Myths About Bail Bonds Debunked

Top 5 Myths About Bail Bonds Debunked

Most people don’t understand how bail bonds work. After all, you’re unlikely to dig into the industry too much unless you or a loved one is facing charges and needs money to secure a release.

However, clearing up some misconceptions regarding bail bonds in California is important. We don’t want people spreading misinformation about the industry because it could discourage those needing this service from pursuing it.

Bail bonds are a safe, reliable way to secure bail without putting too much of your own money up and forcing your family into a challenging financial position. Here’s some information debunking the top five myths about bail bonds in Orange County, California.

1) Bail Bonds Cost a Fortune

Bail bonds are extremely valuable because they’re responsible for helping you gain your release from jail. As a result, there’s a myth circulating that they’re expensive commodities that only the rich can afford.

The reality is that bail bonds in California cost 8-10% of your total bail amount. The bail bonds company pays your bail and retains this 8-10% amount for services rendered. So, the amount your bail bond will cost depends on your bail amount, which the courts determine based on the crime and your criminal history.

The precise amount you’ll have to pay depends on those factors, but you can typically get away with paying only a few hundred dollars out of pocket to secure your release from jail.

2) You Must Pay For Your Bail Bond With Cash

Once you know how much you have to pay for bail, you’ll probably wonder how you’ll pay it. If you’ve seen people paying bail on television or in the movies, they’ll usually show up with a bag or briefcase full of cash. This depiction makes the transaction seem shady, expensive, and entirely cash-based.

However, bail bonds are entirely legal and a professional industry, so there’s no need to carry cash with you. You can pay your 8% fee in various ways, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, ATM card, check, and cashier’s check. You can also pay cash if you wish.

Beyond that, it’s also possible to secure financing through your chosen bail bond agency. In this scenario, you’ll make regular payments on the amount you owe until you pay the entire amount off.

3) Your Bail Bond is Refundable If You’re Not Guilty

There seems to be some confusion regarding the difference between bail and bail bonds. In short, bail is the amount the courts decide you must pay to gain your release while awaiting trial. Your bail is refundable if you show up for court. A bail bond is the money a bail agent puts up to help you secure your release.

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So, if you show up for all your court appearances, the bail agent gets the money they contributed back from the courts. You’re responsible for repaying that money to your bail agent if you don’t attend court.

However, there’s also an 8-10% fee you’ll pay your bail agent for this service. That fee isn’t refundable, as it’s like a commission you owe for services rendered.

Your innocence has nothing to do with this, as you’re still on the hook for paying for your bail bond.

4) You Can’t Receive Bail For Serious Offenses

There’s no guarantee you’ll be granted bail if you’re accused of a serious crime. It’s worth noting that a serious accusation doesn’t necessarily disqualify you from receiving bail, as it all depends on the judge’s decision.

It’s possible to receive bail if you’re accused of serious offenses like felony assault, drug possession, theft, domestic violence, burglary, and prostitution. You can expect your bail amount to be higher than it would be with a misdemeanor charge. As a result, the 8-10% service fee will be higher, so your bail bond will cost you more out of pocket.

Bail is typically set at $1,000,000 for many violent or sexual offenses and up to $5,000,000 for drug trafficking charges. In these scenarios, you might struggle to find an agent who will assist you with bail, and even if you do, significant collateral will be necessary.

5) Bail Bond Agents Are Shady, Frightening People

Once again, TV and the movies might have conditioned you to believe that bail bond agents are rough people who will scare you into showing up for your court dates and threaten you if you fail to appear.

The truth is that the bail bond industry is regulated and professional, so you’ll never feel threatened by anyone. Bail bond agents typically won’t even chase you if you don’t show up for court, but they might hire bounty hunters to do the job for them.

Your bail bond agent will be an experienced, professional individual trying to help you. As long as you show up for court, you won’t have any problems.

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