5 tips to boost virtual event engagement

Just because these days the events are mostly virtual, it nowhere mean that they cannot simply be engaging, connected and even fun. You have no idea how you can boost overall virtual event engagement and ensure that you have successful, interactive and enjoyable virtual events.

If you are not sure about how you can boost the engagement in your virtual events then this post is going to be a game changer for you. you will get to know about 5 tips to boost the engagement in your next virtual event.

1. Introduce exciting content

Ah, since virtual attendees have a short attention type of span, using conventional type of PowerPoint slides will bore your audience. Though you can still make use the slides, they have to be absolutely vibrant and exciting. You can easily turn the PowerPoint presentation into even infographics and incorporate audio or even video.

Contrary to a live event, you cannot gauge the reaction of your audience in an online conference. However, you can always choose to split the event into short breaks. Breaking up the content gets your virtual audience overall time to take notes or even participate in polls and even ask questions.

2. Get the correct tools for your virtual event

In case you are hosting a virtual conference and it is your first time, ensure you have the proper right tools to make the event absolutely lively. It is critical to find the finest possible platform for hosting a virtual event. You can simply start by ensuring the event technology has interactive options to permit your attendees to network.

For instance, does the platform allow you to conduct real-time interactions? Are you running any sort of pre-recorded sessions? How do you plan to give follow-up materials to your overall audience? in case you are hosting a hybrid event, can the audience see all the participants on video? Encompassing a face-to-face aspect is also going to endorse engagement.

3. Consider Shortening Session Length

It is far more challenging and difficult to hold the audience’s attention when they are not really seeing the presenter in person. The hour-long presentation that makes overall sense in a face-to-face event can seem unusually long for a virtual type of attendee. Besides that, the presenter should definitely maintain a great level of enthusiasm that wanes without in-person feedback.

It will be wise if you consider reducing the overall length of the sessions at your event by fifteen to thirty minutes. Keeping a session short is always going to better than losing attendees who will leave in case it goes too long. And plan to encompass pauses in the session to ensure the audience is engaged and even understands the overall material.

4. Use an Innovative and passionate presenter

The difference between a live as well as virtual event is that your audience may switch off their laptops or simply move on to other tasks. Hence , in case you want them to stay connected and completely engaged, you need an exciting speaker. Live talks do draw the attention of your virtual audience, mainly in case the presenter is passionate about the topic of discussion.

You require speakers with excellent command of the theme and who even are enthusiastic about chatting with the audience. Speakers can even be part of your marketing strategy; they can make use of their influence and inspire their followers to be a part of the online events.

5. Organize a Pre-Event Poll

You can begin getting attendees involved even before your event actually starts. Conduct a pre-event poll to understand how they get to hear about the event. Also, be confident to include some questions that are going to help you create an even better experience for attendees. You could find distinct digital event ideas to address their feedback. You may ask things like:

  • Which type of social platforms do you use most often? Your analytics are going to let you know where to endorse your event.
  • How interested are you in  the specific thing? Ask the attendees to simply rank different types of factors like the topics covered in the sessions, overall networking, and talking to vendors. You may get to gauge their interest in the issues you are discussing to give you some insight into which sessions could have the high numbers of attendees.
  • How convenient was it to access overall information about the event? In case there is an opportunity to reply to this type of feedback before the event, it may be constructive. Easy access to events as well as information is crucial because people don’t really want to spend personal time digging through unusable information. The more convenient the accessibility, the happier the attendee.
  • Then the most critical thing to keep in mind is that you are going to require to respond to the feedback you get.


So, after reading through these five tips to boost your virtual event engagement, you should implement them. You are definitely going to experience contentment.

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