Explore the Best Options for Yacht Charters in Athens

Athens is one of the oldest and grandest cities in the world. Every inch of this beautiful city is steeped in history and culture, and it has a grandiose past. If you love sailing and want to explore this beautiful city in your holidays, you must look at the yacht charter in Athens. Greece has an extensive seafront with innumerable ports, small islands, and islets. The perfect way in which you can explore the beautiful coastline of Greece is by sailing on a luxurious yacht.

Athens is an old city with a long history of sea trading. It has scores of big and small ports, which makes it the perfect staging ground for starting your long holiday tour on a beautiful yacht that has all the comfort features of a five-star hotel.

Sailing on your yacht, you can look at more than 2000 islands including the beautiful and historic islands of the Saronic Gulf and the world-renowned Cyclades.

The beautiful Kea has situated a short distance from Athens, where you can walk on its beautiful sandy beaches. Whatever you are looking for in a long holiday in Athens, sailing on a beautiful luxurious yacht will make your dreams come true. From eating mouth-watering food and drinks, to spending time on beautiful beaches, look for a yacht charter in Athens and all your dreams will be fulfilled.

When you are planning to charter a yacht, there are important steps to follow, including: 

Choose the charter type

When you look for a yacht charter in Athens, you will find there are different types, each one of these caters to a specific niche. You have to first figure out your requirement and then based on it, you should choose the right charter type that fulfils it. Here are some types of yacht charters:

  • Motor yacht charter.
  • Sailing yacht charter.
  • Catamaran.
  • Crewed yacht.
  • Superyacht.
  • All-inclusive charter.
  • Corporate event charter.
  • Explorer/expedition style charter.
  • Racing yacht.
  • Gullets yacht charter.

Fix the date

Once you have decided what type of yacht you should look at, the next thing is to fix the date on which you will set sail. If you plan ahead, you can get some price reductions for the yacht charter. Furthermore, you will also get the best boat that you choose. 

How many people are sailing with you?

If there is a large group of people with you, then you have to charter a bigger yacht, which will increase your expenses significantly. Furthermore, for a large group, you will also need more provisions, which will also increase your budget. Therefore, choose carefully how many people you want to take with you on your holiday trip.

Hire a skipper

When looking for a yacht charter in Athens, you should hire a highly experienced skipper who has a good reputation and huge experience. As the skipper along with the crew will be primarily responsible for the safety and security of everyone on board while on the sea, you must choose them carefully.

Follow these steps for a great holiday on a luxury yacht with your family or friends in Athens. You will love every moment you spend on the luxury yacht touring the coasts of Athens.

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