Top 5 Most Popular Drinks to Try While Traveling to Malaga

When coming to Spain as a traveler or on business, you can taste the local drinks, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic. In this article, we will get acquainted with the traditional drinks that are in demand by locals and tourists in Málaga with Malaga cars for hire.


The most traditional and essential drink in Málaga is the Malaga drink itself. It is a dessert wine that is produced in the Spanish city of the same name.

Malaga is considered one of the longevity drinks. This wine does not lose its flavor characteristics even when aged for more than 100 years.

How to drink Malaga correctly?

Serving Malaga is fairly simple, but you need to know at what temperature to serve the drink. If you plan to serve Malaga as an aperitif, it should be chilled to 11-12 degrees. “Sirvase frio” is written on the Spanish dessert wine label, serving chilled.

Malaga perfectly tastes with fruit desserts, sweet pastries, and ice cream. In the Spanish tradition, Malaga is served with nuts, fruit, and chocolate cakes. Chilled Malaga will uncover your unique notes and give you unforgettable pleasure.

For those who like it hotter, there are brands of Malaga that should be warmed up to 20 degrees before serving (this is also indicated on the label).

The warmed drink will play with different saturated shades, and you will be quite surprised how the same drink in different states can have such a wide range of flavors.

Served warm, Malaga is always accompanied by traditional Spanish appetizers with jamón, goat cheeses, and pieces of melon.

By the way, Malaga can also be mixed with sherry brandy and liqueur. The result is an unforgettable and, most importantly – delicious cocktail!

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Sangria is a no less famous drink in Spain, which is prepared based on red wine. Often pieces of fruit (apples, oranges, bananas), spices (cinnamon, cloves), and added brandy and liqueurs are added.

This is a delicious mixture, which in Spain is made in every decent home according to a grandmother’s recipe. There are many recipes, as many as there are decent families in Spain and, at the same time, in Portugal and Italy.

It is in these three countries that sangria is loved in the summer months more than wine. And rightly so – sangria is lighter, more fragrant, and can be made differently every time.

You will love to drink the so-called “tinto de verano” (typical Spanish combination of red wine and sparkling water) during your lunches and dinners.

Tinto de verano is a mixture of red wine and soda or lemonade. This is a summer and the lightest version of red wine.

​​Top 5 Most Popular Drinks to Try While Traveling to Malaga


Vermouth is such a popular drink in Spain that it even has its legitimate time of day – just before dinner when the country’s people gather and have a glass. To make the experience even more authentic, it’s worth ordering pouring vermouth in Spain called “de grifo”.


The drink “calimocho” is popular among young people: it is a red wine with coca-cola. 

This drink, whose homeland is also in the Basque Country, is prepared by mixing red wine and coca-cola in a 1:1 ratio. It is trendy among young people: calimocho is popular among the participants of the so-called “botelones”, or mass drinking of alcohol in the street.

However, nowadays, you can order it practically in every bar in Spain, where calimocho is served with a lot of ice. The best place to enjoy these drinks is outdoors, on terraces, which Spanish bars and restaurants open when the weather is nice (many of them are located next to the beach).


This drink owes its name to Andalusia, where it is produced. As with champagne, a name that only sparkling wines from the Champagne region may bear, sherry is named exclusively for the wine produced in the area around Jerez de la Frontera. Sherry refers to fortified wines.

And beer lovers will enjoy a drink called “clara”: a combination of very cold beer and lemonade or sparkling water.

Non-alcoholic Drinks

One non-alcoholic beverage is “horchata,” made from water, sugar, and earthy almonds. You will like its taste very much, especially if you drink it with a sweet pastry “farton” elongated shape.

You should also try sorbet, granita, juices, lemonade, or Leche merengada, made from milk with sugar, eggs, lemon, and cinnamon and served strongly chilled. 

Hot chocolate (Chocolate Caliente)

Yes, yes, that’s HOT chocolate. By the way, if you are into Malaga cars for hire, better to drink a non-alcoholic beverage, like Hot chocolate. Spanish hot chocolate has a very thick consistency and an intense flavor. It is chocolate, but only in liquid form.