Did you recently have to undergo the removal of a permanent tooth due to medical reasons? Are you an avid coffee lover who felt skeptical about can you drink coffee after tooth extraction? Well, you aren’t the only one in this situation. It is natural and necessary to be extra careful about what you eat and drink during the healing period. And this dilemma of whether or not to drink coffee is more common than you think.

Tooth extraction can be a highly uncomfortable medical surgery because the bleeding does not stop entirely until the blood clots. You have to take care of the clot carefully as certain liquids tend to mess up the process of healing the clot. If you are really addicted to coffee and cannot leave coffee for a single day, then you should take ultra green coffee after tooth extraction.

Is There A Viable Alternative To Coffee For You?

The side-effects of coffee are the main issue you need to deal with: the jitters, the palpitations, and that weird sensation you get in your eyes. None of these side effects are desirable after you have just had surgery. Energy drinks are also not a good idea because neither caffeine nor taurine can give you energy without the side effects. So, a viable alternative that you can try is Green Thai Kratom.

Unlike taurine or caffeine that makes you feel antsy all the time, Green Thai Kratom does not have such strong side effects. You can rest assured that the green Borneo kratom effects will not make you feel more jittery and stressed than before. It will still give you energy as taurine or caffeine does, but minus the negative impact. If you stick to a reasonable dose, you have nothing to worry about.

So, if you are missing coffee after tooth extraction, reach out for a cup of Kratom tea. If you are using Kratom for the first time, start with one gram because it’s such a potent herb that you won’t need high doses to get the impact. You can increase a gram after you have used the powder for some time.

Should You Avoid Coffee After Severe Tooth Extraction

So, Can You Drink Coffee After Tooth Extraction?

This is the chief reason you start reading this article, and you are looking for a one-word answer. However, the truth is that the answer depends entirely on the severity of your tooth extraction. There is no definite answer to the question because while some dentists strongly advise against caffeine intake, others don’t vehemently disregard it. You need to pay attention to your dentist’s instructions because they are the best judge of what you should do.

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Should You Avoid Coffee After Severe Tooth Extraction?

It is not advisable to take coffee after severe tooth extraction because hot coffee might dissolve the already formed blood clots. And when an open wound is healing, heat shouldn’t come in contact within the first 24 hours of the tooth extraction. Based on the severity of tooth extraction, coffee can increase your chances of getting a dry socket. A dry socket is a condition where your wound fails to develop a blood clot before healing (a blood clot denotes healing).

Is Drinking Coffee Okay After Mild Tooth Extraction?

For the coffee freaks who cannot spend a day without it, staying off caffeine completely seems to be a challenging thing to do. You can still have cold coffee if you want because caffeine has little to no effect after tooth surgery for most people. However, wait for at least 48 hours after your surgery to take coffee. It is highly advisable to avoid coffee as it might mess up the tooth healing process.

Reasons Why Coffee Is Not Recommended After Tooth Extraction

Coffee intake and its impact differs from one person to another because some people might react more to coffee than others. Coffee intake is beneficial in business and athletic life but not that much in terms of medicine. It might be a component in making some painkillers, but that does not mean you can have it right after tooth extraction.

Here are a few reasons to avoid coffee after tooth extraction:

It’s a blood thinner

Caffeine tends to thin out your blood vessels and lead to palpitations and high blood pressure. It might raise your anxiety levels, and that isn’t something you want to happen when you’re in pain already.

It can affect your bladder

Coffee makes you want to visit the bathroom frequently, which is not something you wish to after surgery. You should have less movement and more resting after your surgery. Your frequent visits to the bathroom will mess up with that, as well.

It can make you lose more calcium

Your tooth extraction requires every bit of calcium it can get to heal. It will not heal efficiently if you frequently waste multiple trips to the bathroom. You will lose more calcium through frequent urine passage. Regardless of the severity of tooth extraction, you need to take coffee after four to five days from the date of tooth extraction. The tooth needs to heal completely, even though healing time is not the same for everyone.

Why Coffee Is Not Recommended After Tooth Extraction

How to drink coffee after tooth extraction

The first and foremost thing you should keep in mind is that we do not know the situation of your teeth. Your doctor does. So, consult with him first. The thing is that, tooth extraction means flesh and blood is exposed. And, it is normal health consciousness that we should not expose our wound to a heavy dose of caffeine.

There can be some reasons behind your desire to drink coffee after tooth extraction. It can be that- you have to go to school, college, job etc. Where you will need some coffee to concentrate properly. Explain this to your dentist and let him suggest what you should do.

If we talk about very normal cases, then you should not drink coffee after tooth extraction for at least 3 hours. Even if you drink coffee, you should not go for a hot coffee. You can take it in a lukewarm state. But, never too hot. Here are some tips for you in this case:

  • There are many people who drink tea only for the sake of a headache. They feel relaxed after drinking coffee. In that case, you should not drink coffee after tooth extraction. Rather you can go for flaxseed tea or biofit tea. Both of them are really good for headaches.
  • But if the case is like: coffee is the only medicine then please do not go for black coffee for these few days. You can go for ultra green coffee. Or otherwise, add milk or cream to your coffee. So that, the percentage of caffeine gets reduced.
  • This point is very important. As you have

The Bottom Line

All in all, it is better not to have coffee after any tooth extraction because it tends to mess up the healing process. Instead of that, take a cup of Green Thai Kratom tea to regain your energy without the jitters or anxiety. And lastly, take good care of yourself before and after the surgery.