Everything You Need to Know about Massage Therapy

Massages help us to relax muscles, relieve pain and induce sleep. A massage is a set of manipulations, whether friction, kneading, pressure, or impact with a certain rhythm and intensity, which are performed on the body for therapeutic, sports, or aesthetic purposes.

Massage is one of the most commonly practiced forms of wellness. For thousands of years, massage has been used to relieve pain, help heal injuries, improve circulation, relieve stress, increase relaxation, and help with overall health and wellness.

Who is this service for?

The massages focused on well-being that we offer at https://masakor.com/ are aimed at any type of person, but especially at people who feel under work or personal pressure, stress, or anxiety. Since the relaxing massage is not an aggressive therapy, it has no contraindications. It is also recommended for people who want to take care of themselves and dedicate time to improving their well-being; a person does not necessarily have to feel in an extreme situation or in discomfort to enjoy a relaxing massage.

There are also massages for aesthetic purposes. Usually, professional massage centers carry out a preliminary diagnosis and recommend the most appropriate technique to achieve their client’s objectives. In this type of massage, techniques are used to improve the state of the body in relation to circulation, fluid retention, and the appearance of the skin, among others.

Who is this service for
Why massage therapy

They work with the massage technique for relaxing and/or aesthetic purposes according to the needs of each client. They apply relaxing massages with the aim of activating and regenerating the body so that it releases endorphins, which favors a feeling of comfort and helps us regulate tension, in addition to helping us rest better. Massages for aesthetic purposes are applied to improve the condition of the skin, combat cellulite, reactivate blood circulation, help fluid retention, and tone epithelial tissue, among others.

What are the Benefits of massage?

Regardless of the type of massage chosen, you will experience multiple benefits on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Massages increase natural defenses, reduce stress, and allow accumulated tension to be released.

Eliminates Toxins: Helps eliminate toxins and dead cells and improves the nervous system.

However, including a massage in your personal care means improving your state of health and well-being and reserving a space for yourself.

What are the Benefits of massage
Benefits of massage therapy

What to know before getting a massage?

The massage is not an invasive technique. However, it is recommended not to perform it in cases of acute infectious disease, hypertension, metastatic cancer, lymphatic cancer, or in cases of fungi or skin diseases that may be contagious. In the case of pregnant women, we recommend that you consult your doctor.

In the case of older people, massages that exceed 45 minutes in duration and always with a gentle technique are not recommended.

If you have any allergies, discuss them with the professional to ensure that the product or essential oil used is appropriate for you.

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