Biofit Tea: Benefits And Is It Safe to Drink Everyday?

Tea is a type of aromatic beverage commonly made by pouring boiling or hot water over cured leaves of evergreen shrubs native to Asian countries. It holds the distinction of being the most widely consumed drink in the world, after water. There are various variants of tea which is popular around the world. Like: biofit tea, slimming tea, honeymoon tea, flaxseed tea, green tea, cinnamon tea and whatnot.

Today, we are going to discuss what is biofit tea, its benefits, side effects, safe usage, why biofit tea is so popular in the Philippines and so on.

De beste øvelsene for å jobbe med transversus abdominis hormoner peptider måter å få psyket opp for trening.

Tea is something that you find in different types and flavors. Chinese Greens come with a slightly bitter, cooling flavor. Others usually have grassy, floral, nutty, or sweet notes. Tea can also be found in various blends when it comes to e-liquid flavors, such as Pachamama ejuice fuji apple. And one of the variants is the Biofit Tea, and here’s all you need to know about it.

What Exactly Is A Biofit Tea?

So, the first thing you need to understand is that Biofit Tea markets itself as an herbal supplement that aids in weight reduction flushes out toxins and fats, and promotes a good digestive system. Senna leaves are the critical ingredient of Biofit Tea, making it popular as a natural laxative and diuretic. Both women and men can opt for this product.

If you are searching for a slimming tea, you will find many brands and variants. But no other tea is so effective as biofit tea. Many users have reviewed it as the best slimming tea that is available in the market. Another reason for its huge popularity is its herbal nature.

Diamond Laboratories, Inc. made and launched the Tea in 2006. You can find Biofit Tea each day through sites like Amazon. You can expect to notice water weight loss and some changes to your bathroom habits.

biofit tea
Biofit Tea on Amazon

Biofit tea or Biofitea is a herbal mix which results in a tea. It has an exotic taste and it is caffeine free. So, you will not face any sleeping disorder while taking this tea. We will discuss the benefits and side effects of this tea will be discussed in detail in the following sections.

To produce biofit tea the basic herbal product is senna. Senna is a herb which is categorized in the section of cassia. But definitely it is quite different from the cassia we all know. The main usage of senna is seen in the field of tea production; mainly biofit tea. Leaves of senna plants have such properties which can help you to lose weight easily and get relief from constipation pain.

How to Make Biofit Tea?

Making Biofit Tea is a pretty simple four-step process:

  • Don’t store in temperatures above 30°.
  • Heat water, but do not boil it.
  • Place a bag in the cup and steep for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • You might choose to add lemon or sugar to the Tea.

The Safety and Effectiveness of the Ingredients of Biofit Tea

Africa and India are the native regions for Senna, though you can find them in other areas, too. Traditionally, it has been used to relieve constipation due to pregnancy, surgery, side effects of supplements, and even clean bowels before going through a colonoscopy. It has been utilized in the traditional system to relieve constipation because of pregnancy, side effects of the supplement, surgery, and even clean bowels before undergoing a colonoscopy. It gets the intestines stimulated to make them clean out themselves.

However, know that you should take Senna only for ten days and not more than that. An excess of Senna can lead to side effects like cramps, bloating, diarrhea, and an upset stomach. It can also lead to severe issues for the ones who have abdominal pain, Crohn’s disease, heart disease, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, or kidney problems.

Is biofit tea safe for pregnant women?

Biofit tea or senna tea is not recommended for pregnant women. If any pregnant woman is facing constipation, then she should call in a doctor. Without the consultation of the doctor she should not go for senna tea. See, senna tea is a 100% herbal product. But as a matter of fact it can have bad impacts on the pregnancy. So, before using it, consult with a doctor.

Is biofit tea FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved?

You will be happy to learn that this tea is US FDA approved. To buy it you do not need any prescription. You can buy it as a drug usable for constipation.
The dose of this tea will vary from 8.5 gram to 17 gram according to the age and constipation condition.

The Possible Advantages of Biofit Tea

The product might be able to help you in the following ways:

  • It might be of use in losing weight
  • It can be reliable for people adapting to a new diet
  • It might be one of the solutions to lose weight without too much exercise
  • It has one single and highly prominent natural ingredient

Can You Lose Weight By Having Biofit Tea?

There are no credible weight-loss studies to support herbal Tea, and the only reviews are from the customers who have used it. Some users have claimed that it is like a laxative but does not help in losing any weight. Others argue that they have been using the product for many days but are yet to notice any significant effect.

Can You Lose Weight By Having Biofit Tea
Biofit Tea for weight loss

One study showed Senna helps with constipation, which can slightly improve weight loss for you. However, the improvement will not be so drastic that you can rely on it for weight loss.

In most cases, when there is a specific part of a diet product that is incredibly upsetting or problematic (steeper price tag, multiple customer complaints, lack of studies), the chances of long-term success aren’t good. If Biofit Tea results from consumption don’t lead to real weight loss effects in most people, it can be a significant issue.

Senna tea is a laxative. This laxative group includes teas based on the leaves of Alexandria senna (a shrub from the legume family) and any other natural laxatives. Despite the fact that this type of tea has been used for the slimming effect since ancient times, it has a number of significant disadvantages and can cause negative consequences for the body.

Constipation prevention measures

In order for the problem of stool retention to appear as rarely as possible, you need to monitor your health and follow preventive recommendations:

  • eating foods rich in fiber – this promotes natural bowel cleansing;
  • lead an active lifestyle – physical activity increases the tone of the abdominal muscles and stimulates intestinal motility;
  • drink more fluid – with constipation, especially often recurring, you need to drink enough water, which contributes to the normalization of the stool.
The Safety and Effectiveness of the Ingredients of Biofit Tea
Biofit Tea for constipation

The Possible Disadvantages of Biofit Tea

Biofit Tea might cause the following issues that you should beware of:

  • People with particular health issues might not get to use the product
  • Being a laxative does not make it suitable for all people
  • The other ingredients of the product are not there.

Is There Science Behind Biofit Tea?

In terms of Biofit Tea, there is a lack of actual clinical research. Thus, it is unclear whether this herbal cleansing tea can work as well as it claims to. Senna can help somewhat in fat loss, metabolism, and calorie burn, but it is essential to know about the rest of the ingredients. Plus, laxatives might not be a safe way to go for weight loss.

The Cost Factor of Biofit Tea

You can buy Biofit Tea as a box or get the tea bags on Amazon for around $1 to $3 per bag. Around thirty tea bags are available for $22 from Walmart, and several listings on eBay let the individuals purchase a box for $16-22. The problem is that there is no official website for the product yet, so it lacks a solid refund policy for Biofit Tea.

Why is Biofit Tea so popular in Philippines?

The Philippines is a country of tea and coffee. Most of the people living in the Philippines love having tea and coffee regularly. This is one of the main reasons behind the popularity. Biofit tea or biofitea has originated from this country. At present it is sold globally and has become a global brand. But it is not a long story. Just 1-2 years back they were mainly operating in the Philippines.

People living in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and other nearby countries can buy it from

Wrapping Up

And that was your mini-guide on all that you want to know about Biofit Tea. You can get your packet from Amazon, eBay, or Walmart and test out the claims for yourself. The only thing to remember is not to overdo your consumption of the product. Start with a cup every day, and then you can have 2 cups daily according to your requirement.


Where to buy Biofitea? (Saan makakabili ng Biofitea?)

You will find Biofitea in any nearby stores and even online. You can try our buying links to reach the sales page too. It comes in 30 sachet per box and the price is P 158.00. eople living in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and other nearby countries can buy it from

Is Biofitea suitable for breastfeeding? (Ang Biofitea ba ay angkop para sa pagpapasuso?)

Due to its ingredients, it is not the right product for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. Women who are breastfeeding, you can take it. But not in a huge quantity. If you take it in a huge quantity then some amount of senna will be transferred to the baby via breast milk.

Is it okay to take biofit tea with birth control pills? (Okay lang bang uminom ng biofit tea na may birth control pills?)

Biofitea does not comply with birth control pills. It comes with Senna in it, which is not good for estrogens and makes it less effective.  And the most dangerous part is, it can cause pregnancy.

Can I drink 2 tea bags a day? (Maaari ba akong uminom ng 2 tea bag sa isang araw?)

It is not recommended. You have to take one tea bag before going to sleep.

Can I take Biofitea even if I am taking vitamins? (Maaari ba akong uminom ng Biofitea kahit na umiinom ako ng mga bitamina?)

That will not be a problem at all. It does not contradict with vitamins. If you have enough time to absorb the vitamins, the Biofitea will work well. Try to drink a cup of Biofitea before you go to bed.

Does Biofitea make you thinner? (Pinapayat ka ba ng Biofitea?)

It works on the abdominal fat cells. If you consume it regularly, then you will have a slimmer abdomen. You also need to follow a healthy diet and do exercise regularly that will give you better and slimmer output. For this reason, you have to drink Biofitea for 2 weeks and then stop drinking.

How long can Biofit tea be taken? (Gaano katagal maaaring inumin ang Biofit tea?)

You have to follow a routine, take Biofitea daily once before sleeping. And continue it for two weeks. Also, do some light exercise and have healthy diet food. If you want to use it for more than two weeks, then give a two-week gap and start again.

Is it possible for high blood / diabetic maintenance drinkers? (Posible ba sa mga umiinom ng highblood/diabetic maintenance?)

It is quite complicated. Senna, the real ingredient, can have reactions with any medicine of Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. So, you should talk with your doctor before using it.

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