The Dos and Don'ts of Wearing a Wig

Wearing a wig is a new fashion in a town. It’s the best and quick solution for your bad hair day. People with certain hair conditions like hair thinning, hair fall, or alopecia can wear wigs to hide their natural hair.

Now a day’s different types of wigs are steeping in the beauty industry. The most popular types of wigs are human hair lace front wigs, HD lace wigs, closure wigs, full lace wigs, etc. 

Wearing a wig changes your look instantly and gives you eye catchy appearance. You feel confident and pretty to have perfect hair by wearing a wig.

But to achieve a perfect wig look, you need to know the basic dos and don’ts of wearing a wig so you can slay your wig without any hesitation.

If you’re also a wig lover then read this blog to know about the dos and don’ts of wearing a wig. These tips can surely help you to install the wig like a pro and avoid inconvenience. 

Let’s get into the details of the dos and don’ts of wearing a wig.

Dos of wearing a wig

Wig material

Checking a wig material is necessary because synthetic wigs didn’t look natural and can ruin your whole hair look. Rather than investing in synthetic wigs, make a valuable investment and buy a premium quality human hair-made wig.

Human hair-made HD lace wigs are the ultimate solution for your head. They are undetectable, last longer, and fulfill your need to achieve perfect hair.

Perfect size

The best thing that you can do wearing a wig is to get a perfect wig size. Ill-fitted or tight wig size looks absurd and easily detectable.

Take the right measurements of your head from the temple, back head, and circumference, and then buy the right wig size that suits you and enhances your look.

You can also try the wig before making a purchase; this will help to have you a perfect wig according to your face shape and personality.

Natural hairline

When you’re wearing a wig, make sure you’ve got a wig that has a natural pre-plucked hairline and bleached knots.

This will save your installation time and helps you to achieve a dreamy hair look. The perfect example of a wig with a natural hairline is a lace front wig so get one for you.

Secure natural hair

If you’re a beginner then before wearing a wig you must know the right way to secure your natural hair by using a wig cap or other accessories used for it.

Must learn the ways of securing natural hair into braids or cornrows and then wear wigs. This way your natural hair will stay protected from wig adhesive.

Learn the installation

Do learn the installation process of the wig before wearing it perfectly. For example, if you’re wearing HD lace wigs, you must know the right way to cut the excessive lace and learn to get an invisible hairline to install the HD lace wig like a pro. 

Store the wig properly

Owing a wig obliges you to care for it. Using a wig carelessly and not stored properly can lower its lifespan of a wig. Pay proper heed to the care, storage, and maintenance of the wig so you can use your valuable investment for longer periods.

Lack of care can result to have tangled hair and a rough texture of your beloved wig.  The best wig storage option is to buy a wig stand so the wig’s shape can retain and is always ready to wear.

Don’ts of wearing a wig

Sleep in wig

This is the biggest mistake you can make to damage the texture of your wig. Sleeping in a wig can cause friction with the pillow and make the wig prone to hair shedding which leads to minimizing the lifespan of the wig.

But if you have to sleep in with a wig on then opt for silk pillow covers to avoid resistance.

Wet hair

Don’t wear the wig on wet hair. Make sure your natural hairs are clean and completely dry then you can wear the wig. Otherwise wearing a wig on wet hair may lead to scalp infection and blocked hair follicles.

Ordinary care products

Don’t wash your wig with ordinary hair wash products. This will be the biggest mistake you’ll make to ruin the texture and quality of the wig. Invest in premium quality shampoo, conditioner, and styling products that are made to wash wigs.

Sulfates and parabens-containing products can damage your wig. Don’t use an ordinary comb or brush for a wig but use a wide toothcomb for the wig.

Avoid heat equipment

Don’t overuse the heating equipment on wigs. Heat severely affects the quality of the wig and invites frizz. It lessens the natural luster of the wig and damages the strands.

Don’t pull lace

While wearing or taking off the wig, you need to handle the lace from the sides and don’t pull or tug the lace.

If you’re installing a human hair hd lace wig then make sure you’re handling lace properly because its lace material is fragile that can be easily torn if you handle it carelessly.

Swim with the wig

Don’t make this silly mistake because chlorinated water can badly damage the hair strands of the wig and can lead to hair fall with a rough texture. 

Don’t squeeze the wig

After washing the wig, don’t squeeze it like your natural hair. Practice a gentle wash to the wig so the curls or texture remain unchanged and the luster doesn’t go. Rubbing or squeezing can also damage the wig stands and leads to hair fall.

Don’t ignore natural hair

Last, but not least, don’t forget to care for your natural hair when wearing a wig. Your natural hair needs proper maintenance and care even if you wear a wig 24/7.

Give them regular wash and use the good quality product so they can also grow naturally and stay lustrous.

These are some dos and don’ts of wearing a wig. These tips and tricks must be practiced to use a wig for a longer span of life. If you really care about your investment, then you are supposed to take care of the wig and make it a worthy investment that you won’t regret buying.