Casual Style Tips for Men

25 Casual Style Tips for Men to Look Better

Suits make you look classy; no argument. But do you feel comfortable in suits or formal get-ups all the time? Certainly not. Casual dresses are more comfortable to wear and relaxing. You obviously cannot plan to look formal on a friendly trip, can you?

But that does not mean that you cannot look “dapper” all the time. You can dress casually and still maintain your classy and handsome vibe. Isn’t that great news? After all, you cannot have your closet filled with suits only. 

So, here are some casual style tips for men that you can follow and create an impression with your first appearance in informal meetings.

What is Casual Style for Men?

Okay, it is a difficult term to define. But to make it simple, you can put it this way. Clothes that are not allowed on “formal occasions” are informal ones. And you already know which clothes are agreeable in a formal program. 

Informal clothes are more comfortable and relaxing. You can wear them at any place you are allowed to, like at home, college, shopping or even at parties. Besides, if you are a minimalist, then casual clothes are your niece’s. 

In addition, there is not much variation in formal clothes. You can have different colors, but the overall design is pretty much the same. On the other hand, casual allows you to dress in various unique ways, and that is why it is much more popular among modern men.

25 Casual Style Tips for Men to Look Better

Modern Casual Look for Men

A few decades ago, a gentleman would only prefer to dress in a formal way at a party as that was the only known way to show you are a well-behaved person. But that is not the case anymore. It is 2023! And no one cares about how you dress as long as it compliments your appearance. 

Yes, you can wear casual clothes to an informal or family party, even weddings, but make sure they are not making you look mismatched. Modern casual clothes are so fancy that they match any party and occasion. 

For an everyday look, modern men may prefer denim jeans, t-shirts, polo shirts, casual jackets, hoodies, casual footwear, Bermuda shorts, etc., and many others. Indeed, you have plenty of options to choose from. 

Casual Style Tips for Men | You Should Follow

As already mentioned above, you can look cool, handsome, classy, and even rich in regular clothes, too, if you do it properly. Here are 25 casual style tips for men to look better in casual clothes:

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1. Choose the Right Colors

Isn’t it applicable to all sorts of clothes? You need to match the color combination of your clothes. Though there are no preset rules for casual clothes, it is better to be conscious of what you are wearing as it is said that clothes often reflect your personality. 

You can experiment with colors to find out what suits you. You can try different colors. You can wear flashy bright colors if you are comfortable with them. If you are not, then you can ignore them. But do not shy away completely. 

You can go for neutral colors as they suit almost everyone, and you can wear them comfortably without thinking too much. Also, add a few flashy clothes to your wardrobe for little twists sometimes. You can choose deep colors for regular days or at home and some flashy ones while going to a party. 

You can also wear classic colors like Turquoise + Cobalt + Sky Blue or Charcoal + Creamy White and many other color suggestions you will find on the internet. These colors will radiate a classy aura. 

In short, you can try different colors while dressing in a casual style. You have that freedom. But make sure you are comfortable and confident. 

2. Measure the Size

You have the right to wear whatever you like and whatever you feel comfortable with. No denial or opposition to that. But you should decide first what your intention is. 

If you want to wear casual and still have formal, classy vibes, then there are some things you have to maintain, and maintaining the size is one of them. It is better to avoid too tight or too baggy dresses. 

Wearing dresses that are too tight will make you uncomfortable. You can choose dresses that are a tight fit but not those that are actually “small in size” for you. 

On the other hand, you should not wear too baggy clothes either. Although that may look a perfect fit for a hip-hop party, it’s good not to wear them all the time. 

Next, check the length of the dress you are wearing. If you wear a t-shirt that roughly makes your waist, it won’t be a good sight for others when you raise your hand. And wearing too long is also not a good idea.

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So, the main point is to wear the best-fitting sizes that are not too tight or baggy and not too long or short. 

3. Invest in Timeless Clothes

You do not always have to match the trends. Sometimes it is better to go beyond the trends and look into the vintage collection. They are timeless, eye-soothing, and also much budget-friendly. 

Everyday fashion designers come up with new designs and fashion ideas around the world. But only a few become timeless, and people, after many decades, like to wear them. You can have such a collection for your wardrobe. 

It is better to have some dresses with simple cuts, clean shapes, and classic silhouettes that can last several seasons up to many years. Sometimes you can wear them with a trendy and bold cloth and make your own style. 

casual tips for man

4. Have A Collection of Simple Outfits

Sometimes the best way to be creative is to keep it simple. The same goes for your outfits. You should have some simple outfits in your wardrobe. Clothes that are free of patches, flashy prints, or too many chains on them. 

Often simple outfits will match your mood and the situation. Simplicity does not necessarily mean boring. Try it, and you will find it yourself. 

5. Avoid Cheap Men’s Fashion Style

Well, this may set your mood off and make you grumpy, but it is a fact. With the wide spreading of social media, style and fashion sense have decreased quite a bit. 

You will find many social media influencers wearing weird color combinations and claiming that to be a trend. You must stay away from them. Those colorful, rich, and unmatched color combinations are good for eye-catching but hardly create a good impression. There is no way you can expect to look elegant in those outfits. 

These trends do not last long either. People forget them as soon as they come. Instead, you should look for simple, classy clothes that you can wear for years and have an elegant look. 

6. Buy High-Quality Clothes

It is a common tendency for men to go for cheap brands while buying casual clothes. You can have some of them to wear at home. But when you are thinking of going out and having a classy look, you need to purchase from some good brands. 

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Buying classy and trendy clothes has become much easier than ever before. You can visit your nearest well-brand showroom, and you will find the trendy ones there. There are some online stores as well where you will find tasteful, unique dresses. 

Why purchase from good brands? Because they assure you the best quality. You can expect to wear them for a long time. If you choose to buy them cheap, you may find them looking much older after just a week. 

7. Mix up with Brands

Buying your clothes from a reputed brand is always recommended. But it is not a crime to look for cheap ones sometimes. And you can mix them together for an outing. You may wear a simple t-shirt with branded jeans or vice versa. Or, you can wear an expensive watch with regular outfits. It is a good idea to draw attention to your new shoes or watches. 

8. Experiment About Your Style

There are many options when you want to dress in a casual style. But all of them will not suit you as much as some of them will. So, experiment and find out which gives you the best look.

Experimenting also allows you to try a wide variety of designs and clothes. But as said before, avoid the cheap and low-taste ones. If you like to wear full sleeve shirts, you can try different checks, designs, and colors. Also, try half sleeves and other types of clothes to avoid monotony.

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9. Add A Layer

Most men love winter fashion as they can add layers to it. If you are not much fond of adding layers, try once more and stand in front of a mirror. Layers actually change the whole look. 

You can pull overcoats, blazers, gilets, puffers, vests, liners, denim jackets, or even a well-fitting coat. If you want to have a layer that will fit you with almost every outfit, then go for the classic “black” and other dark colors. They always make a person look more confident. 

10. Try A Well Fitting Suit Sometimes

What? Suit again? 

Well, there are many casual suits available now, or you can try your formal suit with casual clothes. They look cool, honestly. Be careful of the measurement, though. 

While making or purchasing your suit, focus on the shoulder, cuff, and waist measurements. These are very important aspects. If they go wrong, the suit won’t benefit you much. 

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You can wear it with a t-shirt or a casual shirt and get instantly ready for a date. It’s easy and comfortable. In addition, you will look way better. 

11. Don’t Be A Tightwad While Buying Shirts

Did you ever wonder why some brands are so pricey while you can buy the same design at a much lower cost? Actually, there are several reasons for it. 

First of all, you will get exclusive designs there, and they also ensure quality. The cheaply-made clothes won’t look much, and they will look much stale after one or two washes. Besides, most good brands are way more conscious regarding measurement. They will fit you perfectly no matter what size you need. 

A well-fitting shirt can make your casual look much better. So, instead of acting too economical, purchase from the right brands. 

Denim Jeans are a worldwide popular option for casual wear. Make sure your pant is well fitting. Else, you will find it difficult to wear. 

12. Do Not Ignore Your Bottom Outfits

There are many men who would stand before their mirror and try different shirts or other upper outfits to see which suits the environment. Then they will randomly pick any pants or trousers and go out. 

How wrong it is! If you have this habit, then get rid of it today. Your full-body attire is part of your dressing style, including pants. Before going out, check if your pants complement your upper clothes. 

13. Do Not Forget the Bottom of the Bottom

Many people do not even care much about the pants they are wearing, let alone shoes. Shoes are an important part of your fashion as well. Do not think that you can wear the same shoe with every outfit. 

Have a variety in your collection for various clothes. Stylish men’s shoes like sneakers, casuals, boat shoes, chukkas, loafers, and canvas have their different occasions. 

The color of your footwear is equally important. They should not contrast your clothes but complement and complete them. So, have them of the same color family. Again, stay away from bad influencers. Wearing flashy-colored footwear is not a good taste.

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14. Get Rid of the Old Clothes

If you want to change your fashion style, then start by having a look at your wardrobe first. You are supposed to find many clothes that you are no longer interested in wearing. Get rid of them. You can sell or donate them. 

Having your wardrobe filled with unnecessary clothes will only make you confused while choosing the outfits. You won’t pick them up, but still, you will be confused by their presence and lose your time. So, it is better to have them put out once and for all. 

15. Be Caring of Your Clothes

Where do you keep the formal suit that you purchased with a few hundred bucks? You can answer it instantly. But you will struggle to remember where the t-shirt you bought last week is. It is not a good habit.

Do not treat your casual clothes like they do not matter. Be more careful about them. Have them ironed so that they are ready when you need to wear them. Ironing your clothes makes them look much cleaner and more beautiful. 

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16. Try Different Jackets

You might have seen some fictional characters like Mr.Bean who love to always wear the same designed layer. It sounds cool to have your own style, but unfortunately, if you are not a popular figure, your friends won’t appreciate it. Rather, they will call you boring. 

17. Have Elegant Accessories

Accessories are also a part of your dressing. Have them with elegance. They add a distinctive touch to your overall look. You can have different accessories such as watches, bracelets, caps, sunglasses, or rings.

However, avoid overdoing it. One or two accessories are enough. You are not a portable shop that carries around everything there is to wear. Choose one or two that match your outfits. Also, there are some affordable luxury brands that will add an elegant touch to your appearance.  

18. Keep the Weather in Mind

While dressing for an event, you cannot but keep the weather in the count. You may look better with a blazer, but if the weather is hot, you will feel uncomfortable. The same goes for other seasons as well. So, make your wardrobe ready for all seasons.

19. Experiment with the Fabric

Why keep yourself from trying different qualities? Experience different brands and linens and see which one you find most comfortable before tying yourself to a particular brand for good. Besides, different fabrics are preferable for different seasons. Hence, try to have different fabrics in your collection. 

20. Think of the Planet

Although many may not want to think of it, it is high time you pay attention to the environment. There are many brands that are making eco-friendly, sustainable dresses. You should try and promote those brands. 

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As a conscious consumer, it is your duty. Choosing sustainable dress will inspire more brands to come into this. Besides, you will have a better impression of your own addition, it reflects that you care about the world and others. 

21. Get into the Mindset

Often you may feel that you do not have much dressing sense. That may be because your friend George is much better at it than you. It is okay but get into the mindset. It is not rocket science. You just need some time to practice and be observant. 

Check how your favorite Hollywood stars are dressing. You don’t have to copy them. Check the details. The color, the texture, the brands, and the combination. These are the important aspects of style. 

22. Be Yourself

Fashion is about you. It is not about looking like someone else by imitating them. Wear clothes that make you comfortable. Your outfit will express your personality. You can wear the colors that you find attractive. 

The tips we have provided are to help you decide if you get confused. If any of them does not match your taste, you are welcome to ignore them. 

23. Be A Man of Confidence

Do not hesitate regarding your clothes. If you do, the best outfits in the world will do little good. The most important aspect of looking great in casual men’s style, or in any other style, is acting like a man and being confident. 

When you are confident enough, even the simplest to simplest dresses will radiate an aura. So, the next time you want to impress someone with your presence, be more confident about everything, including your outfit. 

24. Do Not Brag About Your Outfit

If you do not want to annoy your friends and peers, then prevent yourself from bragging about your clothes. It is not a good habit to tell you the price or the brand names yourself to your friends. Only politely share them when you are asked.

25. Enjoy Yourself

The best thing about casual style is that there are no strict rules that you are bound to follow. You can wear the dress you find exciting. Have fun, and enjoy yourself. 

You can always improve and change your dress with time. It will happen to you naturally. You may not be able to maintain all the tips you just read even though you liked them. It is okay. The change will take place, do not force yourself into it. 

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Your fashion is your choice. It is difficult to guide someone. But these 25 casual style tips for men are the basic tips that you can follow to impress others with your appearance. Though a book is not judged by the cover, a good cover benefits the book, isn’t it? So, dress properly and feel more confident. I hope you find the article “25 Casual Style Tips for Men to Look Better” helpful.