The UltiMaker S7 3D printers

The UltiMaker S7 3D printers – a product comparison guide

There are many affordable and versatile 3D printers available on the market today, ranging from entry-level models suitable for home-use and those that have more advanced features for heavy-duty use in schools and offices.

If you are reading this guide, chances are you are looking for a comparison between the UltiMaker models – including the S7 and the S7 Pro Bundle.

Background on the UltiMaker S7

Before comparing the two 3D printer models, a little background on the UltiMaker S7: it is the latest iteration of the 3D printers that the brand has always made.

Their predecessors are the S3 and the award-winning S5, printers that have always focused on printing high-quality parts.

The S7 and the S7 Pro Bundle are used by the big brands in the manufacturing sector, including automobile companies Ford and Volkswagen, aswell as Siemens, Zeiss, and L’Oréal.

The S7 was launched following the reliable and versatile desktop 3D printer S5. The S7 is much larger in size to achieve a new level of success and refinement in 3D printing for larger scale operations in offices and schools, and it can be used to print concept models, visual and functional prototypes, and manufacturing aids.

Similarities between the two models

The S7 and the S7 Pro Bundle share many similarities, as they are both enhanced versions created by UltiMaker with the aim of enabling heavy-duty printing operations.

For starters, both printers have network connectivity, a material flow sensor, a wide material selection, filters up to 95% of UFPs, and inductive bed levelling.

Just like the rest of the UltiMaker models, the S7 and the S7 Pro Bundle also come with an Essentials software plan, so that users can prepare prints and manage printer operations via the cloud.

They can also get direct software support from the company, and they can build onto the printer’s capabilities with a Professional or Excellence software subscription with UltiMaker.

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Differences between the two models

The difference between the S7 and the S7 Pro Bundle can be discussed in a few ways – by considering their key features, material compatibility, and material capacity. Let’s examine these more closely below.

Key features

Physically, the S7 Pro Bundle is much larger than the S7 model. While both printers have a large build volume, UFP filtering, a PEI coated flexible build plate, print head anti-flood sensor, and a bed tilt comparison, the S7 Pro comes with some added benefits.

These benefits include easy material loading due to the larger load capacity, filament humidity control, and automatic material switching.

Material compatibility

When it comes to material compatibility, both the S7 and the S7 Pro Bundle can build and support materials while being compatible with third-party materials.

However, the S7 can handle over 280+ compatible materials while the S7 Pro Bundle can only handle 180+ compatible materials.

Metal printing is available with the Metal Expansion Kit on the S7,which the S7 Pro Bundle cannot handle. Nevertheless, both modelscan handle access material profiles from leading brands via the UltiMaker Marketplace.

Material capacity

One of the first things that users will notice about the two models is that the S7 is smaller than the S7 Pro Bundle.

While they both have fully enclosed and passively heated build chambers and a build volume of 330 x 240 x 300 mm, the S7 Pro Bundle have an extra space built at the bottom of the printer to hold additional spools.

The S7 holds 2 spools, while the S7 Pro Bundle holds 6. This gives the latter model triple the material capacity for heavy-duty use.

The S7 Pro Bundle also has the capacity to automatically switch materials while in operation, which the S7 does not offer.

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S7 Pro Bundle users to front-load 6 spools of material in seconds, by simply opening the door and putting a spool in place.

This allows them to run the pro printer unattended day and night with reliability that the right materials will be used when printing.

Where can I purchase the UltiMaker S7 3D printers?

If you are looking for an outlet to purchase the UltiMaker S7 3D printers, RS Components offers both the S7 and the S7 Pro bundle.

They also provide detailed product specifications on their website in the form of data sheets that will give you a quick glimpse into the UltiMaker S3, S5, S7, and the S7 Pro Bundle. You can visit for more information.

The bottom line

UltiMaker has always been a leading 3D printer creator with reliable and efficient products, and the UltiMaker S7 and S7 Pro Bundle are great additions to their existing collection.

When choosing between the two models, users should consider the materials they will use, as well as the volume of material they want to feed into the printer each time.

They should also consider the scope and size of their project, as well as the physical room they have in their workspace.