Different Styles of a Bong Water Pipe

Different Styles of a Bong Water Pipe by The Freeze Pipe

Bongs are glass pieces designed specifically to facilitate smoking marijuana. As opposed to joints or blunts, which use heat to heat smoke into a flame for inhaling, bongs use water instead, softening its effects on both throats and lungs.

Bongs come in various forms and sizes. Most commonly, they contain a mouthpiece, down stem, and chamber as well as a carb and ice catcher. Read the following article to learn about the most common types and maybe you will find your new favorite.

Beaker Bongs

Straight-tube provides simplicity and practicality in one package. Constructed of glass pieces connected by tubes to a mouthpiece, straight bongs allow weed smokers to inhale smoke filtered by the water before it hits your lungs or mouth reducing exposure to harmful toxins. Straight bongs typically feature clear glass construction with cylinder-shaped bases making them less likely to topple over than their taller beaker-style counterparts.

Beaker bongs resemble the glass beakers you remember from high school science class and are one of the most favored designs among cannabis smokers. Their beaker-style base provides more surface area to store more water – which keeps temperatures lower for longer! Plus, their slim neck makes them easier to handle and clean!

Beakers often include a carb, which acts to filter out some of the harmful toxins found in smoke. Through its small hole, smokers can regulate how much air is drawn in through it to control the temperature of their smoke and maintain its quality and flavor. A carb can make any bong more useful by improving overall quality and flavor.

Some beakers also feature percolators to further cool the smoke before it enters your lungs, increasing taste and feel while decreasing tar and resins in your hit. Many find using beaker bongs with percs is an ideal way to experience all of their favorite cannabis strains to their fullest extent.

Beaker-style bongs remain the go-to option among marijuana smokers, but other styles exist, including straight bongs and silicone bongs! Silicone bongs may be suitable for newcomers to the hobby as they tend to be cheaper and more durable than acrylic versions – but some individuals might miss having glass aesthetics.

Percolator Bongs

Percolators are additional water filtration devices found in some that break up smoke into bubbles to cool it and filter it further prior to inhaling. Percolators come in all forms; from simple dome-shaped designs such as those found on coffee percs to elaborate ones such as showerhead percs with multiple slits for increased diffusion.

Most are constructed of glass, but you can also find them made of bamboo, plastic, or metal. Size-wise they range from basic and inexpensive (such as the straight tube bong) to ornately designed with different colors, shapes, and materials; beaker-shaped are often the most sought after as they resemble scientific beakers in chemistry labs with large bases for stability.

Purchase them with different percolators to enhance your smoking experience and create an easier and smoother hit. Filtration devices like this one take the filtration process further by taking it a step further and producing easier hits with reduced resistance.

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At present, honeycomb and tree percolators are among the most sought-after percolators. Honeycomb percs feature flat discs with multiple holes arranged like honeycombs for more effective cooling and filtration of smoke; tree percs feature rods resembling tree limbs for added enhancement of your cannabis smoking experience.

If you are in search of an outstanding and sturdy bong, take a look at the pipes that freeze with water filled inside of them. Some makers boast an industry-leading lifetime warranty and impact-resistant materials that guarantee mess-free sessions. Plus, they are easy setup; cleanup, storage, lighter holder, and water fill line make it perfect for on-the-go smokers.

Different Styles of a Bong Water Pipe by The Freeze Pipe


There is an impressive variety of glass bongs and bubblers to help you smoke your favorite strains in style.

In addition to their stylish appearances, a bong water pipe provides an outstanding smoking experience by filtering it through the water to cool it down and increase hits while filtering out harmful substances from your smoke, creating a smoother high.

Borosilicate glass ones are especially popular as they are durable, easy to maintain, clean easily, and highly resistant to heat.

Your choice of bong will depend on both personal preference and smoking habits. Beginners might prefer an easy straight tube bong with large hits for easy use; while advanced smokers might favor something with more features such as a curved zig-zag bong or straight bubbler designs that offer more functionality.

Bubblers are among the most portable water pipes and make an excellent companion when traveling. Although smaller and less cumbersome than others, they still deliver an enjoyable high by allowing you to enjoy your weed in peace. Plus, these devices tend to be less expensive and produce less smoke for reduced-intensity highs!

Bubblers differ from bongs in that they are not designed to be taken apart and disassembled for cleaning and maintenance purposes, making upkeep more complex than with other water pipes; however, most smokers find its benefits outweigh its drawbacks.

Mini Bongs

Mini bongs are smaller and more discreet than their full-sized counterparts, making them the ideal option for smoking on the go. Conveniently fitting into purses or backpacks easily, mini bongs also add color and flare to everyday life!

Most online retailers offer affordable little glass cuties to fit every budget. They come in various shapes and colors with female joints for attaching any herb bowl of your choosing; some even feature removable downstems or glass stems for even further customization!

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Get yourself a mini bong equipped with its own built-in ice catcher to give you a luxurious smoking experience when combined with a quality water pipe – this feature adds extra smooth and cooler hits (https://www.nuggmd.com/blog/how-to-smoke-weed-correctly), perfect for those who enjoy smoking on the move! This mini bong is also great for those who enjoy smoking less hotly.

When selecting a mini bong, always keep its intended use in mind. Some prefer keeping theirs hidden when guests come over while others want it on display as functional weed art. If your plan involves keeping it inside a closet or cupboard, more durable acrylic models might be best.