The lack of choice in the field of profitable investment opportunities as well as high inflation make a favorite gift of the Germans apparently obsolete. While just a few years ago an envelope of cash always brought a joyful smile, inflation is taking its share from the very first second. Numismatics is currently seen by many people as an interesting way to broaden one’s horizons and possibly discover new ways of investing money.

The exciting world of collector coins

Investment in precious metals is currently gaining in importance. Many investors, who actually only want to inquire about the one or other gold coin, discover in many cases besides the world of the collector coins for itself. The so-called numismatics is probably the oldest known hobby of mankind and deals with the history of money.

If you want to belong to the circle of coin collectors, you just have to inform yourself about some different topics and define your own focus, such as historical coins, coins from Asia or similar. Regardless of the thematic focus, the world of numismatics certainly beckons one or the other surprise.

Present coins as a gift

Classic bullion coins with a correspondingly high profile are never wrong. They are ideal as a gift and also require no knowledge or prior experience in the field of numismatics. The coins can be either gold or silver. The person receiving the gift can decide at a later date whether the coin should be carefully stored or turned into money at a specialized coin dealer.

Most bullion coins are also a real eye-catcher with pretty motifs. The Lunare originating from Australia as well as the Panda from China has each a new minting, which meets with great interest among numismatists around the world.

The ideal introduction to numismatics

In addition to traditional bullion coins, there are the so-called curant coins, which are usually based on the current price of gold and are not necessarily suitable as high-quality collector’s items due to their high circulation. Nevertheless, the historical coins enjoy great popularity among collectors. As a form of reserve in the form of stable value precious metals, these pieces are certainly suitable. The historical motifs also exude a pleasant charm and invite exciting speculation about the history of their creation.

In this context, the widespread Goldmark coins from the German Empire and the Vreneli coins from Switzerland also attract attention. The coins are suitable both for collecting and for giving away.

If there is already some numismatic knowledge or a great interest in history, historical collector coins from all eras of mankind are certainly the first choice. Among collectors, animal and ship motifs are particularly popular in this context. In most cases, the material used for the production of sought-after collector’s items plays a rather subordinate role.

Important aspects

Coins with an acceptable mintage and a distribution within Europe should be given preference. Exotic coins are usually difficult to resell. German or European commemorative coins enjoy an extremely good reputation among investors and ambitious collectors and will certainly find buyers after a short time. Two-euro coins from Europe as well as coins from the imperial era are very popular, preferably made of gold. The larger a coin is, the better the price-performance ratio is due to the associated minting costs. Those who have a rather low budget and still want to venture into numismatics should focus on well-known silver bullion coins at the beginning.


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