Kids Need More Fun and Engaging STEM Programs

If there’s one thing that children could always use more of, it’s fun programs that impart key knowledge. We live in a digital world, and knowing how to code can be the difference between using the digital platforms that rule the day and building them. 

The pandemic disrupted kids’ education in too many ways to count. Even before that, parents were eager to enroll them in online coding classes for how STEM skills help children develop strong mental habits. Before you sign your child up for an online fall coding class, here’s what to look for in a program. 

Real Coding Languages

Real Coding Languages

Some introductory courses begin by teaching young children how to use programs like Scratch, which via drag-and-drop merely give a sense of what coding is like. Even kids as young as seven are ready to learn Python, a coding language professionals use in the field to make platforms used by millions daily.

Look for an online coding course that teaches the most relevant coding languages, such as:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

The secondary benefits of learning code are excellent, such as learning to problem solve like an engineer. It’s even better when they get direct skills the workforce will eventually demand.

Small Classrooms

Anybody would struggle to learn in a crowded environment where it’s hard to get attention from your teacher. The best online coding programs limit classrooms to four students per session, so no pupil has to speak over their peers or worry about getting overlooked.

It’s even better when there’s no minimum requirement, so the session continues as scheduled even if your child is the only student. Parents and kids deserve a little predictability and close attention from educators. Small classrooms make it a cinch. 

Video Games at the Heart of Class

You don’t need to force kids to learn when the subject matter is how to design and create a video game! Any parent who has ever seen their children get addicted to playing video games will immediately grasp how exciting they’ll find making them.

Leading coding programs show children how to create a video game they can play with friends and family. When the lesson involves a goal this fun, kids will enjoy themselves so much that they won’t even realize they’re learning!

They will also end the course with a concrete achievement they can proudly point to.

Young Teachers 

Young Teachers 

Finally, the best online coding programs tend to hire young teachers with recent experience in coding. Kids should learn how to code video games from teachers who also play them when they were younger. The passion for gaming gets naturally transferred when it’s so rich and genuine. 

Plus, kids will have a wonderful resource to ask about where coding can take them when they’re older or what it’s like in school.

Kids have probably never needed fun, productive learning sessions more than they do today. Online coding classes give parents a safe and convenient way to get them from home. Before signing up, ensure the coding program meets all the above criteria.


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