Here Are 5 Ways You Can Carry a Bag Stylishly

Bags have existed for a long time due to their importance in a person’s daily life. Both men and women have found reasons to carry their own bags. You can quickly throw all you need in a bag and go about your day. There are hardly any alternatives that will serve the same purpose as a bag.

Here Are 5 Ways You Can Carry a Bag Stylishly

Bags are one of the few items that can be both extremely functional and extremely fashionable. Its prices range from inexpensive to extravagant. 

A bag completes any look, and you may have as much as the array of looks and outfits you have. Since the fashion industry created designs that are particularly appealing to women, bags have become a closet staple.

Since bags serve the dual purpose of functionality and fashion, invest in trusted branded bags. Getting the best Chanel bag for instance guarantees durability. The best Chanel bags are an epitome of luxury and the brand brings better designs with each season.

The best Chanel bags range from mini handbags to tote Chanel bags. Chanel’s tote bags are perfect for those who prefer their handbags to be larger in size. It’s way better compared to the current runway-dominant mini handbag trend. If packing light isn’t your thing, a large tote is ideal for storing all of your prized possessions.

Ways to Carry Your Bags

Women are rarely seen walking around without their bags. It could be small or large, but there will always be something that women carry with them. However, the majority of you are not carrying some or all of your bags correctly. Learn the proper way to carry your stunning bags because they can make or break your style.

  1. For Tote Bags

If you are among those people who carry her entire world in her bag, you need a tote bag. These are large bags with a slouchy appearance, two handles, and no zippers that close. 

  • How to Wear

It can be worn on your shoulders or in between your arms. However, do not push your tote bag back while it is on your shoulder. Simply place it under your arm. This will make you appear more professional and less awkward with your own bag.

  1. For Clutches

Clutches seem to be the most stylish bags of all time. On various occasions, you will see many celebrities wearing various clutch designs. Clutches can vary in size and color. Some bags have straps while others have handles. 

  • How to Wear

The only way to turn heads while holding that piece is to get the right grip. It’s in either of your hands. The key is to hold it in your hand lightly. There are two options for holding it: from the bottom or from the top by putting your arm by your side.

  1. For Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags are for well-dressed women who know exactly what they want to take with them. They help you look chic and elegant while keeping you unbothered and out of trouble. 

  • How to Wear

Crossbody bags can be worn in a variety of ways. However, the fundamentals remain the same. Place the bag’s pouch in front or behind you, just below your hips. Never place the pouch under your arms. 

Dangle your handbag around your neck, allowing it to pass across your body and under one arm before falling to your front, back, or side. This style allows you to disperse your weight diagonally across your body, avoiding undue stress on any one side. You can walk freely in this position.

  1. For Backpacks

A backpack can quickly become overburdened with laptops and other essentials. Anyway, this shouldn’t mean that you have to discard the style. 

  • How to Wear

If you aren’t going to carry heavy items, you don’t need the conventional backpack. You can substitute boring backpacks with trendy and fancy backpacks. Chanel backpacks, for instance, mostly have the signature Chanel chains that add the extra bling.

Wearing both shoulder straps and adjusting them so that the backpack is high on your back is the smartest way to carry a backpack. The bag’s pack should not be lengthier than your waist. 

Last but not least, avoid wearing them in front. When worn in the front, it can take your shoulders forward and put undue strain on your mid and lower back. This happens because of the weight pulling you forward.

  1. For a Shoulder Bag

Many of you may be puzzled by the difference between a tote bag and a shoulder bag. Both are distinct in design and function. 

While a tote bag has two straps, a shoulder bag only has one, and it is a long one. A tote bag is similar to a shopping bag in that it has no divisions or zippers. A shoulder bag has various sections as well as one main and numerous zippers inside. It’s primarily used as a work bag. 

  • How to Wear

A shoulder bag must be worn using its long strap. The main pouch should be worn near your hips so that your hand can easily reach the bag’s bottom. Anything beneath or over your hip may make you appear clumsy!

General Bag Etiquette

  • Keep your arm relaxed and poised by your side while holding the handles of your handbag in your left hand. This also frees up your right arm, which you can use to greet people.
  • When carrying your handbag, keep a straight, elegant posture. Maintain a back and down posture with your shoulders. Engage your core and keep your chin parallel to the floor. Simply tightening the muscles around your torso will keep your spine safe and stable. In this manner, your spine becomes like a single, strong cylinder.
  • Take a neutral bag to a formal meeting and an easygoing option for day-to-day errands. Also, make sure it’s the right size for the items you’ll be carrying. Just don’t overstuff a smaller handbag to the point where the zips are almost bursting!
  • Holding more than one handbag all through the day gives the impression that you are overloaded and disorganized. Simply select your favorite handbag. If you’re going shopping or need to bring a laptop, keep it in your car trunk.
  • Avoid putting your bag on a table because it is deemed unhygienic. Also, don’t place it on the floor, or on the back of a chair. It may be distracting to people passing by and exposes it to thieves.


Bags have a significant impact on women’s fashion. Handbags are enticing and make you stand out. Regardless of how quickly fashion changes, a good bag can last for years as a useful place for the small items that women always seem to have!

While there are no hard and fast rules for holding and carrying a handbag, you should always appear well-dressed. And a handbag can be useful! They also reflect your personality and preparation, and people think you’re interesting enough to talk to.

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