mental health issues that come with having their face damaged. In some cases, plastic surgery may be able to help.

Psychological effects

The lasting effects of a dog bite are not always physical. A victim of a dog bite can acquire various mental health issues. They may acquire a fear or phobia of dogs and may not be able to go near a dog in their life again. People with facial or other bodily disfigurements may face body image issues and feel humiliated to go out in public. All these effects can impact a person’s life significantly.