Shawn Finnegan is a serial entrepreneur who has a keen understanding of building entrepreneurial success. He also leads the forefront of innovation in business. Recently, he shared his business philosophy.

Shawn Finnegan shared his positive outlook on business and how it led to success in many of his entrepreneurial ventures. He stated that being open to challenges and staying true to this mindset will help you get through any challenge. Entrepreneurial success is more about people than systems and processes.

Shawn believes that the current top trend is for CEOs and founders to reach out to one another to develop genuine relationships. His positive business philosophy had three key tenets:

Respecting People

Shawn realized early that success is not about him being the only focus. Shawn learned early that people should be at the heart of everything he did. He explained that caring deeply about his team, helping them develop their skills and helping them provide outstanding customer service have always paid dividends. This has helped him overcome the many challenges of starting and growing a business.

“People deserve to be valued and respected. All the businesses I have founded, as well as the people I work alongside (colleagues, customers), get treated like the valuable, unique people they are.”

Customers are assets

Shawn believes customer service in America is a dying art. He chose to be open and accessible to his team, rather than taking an easier path. He makes clients feel at ease with him, so they can approach him as mentors and trusted advisors.

“I believe in working with people, respecting others, and helping people succeed within their jobs.” They can count on me to align their values and help them achieve career advancement. We can all work together to best serve our customers. ‘’

Building Relationships to Lower Turnover

Shawn shared with us that entrepreneurs should focus on reducing turnover and the associated problems that come along with it. This can be achieved by emphasizing the importance of people and creating a culture that respects employees and customers.

Respect for people is the most important thing in any business relationship.

Shawn Finnegan

Shawn Finnegan, a serial entrepreneur, has years of business experience thanks to his proven formula for building a relationship-focused company. This is a natural result of his belief that people are valued in all aspects of their work. Shawn is a leader in his industry, and it is possible that he will continue to be at the forefront for many years to come.

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