The Essentials of Hermit Crab Essay

If you have never heard of the hermit crab essay then this article will definitely help you. And =, even if you have heard of it, but want to know more this article will help you then as well. The main goal of this article is to explain hermit writing, what is hermit crab essay, how to write a hermit crab essay, discussion on different hermit crab essay forms and so on. So, let’s dig deep into it.

There are many types of essay writing. Each type has its own significance and limitations that help to achieve the objectives of the writing effectively. Talking about the hermit crab essay, it is one of the types of essay writing which was first coined in 2003 by Brenda Miller and Suzanne Paola. It is one of the types which is unlike other essay writings. It actually turns out the non-essay into essay things, such as a recipe, how-to manual, rejection letter, and many more things. Suzanne Paola says about the hermit crab essay, that the reason for limitation in the essay is for creative expansion.

A special type of essay writing is named after the name of a creature. The prime objective of this professional essay writing is to protect the soft inner by a tough outer shell just as the habitat of the creature. The hermit crabs essay is fascinating to both the readers and the writer. They are used to tell the most complex and traumatic stories in the best possible way. Let’s just be precise about the hermit crab essay writing, for which you have to first understand the nature of the creature.

What is a hermit crab?

Hermit crab is one of the small crabs that inhabit the cast-off shells of other crustaceans instead of growing into their own shells. This nature of this crab is quite unique and so is hermit crab essay. Think the situation like this: you are going through a recipe and you are really liking it. Not because of its teste and deliciousness but for the writing style of the recipe. As if it is a literature. A non-fictional writing gets into the character of a fictional writing. Now, you will call it a hermit crab essay.

hermit crab

Just like the hermit crabs. Hermits crabs take other crabs’ shell and hermit crab essays do the same. This is the reason of the naming of this type of essays. Hermit crab is nothing that you will take as a pet. They are quite different. However, The discussion of the article is not about hermit crab, rather hermit crab essay. So, let’s get back to our discussion and describe what is a hermit crab essay.

What is a hermit crab essay?

The Hermit crab essay is one that borrows its own form from other genres, usually not connected with creative writing. It uses that form to find out the best way to present it out to the audience. It can be a recipe, an email, a product review and so on. So, you can easily understand that it is not creative writing. Yet, if it gathers some literary importance then we will call it a hermit crab essay.

Let’s imagine you are a lawyer. You are writing a letter to your client. Of course, this type of letter has some predefined format. You will follow that definitely. But while writing the inner body you can show some linguistic beauty which will definitely increase its importance as a piece of literature.

Same thing can happen to thesis writing as well.

Hermit crab essay

What form can we borrow In hermit crab essay?

It is easy for you to select any form you like regardless of any limitations. Personality tests, programming guides, and information sheets are some, of the examples for the purpose of creative writing. Some other effective forms can be, playlists, immigration filing, birth announcements, and many more. The only limitation throughout the hermit crab essay is your imagination.

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How to make form and content work together?

The selected form should remain relevant to the content. Let’s understand this through an example. For example, you went on a road trip with your cousin, now you want to write about the road experience just like a playlist throughout the trip or like a travel guide, so you wrote about the “top 10 worst places to eat on a road trip with your cousin”. Once you selected, you can write the entire essay based on your experience on a road trip with your cousin. The prime objective is to connect something that supports the entire content effectively.

Now the question arises, if I’m writing about the playlist, do I have to play the song during writing? The answer is No, the hermit crab essay is a type of lyric essay. However, this doesn’t mean to make up your events, but you have to be realistic as per the experience. Always make sure while choosing the interactive form to be fully accessible to the people with low vision.

Can I use images in hermit crab essay?

Yes, you can use the images throughout the hermit crab essay writing. Always be sure to provide “alt text” for the images-descriptive text which gives the complete information that anyone can get by seeing the image.

Brenda Millers begin the 2018 non-fiction now conference in Phoenix Arizona with the parody of rejection letters which involved her own personal experiences. Even one of the rejection letters was from an elementary school from her art class. She managed to train and engage the audience to react to her solid jokes. Laughing and surrounded by the emotions until when she turned out to read the third letter about miscarriage, and the entire hall went silent with some mourns. This specific reaction of the audience would have never been the same if Brenda Millers did not set up the audience against the comic material. She actually invited the audience to engage physically with her piece through solid jokes.

The objective of Millers was to teach the audience about the main purpose of the hermit crab essay. You see, that she first involves the audience through laughter and gags unless she brings the main topic in front of the audience. Similarly, it happens with the hermit crab essay, you have to save the soft side by protecting through hardshell. She believes that writing in different forms will help you to be creative with the voice and the content.


Hermit crab essay writing is widely used all around the world. However, it is not as easy as it seems. To be an expert essay writer you have to give your 100% to follow the guidelines in order to meet the standards and the requirements of the specific type of essay writing.

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