It’s a complete selection of Aries Birthstone. It is a good step to do your complete homework before starting any task in life as you should be well aware of the pros and cons of your every action, either it concerns your social or professional life. According to our knowledge, if you are stepping forward for Birthstone of the Aries, the following step must be in your knowledge before selection of Aries.

The following points we will try to cover on the birthstone of Aries. You must at least have this much knowledge on it before a proper selection of Aries birthstone. You can reach more grown diamonds.

  • Either it is organic or mineral stone.
  • You should have a complete understanding of the meaning of this gem.
  • Knowledge about the zodiac symbol and zodiac element of the Aries.
  • Duration of Aries.
  • Comprehensive knowledge about the Its color and applications.
  • Characteristics of this jewel.
  • Factors on which price of the birthstone depends.

Some individuals have no concern with these points as they purchase the Aries of birthstones for personal adornment. They do not even care about the importance of birthstones, so before selecting the best birthstone, they should learn details on birthstones.

If you lack the knowledge for the above steps, we are assisting you to increase the knowledge that will be a landmark for you whenever you intend to go ahead with this birthstone. Let’s forward step by step for learning and add some additional facts that have been left above unintentionally.

selection of Aries Birthstone

Characteristics of the sign Aries

The sign Aries includes people born on dates from March 21 to April 20. Aries are very energetic, they are born leaders, they seem to be created to lead people and are able to ignite minds and hearts with incredible ideas. Aries women and men are known for their entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity. 

This sign refers to the element of Fire and fully corresponds to it. Sometimes Aries are quick-tempered and emotional, sometimes they are overly stubborn and persistent, sometimes they are magnanimous, generous and prone to altruism. 

Some astrologers note that Aries can be somewhat indelicate and intervene in relatives’ affairs with the best motives. Often, Aries strive to the foreground with great zeal, which cannot but strain calmer colleagues and loved ones, so representatives of this sign should control activity and keep themselves in hand. It is difficult for this sign to be led; they do not tolerate control from the outside and competition, both in the family and at work.

Being in the power of something, be it feelings, love, jealousy, hobbies, hobbies, they give themselves up to him entirely, without hesitation.

What is the birthstone of Aries?

The astrological system for selecting Aries Birthstone, based on the horoscope, provides an orientation to the date of birth of a particular person. For simplicity, depending on the influence of certain luminaries, the entire duration of the sign is divided into decades. 

Each luminary is suitable for a certain stone or even a row of stones, consonant with the sign. In the case of Aries, astrologers distinguish the following decades:

  • 1st decade, from 21 to 31 March
  • 2nd decade, from 1 to 11 April
  • 3rd decade, from 12 to 20 April
Aries Birthstone

1st decade

The first decade of the sign Aries is held under the auspices of the planet Mars. They are energetic, decisive, strong-minded personalities, sometimes irreconcilable with other people’s weaknesses and shortcomings. These people are able to become active leaders, achieve a lot. It is important to overcome your selfishness and think about the interests of others, not only about your own.

The planet Mars is consonant with precious and semi-precious stones of bright red and orange colors, as well as stones with a strong luster. So, for Aries of the first decade, ruby, red garnets almandine, pyrope, rhodolite, orange spessartine, citrine, zircons, diamond are suitable.

These gems are designed to balance the fiery explosive nature of Aries, who were born under the influence of the planet of the god of war, to pacify internal conflicts and contradictions, become more diplomatic and improve relations with others.

Best selection of Aries Birthstone for 1st decade

2nd decade

The second decade of the sign includes people whose date of birth falls from April 1 to April 11. Their governing star is the Sun. Aries of the second decade carry such “sunny” character traits as the desire to shine, the ability to manage finances, present oneself in society, aristocracy, creative inclinations. 

However, the reverse side of the coin of their personality is possessiveness, unwillingness to yield, imbalance, weakness. To smooth out these inner sharp angles, tune in to harmony and well-being, Aries is recommended to wear stones of the Sun with which the star has a connection: amber, pearls of warm shades, diamond, danburite, zircons, garnets of red and orange colors, pink and red tourmalines rubellites. These gems will bring the owner good luck in love and business, prosperity in all matters.

Best selection of Aries Birthstone for 2nd decade

3rd decade

Astrologers advise choosing stones for Aries of the third decade based on the influence on the sign of Venus – the planet of love and arts. Representatives of this sign are romantic, love music, fond of literature, painting, beautiful things. Among them, there are many collectors, lovers of antiques, connoisseurs of beauty. 

They have a penchant for artistic disciplines. Sometimes they can be overly emotional, pessimistic, sensitive, and sometimes, on the contrary, Aries of the third decade withdraws into themselves and cannot say about their feelings, express what is in their heart.

To return to Aries’ faith in themselves and a positive attitude, astrologers advise them to wear precious stones: diamond, ruby, sapphire. Also, look out for emerald and zircons. 

Best selection of Aries Birthstone for 3rd decade

Selection of this Birthstone

Discovery of Aries Birthstone

Aries birthstone is found in 6 kilometers on earth, where a series of rocks naturally exist in tough form. The formation of this stone is due to the chemical reactions that increase the temperature and pressure in the rock. Because of this variation, various types of stones come into existence with different colors. When the temperature rises, the material of other rocks mix with stones that are called impurities. Some of these stay in the inner part of the stone, whereas some reside on the surface of the gemstone. This proves that birthstone is a mineral, not an organic stone.

Meaning of Aries Birthstone

The Aries of birthstone is a diamond that is the hardest stone in the world. It is transparent, expensive, and naturally occurring in allotropic forms of carbon element. It is used for ornamentation as well as its commercial importance is never denied. In industry, it is used for polishing and cutting purposes.

Aries Birthstone Blue

Aries Birthstone in Zodiac System

According to astrological knowledge, the Aries personalities are born on the dates between 20 March to 19 April. Its zodiac symbol is RAM, an animal that does everything on the power of its head, which means its energy focusing area is its head. The zodiac element of the diamond is fire. The other name of the birthstone of the Aries is April birthstone.

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Why People Wear Aries Birthstones?

As we have already disclosed, that diamond belongs to the birthstone of the Aries family. Diamond is the first choice of every feminine person to make themselves prominent or show off their heavy pockets in social gatherings. Diamonds are the main ingredient of expensive jewelry, and the elite class of society prefers to wear the matching diamond with their outfits for their mental tranquility and social worth.

Diamond jewelry is the best gift for a bride on the first night of her marriage. Then expectations are fixed and it is also a marvelous gift for every anniversary for a woman. Diamond rings are suggested as engagement rings to make the moments of life eternal.

If we study the history, it comes to us that when Aries individuals own it to reflect its traits in their personality; they share their experiences with their companions. The experimental observations for this stone after wearing it are listed below.

  • Since the discovery of diamond, it is confessed that diamond boosts the wearer’s life in many aspects, especially it transfers clarity in the wearer’s mind and life as clarity is the main characteristic of the stone.
  • People who wear diamonds have strong faith that it is beneficial for improving their energy, growth, and love if it is worn with consistency. It also appeals to prosperity, strength, innocence, creativity, a sense of self-respect, and relations full of respect and love. It is believed that diamonds are supposed to fill the negative chasms with pure love with oneself and others. This stone targets your dreams and destination.
  • Diamond is believed to be a stress barrier and saves the wearer from the cultivation of negative energies in their personalities.
  • Some people believe that diamonds dish up the optimized performance when worn around the neck or on the left hand.
  • In general, a diamond is known to save individuals from cardiac and skeletal problems.
  • The radiation reflected from the diamond when it strikes the body then balances the metabolism and strengthens the eyesight.
  • Good results are observed on wearing the diamond as a remedy agent for memory loss, stomach disease, and dizziness.

Price Dependent Factors of Aries Birthstone

If you will have the knowledge of characteristics of Aries birthstone, it will be easy for you to do a rational decision. Diamond has four characteristics that will influence the price a lot and details are shared below:

  • The unit for measurement of the weight of a diamond is the carat. That is measured with a very sensitive electronic physical balance for accuracy. One carat weight of a diamond is equal to 0.2 g. Store in your memory that the weight and size of stone are two different entities.
  • Diamond color is related to grades, for example, D to F grade diamond is colorless or white, the most precious and attractive stone. With the infiltration of impurities, different colors with variable hues exist. For example, a diamond with grade Z has yellow color as it has a greater number of impurities in it.
  • At the natural formation of diamond, two types of birthmarks are discovered; the first one is the inclusions when impurities penetrate into the diamond, and blemishes when the impurities make their place at the surface of the diamond. A flawless diamond is free from impurities, a very rare and precious stone.
  • The fourth trait of a diamond is cut. A diamond with ideal cut sparkles with high intensity.

The above knowledge is a comprehensive guide for you for the understanding of Aries birthstone. Now we hope that you would successfully be able to win the game of selection of Birthstone. View more buying guides of diamonds.

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