Doberdoodle - A Combination of Doberman And Poodle

Doberdoodle is a cross between the protective Doberman Pinscher and the intelligent Poodle breeds. Doberman Poodle Mix is brilliant, and they are quick to learn, but they could be stubborn, and it is essential to remain persistent in training.

Since the Doberdoodle is an extensive long coat, they require much grooming. The Doberman combination is the ideal guard dog. They are renowned for having their purebred parents’ most physical and character characteristics. They also benefit those who live in tiny spaces.

If you’re thinking of getting a beautiful and intelligent dog, then go with Doberdoodle. This article will teach you everything you need to know about this breed.

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What Is a Doberdoodle?

Doberdoodle is a mix of Poodle and Doberman. Both breeds have many things in common, leaving their best traits to Doberdoodles. With the Doberman’s intellect and the playful nature of Poodle, Doberdoodles stand somewhere in between. To fully comprehend the body and structure of Doberdoodles, we have to examine the parents of each one closely.

Doberman is a powerful dog that grows to 24 to 28 inches and weighs 60-100 lbs. On the contrary side, Poodles can grow up to 15-22 inches and weigh between 40 and 70 pounds. They also have deep chests with long bodies and narrow muzzles. The only apparent distinction is in their coats.

The appearance and characteristics of the Doberdoodle are primarily influenced by what they most inherited from their parents. The average Doberdoodle is between 24 and 28 inches in height and weighs anywhere from 66 to 85 pounds. However, their bodies seem to be extremely powerful. The Doberdoodles, like their parents, have long necks and legs. The eyes of Doberdoodles are almond-shaped. have floppy ears and fluffy tails.

The hair coat length for Doberdoodles ranges from medium to short, while their hairstyle is contingent on their genetics. They could have straight hair from Doberman or a curly coat derived from Poodle. One exciting aspect of this crossbreeding is that the coats of Doberdoodles are waterproof.

Doberdoodle History

Doberdoodle is a crossbreed that is a cross between the famous Doberman Pinscher and Poodle. The Doberdoodle is an all-breed dog, and there’s a lack of information about this dog’s past. Doberman Poodle mix was a huge dream for the biotechnologists. And now it is a dream come true.

In the lack of records, it’s challenging to determine which breeds and when they were born. Likely, this dog evolved naturally due to unintentional breeding among two breeds. Doberman Pinscher and Poodle. Although it was unintentional at the first. But later, Doberman poodle mix was done intentionally.

Breeders may have started purposely mixing the two breeds in the early 1980s in the US since hybrid dogs were trendy at the time. The Doberdoodle is not an officially recognized breed; however, it has a special place among several dedicated supporters and Doberdoodle owners around the globe.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman pinschers arrived from Germany about 1890. Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, the tax collector, and dog catcher were these breeds’ genesis. He created this breed to protect him from keeping him secured while collecting taxes.

Doberman Pinscher
Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans gained popularity as guard dogs as well as military dogs following that. During WWII, Dobermans served as couriers, scouts, and sentinels. They were critical in the 1945 Battle of Okinawa. They were essential during the Battle of Okinawa in 1945. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized this breed as a breed in 1908.


They were invented in Germany. Poodles are one of the most ancient dog breeds. Poodles were initially utilized as water dogs to hunt, but they soon became exhibit dogs because of their beauty and intelligence.

They were designed to be water retrievers. The dog’s role was to return birds and ducks to their owner.


Some historians think that the North African Barbet, introduced to the Iberian Peninsula, is one of the Poodle’s ancestral breeds. The breed was then transferred to Gaul, bred for hunting prowess. The Poodle was first recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1887.

Doberdoodle Physical Appearance

So, what will you get from this doberman poodle mix in case of physical appearance? Let us discuss:

The body: The doberdoodle is an incredibly muscular and long body.

Ear: Doodleman pinschers have floppy ears and have a similar appearance to a parent poodle.

Eyes: Doberdoodle features brown, almond-shaped eyes.

Jacket: Their coats look like Poodles parents. The coats for Doberdoodles range from small to medium in size.

Color of coat:

The coat of a Doodleman Pinscher is a complex feature to identify, considering the many possibilities. It might be long and smooth like Doberman’s coat. It could be curly and long or more extended and curly or wavy similar to the Poodles.

For color, In terms of color, Doberman, Poodle Mix breeds may either include the classic black and tan, or red and black Dobermans can have and any other of the various Poodle colors like white, black, and grey. Different colors include apricot, grey, silver, brown, and black.

Tail: A Doodleman dog has a furry tail.

Legs: The legs are long.

Limbs: The limbs of these animals are toned and straight.


A Doberman Poodle Mix breeder is a fierce and dominant dog. They’re devoted to their families and enjoy having fun with their owners. They are renowned for their confidence and courage.

Due to their bold nature and brutal nature, they are prone to aggression. So these Dobermans are primarily found as police and security dogs. Doberdoodles tend to be relaxing, sweet dogs that make great pets. They are sometimes sensitive, and when kept in a quiet environment for a prolonged time frame, they can develop anxiety when separated.

Instead of scolding or punishing your dog, employ positive reinforcement. Doberman crosses are a powerful breed with high levels of energy.

Advantages of having Doberdoodle

Less Grooming

Because of their short coats, Doberdoodles require less grooming. However, it is better to groom them daily to keep dirt from their coat. It means that you shouldn’t need to bathe them often. Instead, we suggest waiting one month before cleaning them, as excessive bathing could dry out their skin, irritating.


Intelligence is a part of the DNA of Doberdoodles since both Doberman and Poodles are extremely intelligent breeds. Doberdoodles are brilliant and always looking to discover new techniques. They are quick to learn and have a stubborn streak, which can cause some issues in training their pets. Once they’ve learned, they will never forget.


Their appearance is a clear indication. Doberdoodles are tough and courageous and can also be adventurous at times. However, be aware that they can be aggressive as well! They are only aggressive when they sense an imminent threat and are determined to defend themselves. Due to their courage, they are confined to the police forces to protect and secure. However, the younger generation of Doberdoodles is calm and peaceful.


Doberdoodles are highly active, and they enjoy exercising. To be a pet, you’ll need to have a yard or play space as they require lots of areas to reside in. They enjoy long walks, long swims, and running. Surprisingly, Doberdoodles are excellent swimmers too. If you don’t allow them to be active enough, they could get into bad habits, such as biting your furniture or chewing on other objects.

While at the same time, it is essential to keep your puppy’s brain active since they may become bored and become bored, which can impact their ability to be mentally stimulated.

Emotional and Sensitive

As tough as Doberdoodles might appear, they are a child in heart, emotionally and sensitive. They don’t drool but suffer from nosebleeds when sad and emotional.


Doberdoodles are highly protective of their owners as they grow completely devoted and bonded to them. Therefore, sharing with them isn’t an option for Doberdoodles. They are determined to have your heart for themselves and will not share your space with another pet animal. In the same way, they are highly guarded and will do everything to ensure your safety from any dangers.

How is Doberdoodle with family?

They make great pets for families when adequately trained and given early socialization. They are calm that makes them perfect for families that have children.

Doberman breeds are incredibly loving dogs who love to be relaxed and loving with their owners. They are a pleasure to spend time with their owners and other pets. Doberman crossbreeds are excellent runners along with their owners.

How do you manage Doberdoodle?


Feed your Doberdoodle puppy typical dog food made of top-quality, nutritious ingredients. Adult Doberman cross breeds require 3 to 4 cups of food per day. Puppy dogs need around 1/2 to one cup of puppy food.

For a happy and healthy dog, dogs require excellent food. Ask your vet if you’re not sure which brands you should provide your dogs with. It is important to avoid feeding dogs too often throughout the daytime.

Their calories could build up in time, leading to weight increase. Do not add or change your diet without first consulting your veterinarian and a nutritionist.

Exercise needs

Doberdoodle is a giant dog breed, and they require 1 to two hours of exercise per day. You can split the exercise time into two sessions to accommodate your Doodleman and divide them up over the day. You can do 30 minutes to one hour of exercise in the morning and 30 minutes to 1 hour in the evening.

Doodleman Pinscher has the potential to be a challenging and energetic dog who can make a fantastic jogging companion. Doberdoodle is also a great dog to play fetch or another active exercise. It will keep him busy and content while permitting him to use energy.

If you’re not giving sufficient exercise, he could seek methods to let his energy flow by chewing, barking, or digging. It is essential to ensure that your child doesn’t require any more exercise after they’ve reached ten months.

Doberdoodle Training


You’ll have to interact with your Doberman cross breeds people of all genders, ages, and dimensions and introduce them to various species. Take your dog to a pet park or take him for a stroll.

It’s an excellent opportunity for him to meet a variety of people. Doberdoodles can socialize with many people. Doberdoodle can have a registration as a puppy. It is also possible to register a Doberdoodle in obedience or puppy socialization classes.

Toilet Training

Make sure that your pet has a bathroom of its own. Learn and train the Doodleman Pinscher to utilize their indoor bathroom every day. Be aware that when your puppy eats it, they need to wait for 5-30 minutes. The only way to make it move on into the morning and not to go to bed in the evening is to pray for it to do it.

Stop the barking

Doodlerman Pinschers are not known to bark regularly. They will bark when they meet strangers or dogs. If they’re barking, avoid them. If your dog is barking at something that isn’t familiar, don’t react immediately.

Do not bite

Doodleman Pinschers will bite, retract your hand, and exclaim “Ouch” or “No” if they feel threatened. If you’re Doberdoodle dog bites, be sure to let them play with soft toys. Doberdoodles can help your puppy avoid developing a biting habit.

Doberdoodle Grooming Methods


Cleanse Your Doberman Poodle Mix at least at least twice a week. Every day, their coat has to be cleaned in order to prevent dirt and other debris from entering and contaminating their coats.

Making use of a wire brush and an abrasive comb is the most efficient method of achieving this. When brushing, be on the lookout for ticks, fleas or lumps, scrapes, pimples, scabs, and other anomalies.


Bathe Your Doodleman at least once or twice per week. There is no reason to bathe in excess. Learn to train your Doberdoodle dog to drink water throughout all of the time of puppyhood. Begin by washing your dog’s head. Always make sure to use warm water for your pet.

Use regular bathing shampoo. Do not use the harshest shampoos for your pet’s pores and skin, as it may cause harm to their health. Starting at the neck, when you’re working, your approach moves towards the tail.

Rub in circular motions with your finger until the shampoo gets to the undercoat. You’ll be able to do long strokes. This is the kind of massage that your Doberman dog will enjoy.

Cleansing teeth

It is essential to brush your teeth at least 3 times per week. When you eat food, it causes plaque and tartar to accumulate in their mouths. Make sure that your dog’s teeth and gums are in good condition. Always brush their teeth using regular toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Clean Doodleman’s Ears

Clean your Doodleman Pinscher ears each week. You’ll be able to wash the ears of your dog using ear drop cleaners for dogs. Add a few drops of the ear solution that your vet has approved into Doberdoodle ears.

Use a cotton ball made of fabric to remove the remaining leftovers and wax. It is vital to wash their ears frequently to remove the dirt and prevent infections. If you notice any itchiness or redness, contact your vet.

Nail trimming

When left to develop for too long, Nails could result in injuries to you and your Doberdoodle. Make sure you use high-quality dog nail trimmers. If you cut too deeply, your dog may be injured and bleed. Apply styptic powder to the area of injury.

Are Doberdoodle Hypoallergenic?

Since Poodles are hypoallergenic, there’s an increased chance that Doberdoodles are hypoallergenic too. But Doberdoodles are the best breed because they shed less, making them great pet companions for people with allergies to pets. In addition, they require a lot less grooming and are very easy to care for and pet.

Doberdoodle Health Problems


Thyroid hypothyroidism can be a condition where the thyroid cannot make and release sufficient amounts of thyroid hormone to the bloodstream. It affects the metabolism of Doberdoodles to slow down. The slowing down of bodily functions happens by hypothyroidism.


  • Intolerant to cold
  • Fatigue
  • Gain in weight
  • indigestion
  • Barking voice change

Gastric Dilatation Volvulus

Dilation of the stomach Volvulus is a highly dangerous health condition. A gastric dilatation, also known as a “bloat,” occurs when the stomach has gas.


  • Sneezing or trying to vomit but with no luck
  • The abdomen is swollen or distended.
  • The overall look of disarray
  • A painful stomach
  • Restlessness


A heart muscle disease manifests itself as an expanded heart that isn’t functioning optimally. As the muscle wall of the heart is weaker, it loses the ability to pump blood to the rest of the body.


  • Lethargy
  • Anorexia
  • The breathing is labored.
  • Panting
  • Shortness of breath
  • Distension of the abdomen

Wobblers Syndrome

It is a disorder affecting the neck. Dogs were suffering from this condition experience pressure on the spinal nerve root and spinal cord, affecting the neck’s nervous system and neck pain.


  • Limb weakness
  • Having difficulty getting up after laying down
  • The toe nail’s scratching can be a cause of irritation.

Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a condition that occurs because the hip joint in the Doodleman Pinscher dog does not develop healthily. Hips are ball and socket joints. If both halves aren’t growing the same way, the common may be extremely loose and unstable.


  • Weakness
  • The ailment in the leg behind

In Swimming is a Doberdoodle Poodle or Doberman?

As with the Standard Poodle parent breed, Doberdoodles also have webbed feet. They do not only enjoy swimming, but they are also great swimmers. But when they are infants, they do become Doberdoodle nervous about swimming. But after some point, after watching other dogs swim and playing, they become comfortable with water too.

Do Doberdoodles shed?

Yes, they shed. However, Doberdoodles shed moderately. Maybe the reason is there are so many mixes of Poodles. Yet, Doberdoodles are almost always first-generation mixes, which means they do shed a little. They must be groomed at least twice a week and shed on a regular basis. In the end, Doodleman Pinschers are a low-shed breed of dog.

Do Doodleman pinschers compatible with cats and dogs?

Like Dobermans, like their Doberman parents, Doberdoodles are very protective of their family and friends and maybe cautious around strangers, whether they are humans or animals. To live with cats, a Doberdoodle should be raised by one at an early age. However, even after that, they could chase cats due to their prey instinct. In the same way, they should be kept in a household alongside other dogs to ensure an optimal home environment. In general, Doberdoodles are pretty territorial and generally prefer having their people by themselves. They are also not very willing to share their space with animals.

Life Expectancy

Attachment is natural to human beings regardless of whether it’s animals or humans and we become attracted to everything quickly and with a lot of intensity. It is the same with owning an animal, as we become emotionally attached to our dogs, and it is not a surprise that when they go home, they leave an immense gap within our daily lives.

A dog’s death is similar to a human family member passing away, and knowing their expectation is an excellent method to determine how long they’ll have with you. Although this is a typical range, they could live longer or less than the timeframe according to their needs and health issues.

They shouldn’t have to worry too much. On average, the Doberdoodle can have an estimated life expectancy of between 12 to 15 years.

How Much Does A Doberdoodle Puppy Cost?

When it comes to buying a puppy from Doberdoodle, you must be aware of your location and the reputation of the breeder and their parents. All of these criteria will influence the price of the puppy, especially if you live in the United States. On average, an American Doberdoodle Puppy cost between $375 and $1,000 and an average annual medical bill of $485 to $650.

Over the past two decades, the Doberdoodle has become extremely popular due to its vibrant coats and curls. The most appealing thing about the Doberdoodle dog is that they inherit genes that make them shed-free and hypoallergenic. It makes Doberdoodle great family dogs who have allergies to pets and aren’t fans of hair shed by dogs. Doberdoodles are in great demand, as are their prices.

Suppose you’re considering purchasing the Doberdoodle of a breeder. In that case, it is better to look through Doberdoodle Generations Overview (F1, F1B, F2, F2b, etc. ) so that you can choose the appropriate Doberdoodle about coat type, coat color, and size.

What determines the price of a Doberdoodle Puppy?

If you’re purchasing a dog named Doberdoodle from an established dog breeder, then the standard cost is between $500 and $1,000. But the price of a Doberdoodle will be pretty different based on variables.

Doberdoodle Coat Color

You can choose a variety from Doberdoodle coat colors, and costs are likely to depend on the number of distinct colors you’d like to have.

For instance, a tri-colored Doberdoodle, Parti Doberdoodle, Phantom Doberdoodle, or Merle Doberdoodle will cost significantly more than the cost of a single or two-colored Doberdoodle. You can expect to shell out $800 or more depending on the colors you would like to see in the Doberdoodle.


As of right now, it is currently, the Doberdoodle ranks third as the most popular crossbreed doodle, following that of the Goldendoodle and the Labradoodle.

Dog breeders cannot simply breed more dogs since it could harm their reputation as a business and their dogs’ health. They’ll add to the total price of a Doberdoodle puppy, instead. It is the most important component in determining the Doberdoodle’s price.

Breeder Performance and Trustworthiness

The history of the Doberdoodle breeder will increase the cost of the puppy. If you buy a Doberdoodle from a reliable breeder, there are a variety of health tests that breeders go through to ensure the high quality of their doberman poodle puppies. Every reputable dog breeder conducts health tests of their older dogs to keep well-functioning joints, hips, heart, patellas as well as eyes.

If you are looking to purchase a Doberdoodle puppy is typically a 10- to 15-year investment, so be sure you’re buying from a reliable breeder: many at-home breeders, breeders with low prices, and puppy mills with lower-priced Doberdoodles. Don’t buy from these breeders, or there are significant health issues at a later date.

Breeder Location

The geographical location affects the cost of a Doberdoodle by about $300-800 or so. Doberdoodles will generally cost you more money you compare them to breeders located in midwestern. It is primarily due to the expense of living adjustments to the area.

It is possible to get a less expensive Doberdoodle through a breeder located in the midwest region, but you’ll have to shell out the money to allow the puppy to deliver it to your home. In addition, it could be difficult for you to visit their premises and inspect the parent Doberdoodles and look at the puppies when choosing the Doberdoodle to select your puppy day.

Size of a Doberdoodle

The three sizes of Doberdoodles are mini medium, mini Doberdoodle, and the standard Doberdoodle. In the mini-sized Doberdoodle category, there are the micro-mini and teacup sizes. The smaller Doberdoodle dimensions will cost you around $1,000 more than the essential cost of the Doberdoodle. It’s not a surprise to see tri-colored micro-mini Doberdoodle prices more than $5,000.

Doberdoodle Coat Type

Doberdoodles can come with three distinct coats: straight, wavy, or curly. The evolution of Doberdoodle determines the coat type. In general, Doberdoodles with more wavy or curly coats (i.e., F1B) are priced more than Doberdoodles with plain coats that are F1.

It is because wavy or curly coats are less shed and hypoallergenic. It means that you’ll generally be paying more when you purchase F1B, F1BB, F2B, or F2BB Doberdoodles because they have an extensive amount of Poodle genetics.

The long-term cost of the Doberdoodle

The cost you initially have to pay when you adopt a Doberdoodle, or Doberdoodle puppy is a small amount compared to the amount you’ll be investing all the time your pet is with you. You’ll be spending money on health checks and food, toys, and so on. You should budget at least $1000 each year for your Doberdoodle. These are the necessary costs then need to be done when you have this breed.

Dog Food

The cost of food will vary depending on how big your Doberdoodle is. But, you’re probably feeding your dog premium food, therefore expect to spend at least $500 for dog food on its own. When you give your pet less expensive food with fillers added, it’s possible to budget for around $300.


Doberdoodles moderately shed hair; therefore, you’ll need to groom them frequently. The cost of having your Doberdoodle groomed is about $100 per session. And you have to go through this process at least 3 to 4 times a year. The grooming of the Doberdoodle is a lot of things such as bathing of shampoo or haircut trimming of nails and ear grooming.

Medical Care

The cost of a Doberdoodle is relatively high when you consider health costs. It is necessary to have your dog undergo vet checks and surgeries in the future. Hip dysplasia is one of the more expensive degenerative illnesses that affect the Doberdoodle. The older Doberdoodles are usually required to undergo surgery to treat this problem.


What is a Doberdoodle?

The Doberdoodle is the result of breeding a Doberman and the Standard Poodle. Standard Poodle. The Doberdoodle (Doodleman Pinscher) is a mix of the stubborn protection characteristic of the Doberman Pinscher with the intelligent and playful Poodle. Both breeds share a lot.

Do Doberman pinschers smell?

Dobermans are among the breeds with the lowest maintenance requirements of dogs. They’re incredibly tidy as well as neat and clean. Dobies don’t have the typical dog smell, even though they bathe only once or twice the year. However, they shed all year.

Do Dobermans bark a lot?

Dobermans aren’t renowned for their frequent barking. However, they can be able to convey something to their owners. Barking may signify that they are thirsty, hungry, or simply bored. Doberman will probably bark when worried about their family.

Are Dobermans aggressive?

Doberman Pinschers were once common as guard dogs and police dogs. They are dangerous and aggressive, particularly with strangers. According to the CDC’s research, Doberman Pinschers were involved in nine fatal dog bites between 1979 and 1988, placing them sixth on the list.

Are Dobermans good dogs?

Doberman pinschers are friendly and affectionate dogs when properly socialized and taught. They are dedicated to their owners and, when properly prepared, are excellent with youngsters. However, certain Dobermans are only attached to one person.

Do Doberman Pinschers shed?

Doberman pinchers can also be mild shedders. They shed the same amount of hair throughout the year. They are a single-coated breed, which means they do not have an undercoat and, unlike other breeds, shed every two years. Since Dobermans are moderate shedders, you can regularly anticipate tidying up after your dog every week.

Are Dobermans hard to train?

Doberman Training Top Tips. Many people think Dobermans are challenging to train and that a Doberman can be challenging to handle and maintain under control, which puts the breed off. But, with proper training, this does not necessarily have to be the situation, and they can grow to be loving pet dogs as any other breed!

Do Dobermans do well with other dogs?

They also get along with other animals and dogs within the home, mainly when brought with them. Dobermans are often aggressive towards pets outside of their families when they believe they pose a threat to their beloved pets.

Is Doberman good for a first-time owner?

Dobermans aren’t just “guard dogs”; they are all-around family dogs and working dogs. If you are willing to put in the time to train and are eager to meet a variety of breeders to select the most appropriate dog, a Doberman can be an excellent option for a new owner.

Do Dobermans enjoy cuddling?

It may surprise some, Dobermans can be very loving dogs, and they are a joy to cuddle. Dobermans are friendly, and they thrive with family members nearby. They don’t want to be isolated. Do not be shocked if you sit on the sofa and your Doberman wants to climb in your lap.


If properly taught, the Doberman Poodle hybrid is a loving and confident breed that is fantastic with families. If your home is a tiny space, I suggest not bringing this breed to your home because they will not be capable of getting the adequate exercise they require.

Compared with other crossbreeds, The Doberdoodle sheds only a tiny amount of hair. But, you’ll need to keep it groomed regularly for their nails, ears, teeth, coat, and teeth. If you’re not comfortable maintaining it regularly, you can bring it to professional groomers.

Similar to the Doberman is frequently employed to be a dog used for law enforcement and the guard dog. People think this breed is aggressive. Although it has an inherent tendency to act aggressively, breeders are eliminating this.