Some Simple Ways to Give Back and Help Others in 2023

Some Simple Ways to Give Back and Help Others in 2023

The last few years have been a little chaotic and stressful for a lot of people. More than ever people need support and help. Giving back can be seen in many forms. It may mean that people need help getting their groceries delivered each week.

Or it may mean that communities need help to build a community hub or outreach center. Giving back to others, contributing, and helping don’t have to take much extra effort or time.

Become A Volunteer

If, however, you do have a bit of extra free time on your hands, then why not volunteer? When you volunteer you utilize the skills and the knowledge that you have. You may be able to reach out to somebody through volunteering. Or you may be able to clean up local facilities within your community. A bit of time spent volunteering can go a long way. 

To become an active volunteer, it’s wise to reach out to established organizations in and around your local area. See how you can be of assistance and see how you can give back and help using your skillset and experience.

Donate As You Shop

To give back to others you don’t have to compromise on what you buy or when. There are a lot of ways to donate quickly and easily as you shop. There are opportunities that allow you to earn cashback (to donate to charity) when you shop online (for clothing or for vacations). 

There are also opportunities that allow you to be part of a bigger movement. For example, underwear donations can help fight period poverty and promote access to reproductive health. Donations can be made when you purchase a pair of Thinx. 

When you donate as you shop, you don’t miss any extra that you give away to others, and you often get the opportunity to contribute to a larger program that’s already established or operational.

Organize a Food Drive

There are lots of families and people who have fallen on tough times. This may leave them struggling to put food on the table, and groceries in the cupboards.

Organizing a food drive can help you put together food parcels (or packages) for those that need support and assistance. A food drive can help you reach out to those who may be skipping meals and those who may be struggling to get the support they need. 

When it comes to organizing a food drive, you could look at supporting atrust or foundation that’s already established, or you could look at creating your own. Food drives that are held regularly can foster community spirit. Drives can help bring communities together and make sure that nobody feels left outor isolated.

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Support Local Businesses and Organizations

When you support local organizations and businesses, you’re supporting your local community too. If you can’t physically give your time as a volunteer, or you don’t fancy fundraising for a good cause, then support those who are working in your local community. Make purchases from those that are investing in your community (and supporting it).