4 Reasons You Need the Tesla Powerwall Solar Battery

It Works With Your Existing Solar System

The Tesla Powerwall solar battery is designed to work with many existing solar energy systems. The Powerwall is built with an AC-DC converter inside the battery, meaning that it can take Direct Current (DC) and change it to Alternating Current (AC). This is important because many appliances use AC while energy grids typically use DC, so you need to be able to switch back and forth to store energy and then use it in your home.

Because the Tesla Powewall comes with an AC-DC converter, it can be easily integrated into your existing solar power structures without needing any additional equipment. This makes the Powerwall easy to install and maintain. The AC-DC converter also allows the Powerwall to store power as AC, which means it can kick in quickly to provide power to your home.

It Stores Energy to Save You Money

It Stores Energy to Save You Money

The Tesla Powerwall stores solar power collected throughout the day so you can power your home at night. This allows you to be more reliant on your own solar energy instead of using coal or gas. In fact, the Tesla Powerwall can store up to 13.5 kWh, which is typically enough energy to power a home for an entire night.

Energy costs in Australia are incredibly high, sometimes more than double other countries, so being able to rely on your own solar power can save you significant money (and worry). Some users cut their energy bills completely during certain times of the year. Use the Tesla Powerwall Australia to lower your energy bill and reduce spending on more harmful types of energy like coal and gas.

It Resists Extreme Temperatures

Solar batteries are usually lithium-ion batteries that are very sensitive to extreme temperature shifts. The Tesla Powerwall has two features that help prevent battery issues and allow the battery to perform well in a range of -20 to 50 degrees Celsius. The first is a liquid-cooling system built into the unit.

This system keeps the battery from overheating and prevents excess wear and tear on the unit. This feature is useful during sunny times of the year, both because of the hot outdoor temperatures, and because of the large amount of energy, the battery is processing. Batteries create heat as they function, so the more energy that’s going through the battery, the warmer it will be. You don’t need to worry about the health of your battery during these high-use times thanks to the internal cooling system.

This thermal maintenance system also allows the Tesla Powerwall to warm itself when temperatures are too low. Most lithium-ion batteries fail to charge in below-freezing temperatures. When the Powerwall senses below freezing temperatures, it will pull a small amount of energy to keep itself warm and operational. The Tesla Powerwall will continue to function regardless of the weather, giving you peace of mind year-round.

It Has Top-Notch Support

The Tesla Powerwall is compatible with two different apps that help you manage and maintain your system. The first is Evergen Intelligent Control Software. The Evergen app will monitor when you use the most energy and adjust your battery charge overtime to make sure you always have power when you need it.

It can also track the weather so your battery will have plenty of energy stored if it’s dark and cloudy. Evergen can even track the cost of energy tariffs to make sure you use a minimal amount of grid power when it’s most expensive, which saves you even more money.

You can also monitor your Powerwall with the Tesla app. You can track real-time energy use with this app and switch between the battery’s three modes:

  • Self-powered: Uses as much of your own solar-generated energy as possible, keeping you off the grid and reducing your bills.
  • Time-based control: Allows you to charge and discharge the battery depending on energy prices throughout the day.
  • Backup only: Keeps power stored so you have enough energy to get you through a blackout or other power outage.

Between the Evergen Software and the Tesla Mobile App, you have ultimate control of your Tesla Powerwall Solar Battery system so you can track, store, and use solar energy efficiently.