3 Ways to Deal With Pregnancy Acne

Before you got pregnant, you heard rave reviews about the “pregnancy glow.” But now you’re months into your impending parenthood, and your reflection tells a different story. You’ve got acne, and it’s all compliments of your growing baby.

The medication and dietary restrictions of pregnancy can be hard to manage, especially when the side effects are unpleasant. But you don’t have to suffer from pregnancy acne. There are many products and approaches that can help soothe breakouts and restore clear skin. You may just find a few remedies and routines that you love for the long haul.

Understand What Products Are Safe

During your first appointment with your obstetrician, you likely received a long list of medications that are unsafe during pregnancy. Many of those on the list are avoidable, but when it comes to high-powered acne medication, there are limitations. Generally, restricted medications are those that enter the bloodstream or contain concentrated doses of certain vitamins. Get familiar with the medications you should avoid and remove any of them from both your routine and easy reach.

If you’re experiencing a major breakout or small problem areas, learn what acne treatment may be suitable for your situation. Some prescription topical or oral medications may help treat cystic acne that is no match for over-the-counter options. Lower concentrations of salicylic acid can help manage smaller breakouts during pregnancy.

Build out your skincare routine with calming cleansers, restorative toners, and moisturizers with sun protection. Because your sense of smell may be in overdrive, look for unscented options to ward off potential nausea.

Adjust Your Daily Routine to Support Clear Skin

Along with skincare products, you should review your daily habits for improvement opportunities. Ensure you’re supporting both your complexion and your baby by getting enough sleep and eating well. Adults are advised to get no fewer than seven hours each night. If doing so has been a challenge due to stress and discomfort, consider ways to improve your sleep numbers.

Eat low-mercury fish that’s high in good fats and oils to improve your skin condition and energy levels. Keep hydrated by using a refillable water bottle that you can easily take on the go. If you’re regularly tired, avoid leaning your face on your hand, as dirt and oil can quickly clog pores, causing pimples. Take a look at your habits to identify simple improvements to be made for the sake of your pregnancy acne. You’ll likely find several adjustments that can improve your complexion and overall comfort.

During pregnancy, you may be producing more oil than usual, which can create new problems. For example, your pillowcase may be storing oily residue, making your sleeping hours a pimple producer. Change your pillowcase regularly to ensure a serene and clean sleep experience. Wipe your phone screen and other devices that come in contact with your facial area to reduce breakouts.

Consider Skincare Part of Your Prenatal Treatment Plan

The 40 weeks of pregnancy are busy, and taking time to rest can feel impossible. Between appointments, shopping for essentials, and attending parenting classes, skincare can fall by the wayside. However, veteran parents will tell you that taking time for yourself is one of the most important routines to establish. As with any new routine, which typically takes 60 days to stick, you have to be committed to its fruition. Use the months leading up to your due date to fine-tune your self-care regimen before life gets hectic.

Becoming a parent immediately puts your child’s needs before yours. And while the arrangement is logical, remember the airplane advice of donning your own mask first. Put your newfound skincare skills to good use and position your routine as an essential item on your to-do list. Each evening, take time to cleanse, condition, troubleshoot, and nourish your skin. In the morning, follow suit with a refreshing regimen that includes SPF, as skin during pregnancy is especially photosensitive.

Apply any prescribed or recommended products that have been pregnancy-cleared, being mindful of their listed safe dosage amount. Use this time to wind down, leaning into the repetitive nature of your routine as a way to calm your mind. Take it a step further and enjoy a cup of caffeine-free tea, put on a soothing spa-like playlist, and focus on you. You and your body are doing so much for your baby, and you deserve this time to reset.

Managing Hormonal Fluctuations During Pregnancy and Postpartum

The skin condition roller-coaster ride doesn’t end when you deliver your baby. Immediately after birth, your hormones go into overdrive, working to repair your body and support your baby’s needs. You’ll likely feel everything from euphoric to overwhelmed. Pay attention to these shifts as you navigate the early days of motherhood for both your physical and mental health.

During pregnancy, your body’s focus was giving your baby the best of your nutrients. Now, some of the load is shared, but if you’re breastfeeding, you’re still second in line. Wait to reintroduce products restricted during pregnancy until after you’re done breastfeeding. Even with such restrictions, carving out time for your skincare routine can improve your mood and your complexion, helping you be at your best.

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