Kitsune Masks – What It Means When A Fox Is Your Spirit Guide

Japanese Kitsune masks are a fascinating part of the culture. Hundreds of masks are used in traditional theatrics, dances, and festivals and represent different attributes and they tell stories. The kabuki theater is the most famous theater in Japanese tradition. Masks are used during this theater as well.

These masks can be found all over Japan. They have become popular with tourists and collectors of Japanese art, who find them both beautiful and fascinating

There are many types of Japanese masks, but one of the most popular ones is called a kitsune mask. Kitsune masks are used in different kinds of dances, such as traditional Japanese Noh Theater.

What is Kitsune Mask?

A mask depicting a mystical creature with fox-like features.  In Japan, kitsune (fox) is used to describe various types of yokai spiritual creatures that are used in Japanese folklore and animistic beliefs. Simply saying these masks are fox masks.

History of the Fox Spirit in Japan
What is Kitsune Mask

Japanese kitsune masks are believed to be used for the purpose of entertainment, or for the purpose of deceiving humans. A Japanese kitsune mask is usually made up of paper which is then painted a very dark brown or black color. The kitsune mask has a triangular shaped face and two very wide eyes.

The large eyes make the kitsune mask appear very friendly and innocent. These fox masks are not only used in theatrical plays but they are also used as charms worn around the necks of human beings. These charms are supposed to help protect their wearers from being possessed by a fox spirit, which is a form that the Kitsune sometimes takes on.

The History of Kitsune Mask

Japanese culture and tradition is very interesting and fascinating for people all over the world. They have a very glorious history which is full of their hand made crafts and masks. Japanese fox masks are one of them.

The History of Kitsune Mask
Kitsune Masks

Kitsune masks have a long history in Japanese culture, and no matter if they’re used for parties, festivals, or other traditional activities, their modern kitsune masks always have their own unique style.

In Japan, the kitsune is known as “the fox with one tail”, and it is considered to be both good and evil. A fox with many tails is said to be more powerful than one with few or none at all. This explains why some masks are larger than others. The larger the mask, the more powerful its powers are thought to be.

This Japanese Kitsune mask can be worn by men or women, and it is believed that the wearer will gain the ability to transform into a fox while wearing it. By wearing this mask during a festival or other traditional activity, people are said to be able to receive power from Inari-sama himself.

History of the Fox Spirit in Japan

The fox is a common animal in Japanese folklore. It is usually portrayed as a messenger of the gods, a guardian spirit or protector, or a sorcerer using its powers for evil. The fox is a sweet and intelligent creature in Japanese folk lore. In western culture they are known as mischievous characters, but the Japanese fox is an animal of fairness and good fortune.

Kitsune are widely regarded as bringers of both luck and prosperity, as well as harbingers of great disasters. They are regarded as intelligent beings that are highly skilled in magic, shape shifting and illusion. The fox is believed to possess supernatural powers that can be used for both good and evil purposes which is why they are often depicted as tricksters and spiritual guides who possess magical abilities.

Kitsune masks represent the mystical fox spirits in Japanese folklore. These masks are used as a form of traditional Japanese theater and also during various festivals and celebrations.

Tales about the kitsune can be seen in literature, art, theatre, film and video games. Foxes also appear in Japanese folklore as powerful beings that are associated with Inari, the Shinto god of rice, fertility and farmers

Kitsune Masks Styles and Colors

Kitsune masks are worn during the Japanese festival of Tanabata and during other joyful events. A kitsune mask is a very popular piece of Japanese art. It is believed that the fox spirit can protect from bad luck and bring happiness to its wearer.

The most common type of Kitsune mask is the Zori- Fox Mask which represents a fox spirit who can transform itself into human or any other form. The Zori masks are made with carefully carved wooden face, painted white and with red paper mouth and eyes, with two holes on each side for the ears, attached to a black silk ribbon chinstrap.

The Kitsune fox masks are made in various sizes, some bigger and some smaller depending on their use. The mask representing a female fox is called “Kitsune-onna” (fox woman) and it is often used during festivals like Tanabata.

While the design of each mask varies, they all share the same basic shape: a pointed chin, a bulbous nose, and exaggerated eyes. Because the masks are so distinctively designed, there aren’t many ways to mistake one for another. They can be made out of various materials, including paper Mache and wood. Some may be painted in bright colors while others have more muted tones.

Fascinating Facts about the Kitsune Masks

In the world of Japanese mythology, kitsune is a fox that can shape shift into a human, and possess supernatural powers. In modern Japan, kitsune mask is considered to be the symbol of fox god in Japanese folklore.

The kitsune mask is a very important tradition in Japan. It is believed that to wear the mask brings happiness, prosperity and good luck to the wearer. The kitsune mask was originally worn to show respect for the fox spirits and to ward off evil spirits. Therefore, when a couple marries in Japan, it is still common practice for them to be given a mask as a gift.

In Japanese tradition, they believe that wearing the fox mask can bring happiness, prosperity and good luck to the wearer. It is believed that people who wear the Japanese fox mask will be protected from any evil or illness.

In addition, it is also believed that wearing this mask can make you look more attractive or beautiful. Thus, many young women like to wear this beautiful and colorful fox face masks on their wedding day. And it is undoubtedly an interesting part of Japanese culture.

They’re truly one of kind cultural treasures that offer a playful, adorable, authentic look that your customers will love! During rice harvest season there are many ritual practices, especially for those who belong to Shinto religion. They organize various occasions and wear kitsune fox masks on those days.

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