The internet brims with home remedies or hacks for everything, from achieving healthy skin to shiny, clean stovetops. The baking soda and lemon water combination is the master of them all. The duo presents several powerful benefits like teeth whitening, cleaning dirty vape devices or containers, and improving digestion.

So, what makes this couple so special? Let us explore the bond between the two ingredients in detail and understand the many applications in our everyday life.

The Contrast Of pH

One of the exciting aspects of the lemon water and baking soda combination is its pH. Acidic solutions such as lemon water have a pH of around 3, whereas baking soda expresses a pH of 8.3 as a basic solution. The combination of these two ingredients with drastically contrasting pH creates a neutral solution that finds several applications.

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Utilizing Lemon Water And Baking Soda

For Cleaning Vape Coils

Cleaning vape devices can be a tricky task. They contain sticky residues from the vape juice deposited on the internal parts like the coil, tank. Rinsing with water can only help eliminate the dirt. Lemon water and baking soda mixture, on the other hand, act effectively on these gooey residues to help remove them effectively.

Lemon Water And Baking Soda For Cleaning Vape Coils
Lemon Water And Baking Soda For Cleaning Vape Coils

Simply dip the disassembled device, along with the coil and vape tank, in the solution. Let it rest for a few minutes. Then, scrub and rinse the device under running water to clean thoroughly and air dry. Examine the coil after cleaning to ensure it is in good shape. Make sure to replace it with high-quality coils like Smok vape coils in case of damage to continue to enjoy a fantastic vaping experience.

For Improving Gut Health

The combination of lemon water and baking soda acts as a powerful antacid to curb several ailments. For example, it can prevent inflammation in the gut and boost digestion. In addition, it can curb excess gas formation that leads to bloating and discomfort.

The mixture expresses diuretic properties to promote proper urination. This process will successfully eliminate toxins from the system. It balances the stomach alkalinity that is crucial to improve immunity for good overall health. Lemon soda mixture also reduces the pressure on excretory organs by acting as a detoxifier. It strengthens kidney functions to improve overall wellness.

For Supporting Weight Loss

The lemon water and baking soda duo are a potent home remedy to catalyze weight loss. Consuming the mixture on an empty stomach in the morning helps to increase the alkalinity of the stomach. It, in turn, supports fat burn. In addition, it can further act as a regulator of bad cholesterol levels in the body that helps you stay in shape.

The detoxifying properties of lemon soda water can eliminate the toxins deposits induced by unhealthy food habits. They encourage the production of digestive enzymes in the liver that promotes increased nutrient absorption and regular excretion.

For Scrubbing Kitchen Surfaces

Kitchen surfaces such as stove tops, microwaves, chimneys tend to accumulate oily dirt that is tough to clean. Mix a portion of lemon soda solution and add to a spray bottle. Spray it on the surface and allow it to sit for an hour. Wash it off using soap in a warm water solution and wipe the area clean using a cloth for brilliant results.

Lemon Water And Baking Soda For Scrubbing Kitchen Surfaces
Lemon Water And Baking Soda For Scrubbing Kitchen Surfaces

Lemon water and baking soda also act as a disinfectant that helps to keep the surfaces safe for food. Thus, it makes it a superior choice to use in the kitchen compared to chemical sprays. Additionally, the pungent smell keeps insect and rodent infestations at bay.

Lemon soda mixture can also remove grease and stains from old utensils, artifacts, or other metal items. You can dip the items in the solution and wipe them with a clean cloth to see the results. 

For Curbing Microbial Infections

The antibacterial benefits of baking soda and lemon water can have excellent benefits for your body. Consuming the mixture can curb the risk of bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. It can also combat parasitic infections and stomach worms that severely affect overall health.

The antimicrobial action of the mixture can also eliminate bacterial-induced acne on the face and body. You can also externally apply a paste consisting of 1 tablespoon baking soda and ½ tablespoon lemon water on active cysts. Let the mixture dry on the acne and wash off with normal water without scrubbing. Pat dry and apply moisturizer. You will begin to see a reduction in size and redness of the acne within a few uses. 

For Elevating Skin Health

The baking soda and lemon water combo can work miracles to give healthy and gorgeous-looking skin by treating stretch marks, blackheads, dark underarms, and acne scars.

Prepare a mixture of 2 tablespoons baking soda, one tablespoon lemon water, and gently scrub on your face.  Wash it with cold water and moisturize after to get rid of blackheads. You can use this scrub on your underarms, elbows, knees, or other areas suffering from severe pigmentation. The exfoliating properties of this scrub can help eliminate dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and acne scars.

Lemon Water And Baking Soda For Elevating Skin Health
Lemon Water And Baking Soda For Elevating Skin Health

Furthermore, add a teaspoon of honey to it and apply it as a face mask for an amazing glow. It will also help curb excess oil secretion without drying out the skin too much. 

For Coping With Sweat Problems 

 Sweat-induced odor can be incredibly uncomfortable, and the smell tends to cling to clothes and remain even after washing—lemon soda can curb sweating problems.

Use one tablespoon of baking soda mixed in lemon water and apply it to underarms and other body areas prone to excess sweating. Wash off the mixture without scrubbing and take a shower. Apply the same mixture on your clothes on the sweat stains and let sit for a few minutes. Then, wash the cloth using regular detergent, and the smell and stains will be long gone.


Those were some interesting facts and applications of lemon water and baking soda. The combination can influence everything from good health to a clean home. So use this power duo to promote a happy and healthy life.