When it comes to ceramic coating, vehicle owners are always looking for the best ways to protect their vehicle and enhance its aesthetic appeal. The good folks at Bob Moses Ceramic Coating are on hand to guide potential clients in the right direction as well. Those who have access to experienced ceramic coating providers are able to sidestep the usual concerns and have their vehicles looking their best.

At Bob Moses Ceramic Coating, SENSHA ceramic coating is utilized. This glass coating hails from Japan and is easily washable, creating the sort of long-lasting value that motorists crave. In fact, this particular coating is said to last for up to 8 years…. talk about truth in advertising! The Sensha coating is made from single-layered liquid, with SiO2 particles included.

The particles are suspended within a clear resin, which formulates to the surface’s shape once it has been bonded to it. Over time, it hardens to provide enhanced levels of protection. Once the hardening process is complete, the vehicle maintains a level of gloss and shine over the long haul that is tough to match. The surface remains very hydrophobic, but the paint still looks wet.

This type of coating can be used to protect boats as well, as marine ceramic coating has grown in popularity in recent years. To learn more about how ceramic coating can be used to protect a boat over the long haul, be sure to read on. Marine ceramic coating provides no shortage of benefits!


It can be tough to find the right marine ceramic coating for a boat because painted aluminum requires a greater percentage of solids. This ensures that all of the pores are filled in once the coating is applied. With Gildecoat’s marine ceramic coating, exposure to salt is significantly reduced, as well as exposure to UV rays.

The Gildecoat coating has been tested, developed and optimized for maximum effectiveness. The coating is designed to be long-lasting and is backed by an 18-month warranty. This provides the boater with the sort of peace of mind that is difficult to find elsewhere. Once the Gildecoat marine ceramic coating has been applied, the boat becomes very hydrophobic, allowing for a much easier clean-up process.

Instead of all that cumbersome scrubbing, a boat owner can simply hose the surface down whenever it needs to be cleaned. This will rinse away any and all salt (or other forms of debris) before it has a chance to cause any long-term issues. With Gildecoat, gloss meter readings will read as high as 100, unlike other forms of coating. The shine is top of the line and the boat remains protected in ways that the boater never imagined.

The days of having to worry about detailing the boat every few months are over as well. The five-stage process is also handled by certified applicators, who handle the boat with the utmost care after an initial assessment. Complete restoration and ultimate protection are provided.

Ceramic Pro Marine

Boat owners face a number of common frustrations, but these are problems that are handled by Ceramic Pro Marine. UV rays, sea particles and fishing debris can be handled by their experienced installers. In fact, every single surface of the boat is coated. The vinyl, the metal, everything is handled. Best of all, the product is backed by industry-leading warranties, so the boater is able to receive the assistance that they need in the event of an issue.

This marine ceramic coating is properly specialized as well. As an added bonus for those who are environmentally conscious, the Ceramic Pro Marine option does not leak into the water or damage any marine wildlife. Barnacles, algae and other forms of marine life that are typically associated with boat damage won’t be able to plant their roots, either. This decreases the amount of time that is spent on maintenance and ensures that the marine vessel maintains its natural luster over longer periods of time.

With Ceramic Pro Marine, the hydrophobic qualities keep water from penetrating the surface area of the boat. UV protection will stand the test of time. The barrier that is provided when it comes to saltwater and oxidation is smooth and easily maintained. Scuffs and scratches finally become a thing of the past. If a fiberglass hull needs to be expanded or contracted, this marine vinyl ceramic coating has the flexibility to handle these tasks.

Armor Shield IX Nano Ceramic Coating

This is one of the most powerful ceramic coating solutions currently available. In fact, some experts consider Armor Shield IX Nano Ceramic Coating to be the best option on the market. Its performance is unparalleled, thanks to its high levels of durability and efficiency. The long-lasting protection is only matched by the mirror-like shine, which serves to enhance the boat’s aesthetic appeal.

Advanced nanotechnology is also worth a mention, as it combines with the top-notch formulation to create a ceramic coating experience like few others. The formulation contains 84% SiO2, contributing to the high-quality look and feel of the coating. Whether the task is being handled by a detailing professional or those who consider themselves total amateurs, this product is loved equally.

This product has everything that sea dogs look for. The boat remains protected, even though the product is user-friendly. The easy application is an obvious selling point, matched only by the cost-effectiveness and versatility. The paintwork must remain protected at all times, as water erosion and water stains will have even the most seaworthy boat looking its worst.

There are also concerns that are associated with long-term weathering, such as acid rain and the chemicals that are left behind after various journeys can cause serious problems. The dirt, dust, UV rays, and various contaminants that are all too common in these instances are repelled by Armor Shield IX Nano Ceramic Coating, too. The high silicon dioxide content makes this one of the strongest products on the market, especially compared to the competitors.


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