Xfinity xFi Complete Review and How Comcast Enhances WiFi Experience

Comcast xfinity xFi Complete Review and Guideline

xFi Complete is the best home Wi-Fi network provided by the US’s largest internet service provider Comcast. 85% of the internet users are customers of Comcast. To satisfy the needs of these huge customers, Comcast brings its newest plan xFi Complete. 

xFinity offers the best internet experience for its users. It’s packages are very budget-friendly, and with additional changes in the plan, you can save more money. Here in our article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about the xFi Complete. 

What is xFi Complete  and xFi gateway vs xFi Complete difference 

Though sounds the some xFi and xFi Complete are not completely the same thing. xFi comes with different sorts of internet plans for its customers. Among them, the latest internet plan is xFi Complete.

The new xFi Complete plan comes with so many features and the user doesn’t have to go through different packages for different services, it provides everything in one package. 

xFi is Xfinity’s Wi-Fi plan. For an extra $15 a month, you will get the Xfinity xFi Gateway which gives you access to Xfinity’s Advanced Security. If you get xFi Complete for another $10 you will have unlimited data, Advanced Security on the go, a free upgraded gateway after three years, and wall-to-wall coverage.

What is xFi Complete  and xFi gateway vs xFi Complete difference 
What is xFi Complete  and xFi gateway vs xFi Complete difference 

What are the benefits of xFi Complete?

xFi Complete is now providing the best home internet connection. In just one pack, users are getting everything they could ask for. The network brings unlimited, high-speed network services with external control options for the user. 

The Xfinity xFi Complete internet connection provides multiple features and services all in one package. For those who don’t like to go through different plans, xFi Complete includes the best option for them. Here, are the benefits and features of the xFi network details. 

Unlimited Data

Xfinity’s unlimited data plan usually costs an extra $30 over their existing plan but if you are in an eligible area, you can get it as a part of xFi Complete along with everything else offered by the package for only $25 extra over your existing plan. 

In other words, by getting xFi Complete, you can get more for less. The unlimited data will cover all the devices in your house. The plan allows its users to use data without any tension. 

Extra control

One of the great benefits of having an xFi Complete network is it allows users to have full control over the network. By being an xFi subscriber you can create a custom profile that can help you manage the connected devices of your family and guests. Users can see whoever is connected to your network and the network owner gets the power to manage the connected devices. 

The network owner can disconnect any device they want at any time and can select how they access the internet. Users can also monitor their devices remotely and can also optimize their network for better performance. 

Better Security

One of the most important features of xFinity services offers is it automatically blocks risky content, notifies you of the detection of any dangerous activity, Prevents you from visiting malicious websites, does real-time monitoring and threat detection, and automatically blocks remote access to smart devices.

These keep your device and data safe from internet threats. You can browse the internet safely and without worrying about getting affected by the virus. 

Advanced Security on the go

Advanced Security on the go is only available for xFi Complete subscribers. It helps you to stay protected on the go. This plan’s security features level is more powerful than other plans. Having the xFi advanced security on the go features, your device will protected even if it’s connected to they access the internet. 

If you connect your device to an unsecured WiFi network, a secure and encrypted connection will be established to protect your data and information. It is available both on iOS and Android and gives you some security when you are outside of your house.

Paternal control 

If you have kids in your house, then these features are going to help you a lot. All the parents are very much worried about their children’s activities on the internet. Uncontrolled internet browsing always creates huge tension for parents cause the kids can visit any site. 

Parents are concerned that their kids might get addicted to porn and dangerous content which may create alarming situations for parents to handle. With xFi Complete parental control can notice their children browsing details. They can block access to specific sites and apps for their children. 

xFi App Access 

xFi xFinity Complete’s one of th  best features is xFinity app. Through the xFi app, you can control everything that is under your xFi networks. You get access to a massive database of information at your fingertips through the apps. With the help of the xFi app users can kick out or add any device at any time they want. 

High-Speed Internet Browsing 

One of the biggest reasons behind xFi’s popularity is it provides very high-speed internet. Even in all the different packages xFi network gives you the fastest internet experience. However, internet speed is not the same in all the regions. The speed and pricing vary from place to place. 

xFi network’s standard package is 1.2 B Cap which comes with unlimited secured data and high-speed internet connection. xFi provides unlimited and high-speed data for Nonstop streaming, music, shows, live streams, movies, and video chats are available 24/7.

Overall subscribe to xFi expand the wifi experience of it’s users. 

Pricing and Packaging of xFi Complete 

xFi Complete provides customers with a 1.2T data plan for a monthly plan. If you want to use unlimited data then you will have to buy the $30 unlimited plan. For your clearance, 1.2T is a big amount of data, it’s not an easy task to consume all of it. If the users aren’t more than 3 people then 1.2 tb data is more than enough for everyone. 

The majority of the customers can or exceed the data limit given by Xfinity. If any customer under the 1.2T data plan exceeds the limit he will have to pay $10 for 50GB. 

While using the xFi Complete plan it is better to use their modem for a better experience. If you think buying a modem and router is costly you can rent an xFi modem. Customers who have rental modems pay 25 dan dollars for an unlimited data plan. 

How Does xFinity Enhance the WiFi Experience 

xFi Complete brings the best Wi-Fi experience to the home. With its unlimited data plan and secured network, anyone can browse the internet without any hesitation.

The xFi Complete Wi-Fi network covers a huge range of areas. The Wi-Fi connection is built with four internal beamforming antennas which help to provide a good network connection in around 2500 square feet area. 

xFi Complete can handle 75 devices at a time. Users can connect 4K TVs, Xbox, desktops, laptops, a couple of ring cameras, many mobile gadgets, and anything they want all together.

The robust processing unit of the xFi Complete wifi is outstanding and that’s why even if you connect many devices on the network there will be no problems with connection drops or consistency. 

If you install xFi Complete in your home, the service provider will give you a free hardware update after three years, it’s part of the xFi Complete plan. The xFi Complete Wi-Fi connection has the easiest Wi-Fi network setting for home. Users of xFi Complete can operate the network with any device just by installing the app. 


Adopting the xFi Complete home network for your home is the best way to enjoy high-speed speed secure browsing. However, before deciding to purchase the xFi complete wifi, first make sure it’s available in your region and the price of it.

There are a few regions where xFi Complete doesn’t operate and prices are different in different regions. It was everything about the Xfinity xFi Complete internet, if there is anything else you wanna know, let us know in the comment box. 


Do I need to activate and use the xFi Gateway that comes with xFi Complete? 

Yes, the xFi Complete package comes with all other xFi plans including the xFi Gateway. In order to get access to all the facilities and features of xFi Complete you must be active and use the xFi Getaway. 

How can I get xFi Complete if I already have Xfinity internet? 

If you already have a subscription to Xfinity Internet and you are eligible, you can add xFi Complete to your network system by contracting with the operator or just by signing up. 

What will happen, if I’m registered to xFi Complete and then move to a new house? 

You will get a new account number for your new home when you move on and by activating the gateway, the Whole Home WiFi evaluation will start running again.