What Is the Best TruePeopleSearch Alternative?

What Is the Best TruePeopleSearch Alternative?

TruePeopleSearch is a people search website that allows users to look up information about individuals using their name, phone number, or address. It’s a helpful website that can find information about people who work with your children, vet a potential lover, or find the contact details of long-lost friends.

Regardless of why you’re performing a people search, it’s a website that can help you obtain the information you need about an individual. However, TruePeopleSearch has limitations, and the reports it compiles don’t always have the information you want.

Luckily, we took the time to test different free people search sites to find the best TruePeopleSearch alternative, so you don’t have to. This article will reveal the best TruePeopleSearch alternative and quickly go over how we made our decision.

Our Criteria for Finding the Best TruePeopleSearch Alternative

TruePeopleSearch is straightforward and doesn’t require much to perform a search. You can simply enter an individual’s name, and it will show all the results. That said, simplicity was at the top of our requirements for finding the best TruePeopleSearch alternative.

Another point was speed. There are countless people search sites that take too long to bring up something specific, let alone a comprehensive report. Some even go on forever without showing anything. Therefore, speed was an important metric that went into our decision to ensure you learn everything you need about a person fast.

Lastly, reliability – if the information provided on the TruePeopleSearch alternative wasn’t accurate, we couldn’t count on it. That’s why we entered our own names while searching for the best TruePeopleSearch alternative to ensure the information provided about a person was correct.

FreePeopleSearch as a TruePeopleSearch Alternative

After considering everything, we concluded that FreePeopleSearch is the best alternative to TruePeopleSearch. It’s a people finder free to use that can bring up a lot of information about a person. The capability of FreePeopleSearch includes criminal arrest records and court documents to social profiles and relatives.

Like TruePeopleSearch, you only need the person’s name, city, or state to begin a search. Once your search starts, FreePeopleSearch compiles everything about the person by scanning public records and web pages.

We timed it and found that it takes, on average, five to ten minutes for FreePeopleSearch to compile a comprehensive report. If the person you’re searching for has a lengthy criminal record or has a lot of information on public record, it may take longer, which was the case in a few instances.

What We Liked About FreePeopleSearch

Here’s what we liked about FreePeopleSearch to give you more context about this TruePeopleSearch alternative.

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  1. Easy to Use: To run a comprehensive people search on FreePeopleSearch, you only need to enter the individual’s name. If you’d like, you can also add the individual’s state or city to narrow the results.
  2. Detailed Reports: The reports we got on FreePeopleSearch went above and beyond our expectations. It usually included more than what we asked for, which was beneficial but also surprising.
  3. Organized: Another point that impressed us was how well the reports were presented to the user. Even if the individual you searched for has an abundance of public information available, the reports are easy to navigate and read. Also, they are printable.

What We Didn’t Like About FreePeopleSearch

Here’s what we disliked about FreePeopleSearch.

  1. Lacks an App: Unlike TruePeopleSearch, FreePeopleSearch doesn’t have an application to download on mobile devices. If you use people search sites on mobile devices, you may miss out on not having an app.
  2. Extensive Reports Take Time: FreePeopleSearch is a considerably fast people search site. However, you may need to wait a few minutes more if the individual you’re searching for has a lot of information in the public records and web pages FreePeopleSearch scans.

Using the Information Provided on People Search Sites

While people search sites provide users with an abundance of public information about a person, you must use what you find out legally. Most people search sites have a guide on how to use their services responsibly.

For example, our TruePeopleSearch alternative, FreePeopleSearch, has a do’s and don’ts page you can read to ensure you’re using everything within their legal limits. This can help you understand the boundaries around using the information on a people search site.