How to Become a live-expert Sunny Band

Who are live-experts?

Sunny robots are becoming increasingly popular and are starting to turn up at homes and offices. This is because smart home robots can solve many simple tasks and so save time for their owners. When a task proves more difficult than the robot’s capabilities and there is a chance that the robot will fail to do it alone, the robot’s artificial intelligence invites a specialist from the operator team Sunny band.

Live-experts – that’s what we call the people who work at Sunny Band and help Sunny robot solve their owners’ problems. All members of the Sunny Band team are highly qualified in very different areas. We have car mechanics, servicemen, electricians, plumbers, teachers, psychologists and specialists of many other professions. Every member of Sunny Band is educationally qualified and has proven his/her competence.


How to become a member of the team?

New live-experts, once in the community, receive training to learn in great detail how to control Sunny, and how to communicate with customers most effectively. Many possible situations are played out during the training, and upon completion the companions can deal with any case almost instantly. After the training, those employees who have successfully completed the program and solved many test problems are allowed to work with real clients.

Start of the working day

When a live-expert is ready to start work, he/she puts a “ready to work” status in the operator area and as he/she is needed, applications from clients start to arrive. Incoming applications are distributed according to a certain principle, depending on the rank of the specialist and his/her reputation. Those companions who have been with the team longer and have more experience receive more applications than newcomers. Such a way of distributing applications encourages new employees to learn more skills, and to increase their ranking on the platform Sunny band

There are situations where live-experts refuse an application for some reason. In such a case, it is raised in price and passed on to the next performer. The principle of finding a specialist to carry out the task required is somewhat similar to that of  taxi dispatching.

What happens when an application is accepted?

When alive-expert has read and accepted an application, he/she connects remotely to Sunny robot. Depending on the task and privacy settings, there may be several connection options:

● With a camera (in some sense, it looks like a video call)

● Without a camera

In the second case, the operator will work under the guise of Sunny, and depending on the access settings, the operator may see what the robot sees, or not. Speech-to-text-to-speech allows a live-expert to sound like Sunny that is to speak with Sunny’s voice.

Depending on the task set, operators can switch between the robot’s cameras, move it, turn the backlight on and off, point the laser at objects, and ask the owner to do something.

The operator’s main task is to help solve the problem, and it is expected that the owner of the robot does most of the work. If the user consents, the operator can access the data stored in the memory and, for example, add a product to your shopping list, or specify an address for delivery.

What about the data?

 Sunny Solutions does its best to ensure that clients’ confidential data remains absolutely secure. All the applications that use video are automatically recorded in several video streams:

● The robot’s camera

● The operator’s camera

● The robot’s screen

● The operator’s desktop

All the video records are stored in the memory of Sunny robot and can be used again only if there is a necessity and the owner’s consent.


What happens after the problem has been solved?

Depending on the application, several tasks can be solved with live-experts during one session. This is why the system uses different billing tariffs to pay operators. The operator can be paid per task solved, or per session runtime.

Upon completion, the operator and client are asked to rate the session and leave a comment. Negative comments and low ratings are handled by a separate team of Customer Success specialists. It is their job to improve the service.

Owners of Sunny robot can apply for help an unlimited number of times as part of their monthly subscription at Sunny band. However, the operators’ salaries depend on the number of tasks solved and the time spent directly working.

In their spare time, live-experts can learn new skills at the Sunny Band Education Centre, spend time socialising with colleagues or just relax.

When communicating with colleagues, extraordinary work situations are often discussed which helps everyone react more quickly in the future when a problem is being solved. Staff interaction helps to increase the knowledge base and improve guidelines. And also through this, the tutors form new provisions of guidelines that will help live-experts in the future to tackle the tasks at hand.

There are live-experts at the Sunny Band team from different countries and time zones which makes it possible to provide support 24/7. For many employees, working for a company is not their main occupation but a part-time job. It is a great way to make money in your free time.

At Sunny Band there is no need to work physically, which means that people who are disabled for whatever reason can continue to do their work with other people’s hands.

Sunny band join is a strong and supportive community that really wants to help people, and does so successfully!