Differences between Pacman vs Mrs Pacman

Differences between Pacman vs Mrs Pacman

Video games such as Pacman and Mrs Pacman can be enjoyed for entertainment. Both of them are puzzle-based arcade games with mazes. Mrs Pacman was introduced by the general computer corporation in 1982 and was published by Mid-way in 1983.

In 1980, Namco introduced Pacman for entertainment purposes. There are two versions of both games available for PCs, laptops, and other gaming devices.

In this article, we will discuss the key differences between Pacman and Mrs Pacman.

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Notes on key thoughts

  1. A classic arcade game, Pac-Man, was released in 1980 and featured a yellow character that navigates a maze while consuming dots, avoiding ghosts, and avoiding obstacles in order to obtain points.
  1. The introduction of Mrs Pac-Man in 1981 created a new world of gameplay elements, improved graphics, and the inclusion of a female protagonist.
  1. Although the core gameplay remains somewhat similar, Mrs Pac-Man is often regarded as a more challenging game and one that has a more visually appealing design than the original Pac-Man.

Pacman vs Mrs Pacman

The main difference between Pacman and Mrs Pacman is that both are arcade games widely played by gamers worldwide.

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Pacman was designed by Toru Witan, and Mrs Pacman was designed by Steve Golson. In order to make both games more entertaining, Mrs Pacman was released after Pacman was released.

Pacman was originally called Puck Man, but it was renamed Pacman. The player must consume the dot while avoiding colored ghosts in a maze.

Toshiokai is the composer of the game. There is a single-player and multiplayer version of the game.

As an arcade game, Mrs Pacman can also be played individually or in multiplayer mode. The game’s composer is Chris Rode. It is published by Midway.

As the player controls the character, they must eat all the pellets in the enclosed area. 1982 was the year of its release.

Table of Comparisons

Comparison parametersPacmanMrs Pacman
MapsCurrently, it only has one map.Four maps are available.
DifficultyThere is a little more difficulty.Playing the game requires skills.
Fruit numbersThis game has eight different types of fruits.There are seven different types of fruits in this game.
DevelopersIt is developed by NamcoMidway and General Computer Corporation are the developers.
Ghost nameThe fourth ghost is named Clyde4th ghost’s name is Sue

What is Pacman?

Around the globe, many people like playing the arcade game Pacman. Based on a maze arcade, this game. In the year 1980, Namco created it.

Puck-Man was the Japanese name, which was later modified to Packman. Midway Manufacturing published the game. Both single-player and multiplayer modes of the game are available.

The game was created by Namco and Torulwatani, the game’s publishers. The game was created based on the Pac-Man at It series, a kind of arcade game.

The month of December saw its release. At one point, this was the year’s most-played game due to its initial popularity.

It is the character’s job to eat all the dots without getting caught by the ghost, which is an indifferent color.

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In the game, eating power pellets gives the character extraordinary power that allows him to transform the ghost into another color and eat it for bonus points.

Developers of the game began developing it in 1979 with a nine-member crew. Young players are drawn to the game’s cute and colorful characters.

There is more difficulty in the game than expected. There is no doubt that Pacman is one of the most popular games almost everyone plays.

What is Mrs Pacman?

Mrs Pac-Man is a maze game with arcade roots that may be enjoyed alone or with others. Midway, the game’s publishers, also served as its creators.

The game’s designer is Stevegolson. The game was made available in January of 1982, a year after Pacman.

A variety of names were given to this game; finally, Mrs Pacman was confirmed, and the game was called Mrs Pacman.

The players must eat the pellets in order to earn points.

In a maze, bonus fruits can be found. Extra points are awarded when the characters consume them. The game’s speed increases when the points increase, so this game requires skills to play.

It has four different mazes, each with a different color scheme. Pink will be the color of the game’s first level.

There are different types of colors available for different types of levels, and every level has its own configuration. Wall colors are thicker than the map outline.

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In the maze, the fruits jump from one place to another. The fruit types in the game are cherries and bananas. There is nothing more interesting to play than Mrs Packman.

The main differences between Pacman and Mrs Pacman

  1. In contrast to Pacman’s one map, Mrs Pacman has four maps to choose from.
  1. Because of its difficulty, more skills are required to play Mrs Pacman than Pacman.
  1. The pattern in Pacman is random, but Mrs Pacman has a different pattern.
  1. There is no beauty mask on Pacman, but one on Mrs Pacman.
  1. While Pacman doesn’t have eyes, Mrs Pacman has an eye and is wearing a bow on the top of her head.
  1. Dots and power pellets appear peach in the game Pac-Man, whereas Mrs Pac-Man’s dot and power pellet appearance changes by the maze, including red, yellow and white.
  1. In contrast to Pac-Man, Mrs Pac-Man opens her mouth at the beginning of each level.
  1. The life counters on Pac-Man are smaller and less round than those on Mrs Pac-Man, which are the same shape as hers and face the right direction.
  1. Pac-Man gradually disappears from the screen when he dies, but Mrs Pac-Man spins as she dies.
  1. Unlike Mrs Pacman’s ghosts, Pacman ghosts’ movement depends on the player’s movement, making patterns usable, whereas Mrs Pacman’s ghosts’ movement is random, making patterns inapplicable.
  1. Pacman fruit value displayed where the fruit was after the fruit is eaten, written in pink numbers the same size as ghost values, written straight out, whereas Mrs Pacman fruit value displayed where the fruit was after the fruit is eaten, written in smaller, white numbers, written diagonally.
  1. There are 100, 300, 500, 700, 1000, 2000, 3000 and 5000 values for the Pacman fruit, while there are 100, 200, 500, 700, 1000, 2000 and 5000 for the Mrs Pacman fruit.
  1. Mrs Pacman Fruit changes every level until the player reaches the banana level, while Pacman Fruit changes every level until the player reaches the third level.
  1. Mrs Pacman’s mazes have varying numbers of dots, while Pacman’s mazes have 240 dots.
  1. In 1980, Pacman was released, and in 1982, Mrs Pacman was released.


Mrs Pac-Man would not exist without the original Pac-Man, a classic arcade game. Mrs Pac-Man incorporated everything excellent about the original and added a dimension of unpredictability, making the gameplay more exciting and gratifying.

Both of these arcade gems are great, no matter your preference, and I hope this article shows the apparent differences between Pacman Vs Mrs Pacman, which help you decide which games you should play.