Factors to Consider When Purchasing Air Filters

Even though most homeowners may understand the importance of regularly changing air filters, they might not understand what type is best.

If you have never used air filters before or are a first-time homeowner, you might not be familiar with the suitable options.

Since air filters come in different options, it is crucial to select the right one for your family and home. Check out below to find out what you should be on the lookout for.

Choose the Appropriate Size 

Home air filters are presented in various sizes regarding their thickness and area. Research conducted by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors shows that air filters perform best when they are tightly fitted.

The gaps after the filters have been fitted show that they were not the right size for your system. Usually, you will find the size of the furnace filter printed on the cardboard’s frame for a more straightforward identification process.

While most homes have only one-inch space for filters, the thickness ranges from 1-4 inches.

To sum up, always check the measurements of your systems well before making a purchase. You can even hire a professional if it becomes challenging for you.

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air filters are typically presented with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV).

This value helps in a more straightforward determination of how well the filters trap particles. Generally, the rating ranges from 1-13, and the higher the MERV, the higher its efficiency of gathering particles.

The best air filter for your home should not be less than 6 in rating. However, note that the higher the MERV value, the lower the airflow into your house.

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Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a balance between the two. Do not overwork your system by following a tremendous air-resistant filter. 

Type of Air Filter

Various air filters provide various performance levels and maintenance requirements. While air filters are the best way of keeping your air indoors clean and refreshed, some are more durable than others. The various types of air filters include the following;

Disposable Pleated filters

These filters efficiently collect small and large particles like spores and mites. Typically, disposable pleated filters have slightly higher prices than fiberglass filters. Nevertheless, they require to be changed more frequently. 

Disposable Fiberglass filters

These filters can only pick up large particles like lint, debris, and dust. Disposable fiberglass filters are cheap and cost about a dollar or two per filter. 

Permanent Electrostatic

Like disposable filters, these filters contain charged fibers; however, they do not gather as many particles.

On the other hand, they are washable, making them even more durable for up to 8 years. However, these filters are a bit expensive and cost between 15-20 dollars. 

Disposable Electrostatic

These filters comprise electrically charged fibers, increasing their efficiency in gathering large and small particles. Their standard sizes cost about 10 dollars. 

If you are allergic or more prone to airborne illnesses, you should install MERV 13 filter which are more effective in trapping airborne bacteria, pollutants, and tobacco smoke. 

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