How Do You Know What The Best Nail Shapes For You Are?

The best nail shapes for your hands depend on a few things: the size of your hand, the length of your fingers, and the shape of your nails. Knowing what type of nail shape will look best on you is important because it can make or break how people perceive you.

A square nail may be best if you have short fingers and round nails. This is because it creates a balance between your hands and nails that can make them appear longer. On the other hand, if you have long fingers and oval-shaped nails, then pointy nail shapes may be better suited for you. Let’s dive in and discuss several nail shapes for different fingers.

How Do You Know What The Best Nail Shapes For You Are?

Short Fingers

Ideal nail shapes: Round Nails. 

You can fix the shape of your nails by filing them down and adhering to the natural shape of your fingers. Add an extra round layer over the top if you want to make them look slimmer. It’s also a good idea to check that both sides match before you start any manicure routines.

Wide and Long Nails

Suitable nail shape: Oval Nails. 

This is a really popular shape for a nail runway. They make it look longer and more square-ish. You can make an “egg” shape by slightly curving your nail file towards the middle of the nail!

To Lengthen & Slim Fingers

Ideal nail shape: Almond Nails. 

Trendy, slim nails will look fabulous when you file and narrow them at the bottom. For a fashionable end result, get the sides of your nails as well.

How Do You Know What The Best Nail Shapes For You Are?

Low Maintenance

Suitable nail shape: Square Nails. 

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For those with narrow nail beds and short nails, go for this shape. Looking for longer nails? Acrylic lovers rejoice. The long, square shape offers a great opportunity to play with popular nail shades and designs. Get this design by filling a straight vertical line.

The Universal Shape

Ideal nail shapes: Squoval Nails. 

The rounded nail shapes are really flattering on all nail lengths. On short nails, this trend means you can maintain your look without the use of tools. Keep dragging the file in a straight line from one end of the nail to the other, and round off the corners in one lengthen stroke. Rotate your hands so that the palms are upright facing you and fine-tune as needed.

Short and Long Nails

Idea nail shapes: Stiletto Nails. 

The shape is ideal for someone who has long nails with acrylics and seeks a very sharp point. Start from the center where your nail starts, then file both sides in a minor taper towards that center point. First, start by trimming the hair close to the scalp before you narrow the free edge and create a pointy top.

For the Enthusiasts of Acrylics

Best nail shape: Ballerina Nails. 

The shape is specifically designed to suit your nails. Long, slender and squared off at the tip, they’re perfect for long fingers – not to mention the angled cuticles. You can call them ballerina nails because of their resemblance to a dancer’s shoe. If you need something with a slightly edgier touch? Related shapes are good for these harder edges. Coffin nails have a more angled shape that is less rounded in comparison to ballerina’s nails.

How Do You Know What The Best Nail Shapes For You Are?

The Influencer

Idea nail shape: Lipstick Nails. 

Be original! Get nails in a weird shape that you can’t just admire- they’re diagonal and more creative than your average squared nail shapes.

The Diva

Suitable nail shape: Long Square Nails. 

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For those who have narrow nail beds and like long lengths or acrylics, this shape will work well for you. Long square nails look trendy with darker shades and nail art ideas like an ombre. To get this shape, file in a straight line across the free edge then file one way across to create a point. This nail file is perfect for shaping your nails into something different.

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