Fashion and Business Icon Christina Zilber Net Worth and Her Biography

One of the most shining women both in the entertainment and business industry Christina Zilber was born on December 4, 1956, in United Stated. Her hard work in movies made her a true inspiration to the eyes of billions of people. Not only in movies she also has expanded her accomplishments in the business world also. Because of her achievements in both industries, everyone is curious about Christina Zilber net worth. Through this article, we will let you know about her net worth and her hard work behind achieving this net worth.

Christina Zilber’s Contribution to movies

In movies, Cristina Zilber has worked as an actress and as well as a producer. That means the limitation of her dynamic work does not end to acting in movies only. She has had an enormous impact in the entertainment industry for giving blockbuster films.

Her work in Jane Bond, New Suit, the Item, etc. are marked as her remarkable work. Her hard work made her aced in both actings, producing, and even directing films. Through all this work in movies, she was able to achieve a net worth of millions of dollars.

Cristina Zilber as a Businesswoman

After working in movies, Christina Zilber expanded her work in business work by founding a cosmetic brand in 2008. Cristina Zilber Wikipedia won’t be complete without mentioning her brand Jouer Cosmetics. She is an icon to the people for maintaining the natural beauty and she is trying to amplify woman’s natural beauty through her brand.

Her unique fashion sense and ideas about the application of cosmetics in a natural way helped her to achieve a net worth of millions of dollars. Besides producing movies, she was determined to start something of her own. The brand Jouer is a creation of her own that represents the unique fashion sense and effortless beauty of Christina Zilber. After founding the company Jouer, she is currently working as a creative director of the company.

Cristina Zilber as a Businesswoman

Christina Zilber Net Worth

Once you start achieving success as an entrepreneur through your creativity then there is no way of turning back. After Christina Zilber got success as an entrepreneur she started to expand her work. This made her brand Jouer enhance much more rather than becoming just a cosmetic brand. Christina Zilber’s brand has now turned into a massive fashion farm that made her attain a net worth of $3 million.

Cristina Zilber has achieved her identity as a self-sufficient woman through her work in movies and her cosmetic brand Jouer. Establishing a makeup brand in her country helped her to reach her unique sense of fashion to every woman. She believes in her mantra of keeping everything natural. That is why the makeup kits of her brand provide a natural coverage to the skin. 

Christina Zilber’s Collaboration with UNICEF

The Jouer Cosmetic net worth made Christina Zilber fulfill her dreams of helping women. With a total net worth of $3 million, she is now able to provide job opportunities to many women. To put more impact on this work she joined UNICEF and is providing job opportunities to women from all over the world.

It is not unknown to people that Christina Zilber was a popular model of her time and this is the reason why she is enthusiastic about fashion. As a former model. Her top-notch fashion senses made her achieve all the success through her fashion brand Jouer. This provides a full contribution to increasing her finances and net worth. Moreover, she is an inspiration to many women as she is able to handle all her work even after being a single mother of two children.

Relationship Status of Christina Zilber

It is not a surprising matter that people are interested to know about Christina Zilber’s husband. Her contribution to the fashion world and in the business world cannot be described in words. The famous entrepreneur Christina Zilber does not disclose much about her current personal life. Her current relationship status is single as she got divorced in the year 2007.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that her ex-husband is also a producer from French named Laurent Zilber. People are also curious about Christina Zilber’s husband’s net worth as he is a famous producer and a businessman. She raised her two kids as a single mother after her divorce. Their daughter Amelie Zilber is now an Instagram sensational model and also a TikTok celebrity.  

Active Social Profiles of Christina Zilber

Christina Zilber Family

The achievement in all the years of working in the entertainment and business industry, Christina Zilber’s family has a major contribution behind this. She started her career as a model with the hand of her mother who was once a fashion model. Moreover, it was the teaching of her mother that made her learn about makeup. From her mother, she got the idea of classic makeup.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that her father Marshall Niafy was a popular face of the media and recognized as a media tycoon. Apart from this, she also has a half-sister named Marsha Naify. Later, in the year 1995, she got married to Laurent Zilber and has two kids with him.

Active Social Profiles of Christina Zilber

The social media profile of Christina Zilber is one of the sources of her income. The fan following in the social media profiles reflects her popularity from all over the world. Her Instagram account named czjouer has an approximate number of 76.3k followers. Like this, she has a huge number of followers on Youtube and TikTok as well.

All her social media promotional posts made people ask about Christina Zilber’s net worth 2021. As per the source of 2021, the net worth of Christina Zilba is $3 Million which includes the contribution of all her income sources.

Christina Zilber House

Christina Zilber is well aware of her bank balance and knows how to lead a lavishing lifestyle with that balance. Her home in Malibu, Zilber is proof of her millions of net worth and her hard work. She lives with her two children in this large mansion of Malibu, California.

Well, it is not an astonishing matter that the Christina Zilber net worth made buy a house of 3000 square feet near Pacific Coast Highway. She used her fashion sense while designing and coloring this house also. This house with a color of light blush pink includes five bedrooms with a dining, kitchen, living room, and a large room downstairs.

Christina Zilber Educational Background

Despite being a successful model, actress, producer, and businesswoman, Cristina Zilber has a rich educational background. She is a university graduate from Pepperdine University and holds a good educational qualification. Before establishing her own business, she first joined her husband’s company which is Trillion Entertainment. After working for a long time, she finally founded her own cosmetic and skincare brand Jouer that took her to the highest clip of success.


How much is the Zilber Family Worth?

Zilber’s family includes a lot of successful people including Christina Zilber and her daughter Amelie Zilber. Both mother and daughter have a separate net worth of 3 billion and 2 billion US Dollars respectively. Christina Zilber has gained her huge amount of net worth from her company Jouer Cosmetic.

What is Christina Zilber’s salary?

The fashion icon and the successful businesswoman Christina Zilber’s net worth is the hot topic of the internet. Christina Zilber was able to set an example to all the women out there and proved that one can start a business from the scratch. With all her hard work in both the business and entertainment world, she has a net worth of 3 million dollars.

What is Jouer Cosmetic Worth?

Jouer Cosmetic is not a regular cosmetic brand as it provides makeup and skincare products with no toxic ingredients. This cosmetic brand was formed by Christina Zilber with the idea of maintaining a natural glam in makeup. With all the hard work of the founder, Jouer has sales of 12.17 million US Dollars.

Is Jouer a French brand?

Introducing a new sense of fashion lifestyle suitable for women from all over the world, Christina Zilber founded Jouer in 2008. Her business mind and unique sense of fashion took this company to the top of the business industry. This cosmetic brand has a luxury touch of French with a feminine playful twist.

Are Amelie Zilber’s parents rich?

Amelie Zilber is the only daughter of the founder of Jouer Cosmetic Christina Zilber and French film producer Laurent Zilber. She was born to a rich family as her mother is an actress, producer and later after the years of her birth, her mother became a successful businessman. Along with her mother, Amelie’s father is quite famous in the industry.


The actress Christina Zilber is a popular figure among the people for her contribution to the entertainment and business world. For her quick success after founding her own cosmetic brand people are curious to know about Christina Zilber’s net worth. Besides her net worth, her success attracted people to know about her biography as well.

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