Who Is Sneako Girlfriend? A Breakdown Of Sneako’s Lovelife!

Sneako, the most controversial figure on social media, is always being found in surrounded by countless rumors about his personal life. Despite his past declarations that certain aspects are ‘haram’, this former young YouTuber has been seen with several women over time. This always leads his fans curious about “Who Is Sneako’s Girlfriend?”

If you look at his dating history, he is recently in controversy for sharing boat photos with a white-dressed beautiful girl, most probably named Maya. But still, the nature of this relationship is ambiguous as he was linked to  @xenathewitch, known as Xena. Prior to these two women, Sneako was also in an open relationship with a model and a woman at the same time. 

So, let’s not get confused more! Have a closer look at each relationship of Sneako and the circumstances surrounding him. 

Quick Facts About Sneako Age, Height, Wiki, Net Worth & Bio

Full NameNico Kenn De Balinthazy
Nickname Sneako
Parents Mr. Balinthazy, Mrs. Balinthazy
Birth Date September 8, 1998
Birth PlaceNew York City, New York, United States
Zodiac SignVirgo
Height 5 feet, 10 inches, or 1.78 meters.
Profession Youtuber, Streamer
Net Worth$2 million
TikTok account@thesneako

Who Is Sneako? A Limelight On His Career Journey!

Professionally, Sneako is a well-known YouTuber with more than 1.26 million subscribers and  96 million total video views.

Who is Sneako
Who is Sneako

He started his YouTube journey on April 28th, 2013 by making videos on gameplay and commenting on gaming videos.  Since his gaming and commentary videos didn’t have a significant impact on this YouTube channel, then he planned to quit generic content and started to post rants and vlogs. 

Through these videos, he gained enough fame, and one of his videos  “HOW PEOPLE VIEW YOU,” went viral with  5.4 million views at that time. 

He then swapped himself as a motivational speaker and started producing motivational content on various life topics, themes, and issues. By expanding himself as a motivational speaker, Sneako managed to attract and grow a large audience/fan base.  A highly regarded video of Sneako is “Would You Say the N Word for One Dollar?”.

On October 15, 2019, Sneako launched another vlog channel named SHNEAKO where he came with live streaming as well. In this channel, he has about 265k subscribers. 

But on  October 3, 2022, nearly after 10 years, he got banned from YouTube due to persistent violations of YouTube’s community guidelines. 

Now he is busy with several businesses. Sneako has a clothing business named Quality Clothing. By offering excellent quality clothes, this business is also a good source of income. 

Besides, he started a company named The Creativity Kit where he offers tips and strategies for making money via social media platforms.

Is Sneako Married? 

From many fans of Sneako, it is believed that he is single. Besides,  in September 2023 Sneako shared photos on Twitter that showed him spending time with a woman while they were on a boat together. So, what’s the truth? Is Sneako single or dating one? 

Before assuming anything else, let’s first clarify whether this famous YouTube figure is actually single or not tied in a knot. Well from all the sources, it is confirmed that Sneako is single now, meaning he is not married at the moment

But that would certainly not mean that he is completely single. Perhaps he is in a relationship with someone beautiful. Adding to this, he has come to know that, he had many relationships in the past which he kept private and many ones came in public. 

And we’re here today to dispatch this query and will explore his ultimate relationship status throughout his career. 

Exploring All The Mysteries About Sneako’s Relationship Status! 

Current Girlfriend: Maya 

As previously mentioned, Sneako was in several relationships in the past. From this recent sharing on social media, it is confirmed, he is now dating Maya, better known as @mayasimiii on TikTok.

Last September 2023, this former YouTuber shared a few photos with a beautiful woman named on the boat and captioned his status as “I wish this was Pearl”, though it is unclear what he means by Pearl here.

Sneako's Girlfriend
Sneako’s Girlfriend

This connection of Sneako with Maya was enough to bring him rumors, allowing his fans/followers to gossip or form their own theories about what exactly the relationship between these two people was.

Well before diving deeper, disclose who this Maya is.

Who is Maya Katyal?

Maya Katyal is a famous influencer on Instagram but she keeps all her videos private. She now has 17K Followers on her account. Maya is 21 years old and currently residing in  Miami.

She is also available in TikTok with the username of  @mayasimiii. Beyond just details in the social media account, nothing else is found regarding this beautiful influencer yet. Even though, Sneako has also not opened up much more or officially confirmed his relationship status with Maya. 

Sneako’s Past Relationships

Maya Katyal is not the only one with whom Sneako had a relationship.   Sneako has previously opened up many more statuses and pictures with girls, clarifying his relationship with them several times. Additionally, he came in rumors due to being seen dating publicly though Sneako said it was just his friend. 

Whatever the fact is, let’s clear it out now. Have a quick glimpse at his past rumored affairs to learn more:

Xena: Sneako was in a relationship with her from April 2023

Before Maya Katyal, Sneako dated Xena, mostly known as @Xenathewitcher on Twitter. Their relationship started in April 2023. It wasn’t completely clear about their relationship as Sneako wanted to keep this totally private. 

Thus it is tough to assume what type of relationship was whether open or a strict monogamous one. But it is confirmed that Sneako was not too much interested in keeping it continuing which truly upset Xena. 

One of her tweets on social media in July 2023, she expressed her disappointment about their relationship. He stated, “I’m not gonna do this exposing s–t, but I’m not going to be thrown under a bus to be run over and rot for this man to fix his precious virtue signaling reputation.” 

Sneako Girlfriend
Sneako Girlfriend

Through this post, she clearly expressed her anger at Sneako that he refused to accept her as a girlfriend in public. In her statement, Sneako was trying to express here that it was haram and not allowed. 

Adding to that, Xena requested him to return all her gifts,  including  Valentine’s Day portraits, rings, a Father’s Day painting, black heels, and a Victoria’s Secret jacket.

Lily Fofana and Maria Morales: Sneako rumored to be dating two girls at the same time!

In November 2021, Sneako was doing his episode on Peer to Peer Podcast, where he revealed that he was in an open relationship with a girl. But he didn’t clarify her name.

At that time, it was rumored that Sneako was dating two women at a time. One is  Lily Fofana, a well-known model and the other one is a woman named Maria Morale. Though Lily Fofana is a model, the profession of Maria Morale is still unspecified. 

Sara Saffari: She Addressed Her Relationship With Sneako

Besides all the above, there have been rumors about Saffari in a relationship with Sneako. They both have several pictures on social media together from which fans and followers think that Saffari is Sneako’s girlfriend. 

Now to the point of Sara Saffari, she is the most famous figure in social media, working as a fitness influencer. In Bardly Marin’s podcast, when she was named as Sneako’s girlfriend, she immediately refused it. 

When interrogated, she just expressed that Sneako is her ex-boyfriend and they are not continuing now. More than that, she is now prioritized to be single and loyal until she gets married. 

In Closing! 

Personal relationships are complex and more so to such prominent figures like Sneako, who can’t keep these private even if they want to. 

Unlike other public figures, many facts about his love life have been revealed through his social media sharing. So it is quite difficult for the public and his fanbase to fully capture the intricate dynamics of this relationship. 

And from that thinking, a query always remains “Who is Sneako’s girlfriend”.  Well, our guide should be enough to uncover all these mysteries where we might not unravel all the queries but provide a reasonably comprehensive understanding based on the available public disclosures. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed it, thank you!

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