What are 3 Spiritual Keys To Open the Doors of Heaven?

Many people have dreamed of getting keys from heavenly beings and started looking for answers. However, acknowledge it or not, you will be amazed after knowing how these visions can bring significant shifts in your life.

God is divine and extraordinary. With the knowledge of his revelation through the Bible, we can discover his mightiness and how he has spiritual keys to open the door of the kingdom of Heaven.

These spiritual keys influence our life and lead us to God in one way or another. Therefore, if you have dreamed a dream of someone offering you the spiritual key of a kingdom, you may have witnessed the greatness of God and must lead to the path He wants you to follow.

Hence, on this page, we will learn about the three spiritual keys to opening the doors of the heavens while we are still on Earth and getting the chance to submit to God.

What Are Spiritual Keys?

According to Christian faiths, God has spiritual keys to open (unlock) and close (lock) spiritual doors of possibilities, chances and opportunities that will shape and change our relationship with Him differently. 

Similar to material keys, spiritual keys are symbolic representations of God’s authority, and mightiness believed to unlock and reveal elements of our faith and get us closer to God. [Bible reference – Matthew 16:19]

However, belief in spiritual keys has yet to be widely accepted. Some scholars refuse to acknowledge the existence of these keys based on biblical references and also believe they are only speculative. Besides, there could be differing theological viewpoints on the matter.

Although it is not widespread, some associates believe that God has spiritual keys that clarify His sovereignty to open or close doors of spiritual kingdoms that bring us opportunities, chances, and new possibilities. 

These keys represent God’s authority and power to lead us to different paths and build a strong connection with Him (God). [The concept of spiritual keys is emanated from many references in the Bible]

If a key is handed to you by God spiritually, i.e., a vision or dream, it has great significance in your life. For example, In Matthew’s chapter 16, Verse 19, God says, “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven.

In the Book of Revelation, chapter 1, verse 18, Jesus said- I am who he lives and was dead, and before I am alive forever more, amen, and I have the keys of Hades and of Death.

Here we can understand that there are distinct types of spiritual keys, and once it is handed to a person through the spiritual method, it plays a significant intention in one’s life.

What are Spiritual Doors?

The concept of the spiritual realm is not explicitly described or appraised in the Bible. Different religious practices and beliefs may have varying viewpoints on the nature and number of spiritual kingdoms. Here is a few everyday wisdom:

  • Dualistic realms: Some hypotheses declare a dualistic view of the spiritual realm, consisting of two primary realms:
  1. the realm of light or sound (a reference to God, angels, and the righteous) 
  2. the kingdom of darkness or evil (reference to Satan, demons, and the wicked).
  • Heaven and Hell: Christianity often refers to two primary spiritual realms: Heaven, the place of God and the redeemed, and Hell, a realm of punishment for the evil or those who negate God’s salvation.
  • Multidimensional kingdoms: Some beliefs suggest multiple dimensions within the spiritual realm, with varying phases of spiritual culture. These realms might include heavenly, angelic, or spiritual growth and progression domains.
What are Spiritual Doors
What are Spiritual Doors?

How Spiritual Keys Unlock Spiritual Doors?

Unlocking spiritual doors can only be done with the required keys. Spiritual keys give us access to spiritual truths; in simple terms, they offer us the necessary knowledge to access and understand them. 

With the knowledge of facts, we can further develop ourselves and open opportunities for spiritual growth. It is also a reference that God guides and leads individuals with his wisdom.

Eventually, with spiritual access, we can withstand all the obstacles and build a divine connection with the religious entity.

In Mathews, chapter 18, verse 18, the lord says, whatever you bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth will be lost in Heaven. 

The original meaning of these two words: Bind and Loose, come from different roots. However, we can closely relate the words bind to lock and loose to unlock. 

Meaning:- whatever we lock here on Earth will be locked in Heaven, and whatever we unlock here on Earth will be unlocked in Heaven.

For example:- with the key of knowledge, we can unlock the spiritual door of the kingdom of knowledge that will lead us to prosperity and wealth here (Earth) and there (Heaven).

What are 3 Spiritual Keys to Open Doors?

As mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 16:19), Jesus says to Peter, “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” 

Therefore, with the help of spiritual keys, we can open the gates of heaven and gain access to vast amounts of spiritual knowledge, wisdom, guidance and more. The verse also conveys many meanings that help us understand how God influences our lives while revealing his authority and promises.

Therefore, following these three powerful spiritual keys will lead us to develop a deeper relationship with the Divine Being, thereby opening the gates of heaven.

Faith Key (Surrender and Trust):- Faith is a key that revolves around belief, trust, surrender and confidence in a divine existence. It is a reference to admitting God’s presence and His mightiness. With this key, we can open the door to spiritual growth, deeper spiritual relationship, and transformative experiences.

Love Key:- With the backing of love and compassion, we can unlock our hearts and build deeper spiritual connections with ourselves and others, including divine presence. This key plays an influential role in our life as it leads us to spiritual growth, develops sympathy, and helps us make the world a more harmonious and interconnected place.

The Prayer Key:- Prayer is a spiritual key that can open multiple doors. Furthermore, with the assortment of faith and prayer, we can open various spiritual doors (A reference of doors that demand more than one spiritual key), leading us to the door of the kingdom of Heaven.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the spiritual keys in Christianity?

According to many Christian scholars, spiritual keys represent God’s authority and power to lock and unlock the doors of spiritual kingdoms. The keys are believed to grant access to opportunities, chances, and possibilities that lead us to a new direction in life. 

These keys are also a reference as divine instruments that guide and control our spiritual paths, leading us to deeper relationships and understandings with God.

How do spiritual keys in Christianity work?

Spiritual keys in Christianity are believed to work likewise to physical keys that unlock doors of spiritual kingdoms. However, rather than opening physical spaces, these keys are seen as instruments through which God exerts His authority and influence in our lives.

Therefore, Spiritual keys are widespread as instruments of divine guidance, providing access to new experiences, blessings and possibilities for spiritual growth and transformation. Using these keys, God opens the door to the spiritual realm, revealing aspects of our faith and drawing us closer to Him.

Spiritual Keys Reference in the Bible?

In Mathews 16, Jesus mentioned the spiritual keys, i.e., keys of the kingdom of the heavens. Besides, there are more references in the Bible, yet, this is the only closest reference to spiritual keys where a direct phrase has been mentioned.

How Many Spiritual Keys are There?

There is not a defined digit of spiritual keys cited in the Bible. But, do you know there are seven crucial spiritual keys to open doors of multiple kingdoms, including the kingdom of Heaven? 

And what are these seven keys of the Bible

According to various profound Bible researchers, the seven essential instruments of the Holy Spirit are forgiveness, Christ’s vision, the holy instant, the holy relationship, the quiet time of meditation, miracles, and the Atonement.


After concluding, we have learned much about 3 Spiritual Keys To Open Doors of Heaven. It includes understanding their value in our lives and finding relations to relevant biblical references. By studying these references, we have discovered the three spiritual keys that enable us to open the doors of heaven.