What Makes Diamond Pendants So Unique?

As a symbol of wealth, the diamond is desirable as it ensures its wearer’s financial strength and importance. For years, diamond pendants have been worn by royalty and celebrities to signify wealth and status. Today the precious symbol of sturdiness, durability, and authority has been made affordable to the masses.

Where, Why & How?

A popular and enduring symbol worn by royalty, celebrities, and politicians, the diamond is related to the crown through its origins in the ancient playing card game, Delve. In this game, players placed white diamond chips on a grid, and they used backgammon pieces marked with the colors of the diamond to color the grids.

Like these gems, a diamond ring is forever—diamond engagement rings signify its popularity, power, and importance. The jewelry industry, by the way, has created a variety of symbols and apps of its own.

Whether you are looking to give something new a new perspective or plan to commemorate a particular event or occasion, these three symbols of our digital age can help you do so. Fashion jewelry can now be made of stainless steel, aluminum, or even diamonds.

Qualities of Diamond Pendants

The beauty of diamond pendants lies in these three qualities:

Permeability To add or remove jewelry, staining, or chemical reaction occurs. That reaction produces a grayish-black color and an elasticity that favors wearability. These qualities make stainless steel and aluminum the perfect option to add new jewelry. Diamond, on the other hand, has a different reaction. It requires no reaction at all to achieve its brilliance.

Availability The ring rusts easily but stays beautiful over time. Jewelers use these metals as they are, and anyone can get in on the action.

Chromium allows hair color to come to life.

All three metals react beautifully when exposed to certain colors and lighting. When they resonate with specific feelings or memories, they become an emotional part of you. As a result, collecting a ring has a purpose beyond its monetary value—it connects on a deeper level.

Picturesque Rings Carry an Antique Character

Are Diamonds Really Worth It

Picturesque relationships—or noir, a surprise ending—are an ideal basis for romantic and business partners. Couples may choose to display their passion for unique objects, ranging from antique cars to colorful clothing, on their engagement rings.

Objects that evoke emotion are cozy and will make a statement while adding their own arc to the conversation.

For instance, you may wish to send that special gift or anniversary present to a loved one using a sophisticated yet flirty ring. You may be more likely to receive this kind of gift if it is an item associated with a room or location in your home.

High-End Designer Jewelry, Grade 6/Carat

Support a high-end designer’s product with a class-leading heavy-set sterling or Cone diamond ring when you want to stand out. These counterparts offer extreme clarity and an even brilliance with a delicacy and silky feel. The incredible craftsmanship required for diamond jewelry is legendary.

Find out exactly how to get the most bang for your buck when purchasing a diamond.

Are Diamonds Really Worth It?

Diamonds are ranked by price-to-weight ratio and in terms of carat weight. Applying these critical principles to diamond prices and pricing models, the price of a diamond generally follows a simplified formula.

The formula studied the experience of a professional marketer. He analyzed the buying methods for over 1,600 real estate transactions. This study generated the following price-to-weight ratio chart.

P/W Ratio in $: 1.33

Explanation of This Ratio

This ratio explains why buying another millionaire’s ring costs just as much as buying an average engagement ring. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an engagement ring that costs more than this ratio. It also underlines the undeniable social link of diamonds. This high price-to-weight ratio means that the cardinal rule of diamonds is that you buy them for someone who will pay it back—not for someone who will buy it for you!

The result? I found diamonds that cost ~$35,000 per engagement ring!

Final Words

So, every nation that’s conquered a piece of land or territory has had its military unit in charge of wearing the actual diamond ring. When the player wearing the highest diamond ring reaches the end of the game, that player wins and becomes the new emperor (or queen, or emperor).