The success of a new industrial HVAC system project or maintenance of an existing system depends on the correct choice of contractor and the way you decide to use to manage the project. A bad decision can cost you money, delays, high financial and operational risks, mistakes, poor quality of work and many other inconveniences that you can avoid if you follow the following tips compiled in this article.

You do not have to struggle with a new project, you need contractors who take care of everything, who give you a complete construction package, starting from the design, installation and validation of the complete system, you want at the end of the work to receive everything in order and working.

It is crucial for every plant manager to know how taxes work for commercial air conditioners when investing in a new HVAC System and how to select the best HVAC contractor for their projects. This is one of the ways to ensure that your installation is working from the start, always in optimal conditions. The HVAC system is important in every industrial building because it creates the right environment for your employees, production and products.

One of the most important decisions when developing a new HVAC system project is to unify all responsibility for the project with a single contractor. Irishheatandair offers its clients the development of air conditioning, process cooling, heating and ventilation projects, covering everything necessary, from design, installation, and fully operational solution.

This way of working brings with it multiple benefits in terms of time, resources and investment. Here are some of the main advantages that plant managers can take advantage of during the development of a project with a contractor with the ability to carry out “turnkey” projects compared to other business models for the construction of HVAC system projects. , especially in facilities that require comprehensive services with high standards of quality and functionality.

Reduce risks to ensure the success of a new HVAC system project

You can minimize risks and conflicts caused by hiring various managers at the time of design and installation. Let specialists in the management of HVAC systems projects take care of solving any conflict from the early stages to construction (design), thus avoiding new unforeseen costs due to incomplete scope or poorly planned by third parties, which in the end end up making the work more expensive and lengthening delivery time. It is vitally important that the HVAC contractor uses the most up-to-date design programs that allow for 3D design, thus minimizing errors.

Hire an HVAC contractor that takes into account each of the specific needs of planning, design and construction of the system, this will expand the conditions to successfully complete the project.

Is it necessary to hire two contractors to complete the project?

It really is cheaper to have the same contractor manage the entire project from design to installation.

The traditional option consists of the client contracting the design of the system on the one hand and the supply and construction on the other. This method generally does not give the best results because of the following:

Ignorance of the market if the client is not a professional in the construction and intallation of industrial HVAC systems.

Risk of mistake in equipment qualities or benefits due to lack of expert advice.

Deviations in the execution period that lead to production inconveniences and losses in the medium term.

In the end, the works turn out to be more expensive than initially planned, with difficulties at the time of the final delivery of the system, due to inconsistencies during the final validation between what was designed and what was built, leaving the client unprotected and on many occasions in the midst of legal disputes.

When selecting an industrial HVAC installation contractor, a good measure of their ability is their overall effectiveness. Find out if he has been able to repeat the work consistently for other businesses similar to yours.

At irishheatandair we help companies and individuals to successfully develop projects for HVAC systems, cooling systems and ventilation. Contact one of our specialists now for more information.


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